Film Horoscope: Venus in Scorpio

November 16, 2017

Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)

Are you “desperately seeking” something this week? You may be feeling the pull of Venus in Scorpio, who’s obsessed with the feeling that there must be something more to life and love—more depth, passion, intensity, magic!

But as Venus trines retrograde Neptune in Pisces today, it can be all too easy to channel our obsession into fantasy and escapism – and avoid making real change. Like dissatisfied New Jersey housewife Roberta (Rosanna Arquette) living vicariously through the newspaper personal ads, we’re tempted to project our deepest desires onto others who seem glamorous, powerful, or free-spirited enough to live them out for us.

Is it going to take a bump on the head and a temporary case of amnesia to snap ourselves out of this funk and get us “into the groove”?

Hopefully not. But if we are in need of a wake-up call, retrograde Uranus in Aries will be happy to oblige. 

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His tense aspect with the sun, just one day before Saturday’s new moon in Scorpio, can bring unexpected events or flashes of insight that disrupt our status quo and set us off on a new journey of initiation and self-discovery.

Maybe all it will take is a shift in perspective to bring us in touch with our own inner “Susan” (played by Madonna, at her iconic 80s best)!

On Friday, Mars in Libra will aspect Mercury in Sagittarius and Pluto in Capricorn, encouraging us to stand up for ourselves and fight for more equity and freedom in our relationships. With Venus also approaching a sextile to Pluto (exact next Tuesday), our values and self-esteem are going through a metamorphosis.

What we’ve settled for in the past is no longer enough—we’re newly empowered and “desperate” for something more true to the people we’ve become.

Are you a Susan or a Roberta? Watch Desperately Seeking Susan to find out!