How to Protect Your Energy When The World Is On Fire

April 14, 2020

For many of us, things have been stressful lately. Like, five times more stressful than normal.

You may feel guilty for enjoying anything while there is so much tragedy and sorrow out in the ether, but remember:  you can’t do anything unless you take care of yourself. Just as we must treat others with love and kindness, we need to do the same for ourselves. It’s the first step to helping others. Self-care is its own kind of magic. 

If you feel you’re suffering from emotional fatigue, here are some ways to give yourself a little metaphysical reboot.

Take a bath.

While it may seem like a simple solution, baths are a great way to relax and power down after a stressful day.

Keep the room nice and dark and light a few candles (or dim the lights). Be sure to add some lavender or rose essential oils to the water – they are both great at getting rid of stress and creating positivity.

When getting into the bath, envision all your negative energy leaving your body and being absorbed by the water. When you are done, visualize that energy going down the drain as you pull the plug.

Turn to crystals for support.

It might feel like crystals are the go-to answer for everything, but for good reason! Crystals are great to have with you during difficult times, because their energy becomes your energy, giving your spirits a much-needed lift.

Some great crystals for self-care are smoky quartz (boost moods, overcoming negative emotions), rose quartz (gives feelings of love and compassion), amethyst (release relaxing energy), and citrine (sunny, optimistic energy).

There are so many ways you can find support from crystals: keep them on your desk at work or home, wear them as jewelry, keep them under your pillow at night, or carry them with you as your own personal talisman.

When things become a little too much, hold your crystal in your hand, close your eyes and imagine their positive energy flowing into you.

Try meditating.

Meditating is a great way to ground yourself and check in on your own wellbeing. Often we become so focused on trying to take care of others we forget that we also need care.

Try to make time at least one a day (or, more realistic, once a week), to go into a dark room, sit or lie down, and meditate for at least fifteen minutes. It can be as simple as shutting your eyes, or as complex as trying to find your center. You can add to this by holding a crystal as you meditate. 

You could also light incense as well, preferably lavender (reduce stress, deep sleep), jasmine (uplifting energy), ylang ylang (calming), lemongrass (emotional balance), or sandalwood (encouraging feelings of well-being) for some added magical benefits.

The main thing is that you’re taking fifteen minutes away from social media and the news to just sitting in silence. It may seem insignificant, but it is powerful.

Drink up.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what’s going on in the universe; you gotta stay hydrated. Treat yourself to something nice by brewing yourself a lovely raspberry ice tea that’s infused with rose petals. Black tea and mint are also great for protection blends. If tea isn’t your thing, make an iced coffee with cinnamon; cinnamon promotes wellbeing, protection, and luck. Something we all need in tough times.

Take a hike (or even just a deep breath).

In the digital age where we are pretty much chained to our technology, it can feel nearly impossible to break away from news and social media completely. However, while being aware and informed is important, it’s important to get back into nature. Turn your phone on airplane mode and take a nice walk or hike. Take in the fresh air, feel the sunshine on your skin. Sit next to a tree and meditate to get grounded. If you live in a bigger city or don’t really have a safe outdoor space near you, open your windows and sit by them for a little while. I promise it will make a big difference.

Color Therapy? Nail it!

It’s important to take time out to pamper yourself because you deserve it. Painting your nails is not only a good self-care ritual but a great way to incorporate magic into your life.

Just like crystals, colors have specific powers that will help you bring in certain energy and protection. If you feel that the world is draining your energy, put down your phone and put on your nail polish.

Start by removing your original nail polish and trimming your nails, visualizing that the old nail polish is wiped away, so is the stress; trimming away the negativity that’s been growing for far too long.

Next, chose a color of nail polish with what you wish to add to your life. Red brings confidence and strength, yellow brings focus and positivity, blue brings wisdom and peace, black brings protection and the banishment of what does not belong, and grey brings calm and stability.

What color is your aura? Learn about your personal chakras.

As you paint your nails in your chosen color, picture yourself painting on these traits onto you, coating yourself in protection. So you will bring positivity and energy at the touch of your fingertips. If you’re not that into nail polish, try painting or drawing with these colors, or wearing them more often.

Art by Broken Isn’t Bad. Find her on Instagram.