This Full Moon in Aries Calls Us to Be Allies Rather Than Adversaries

October 10, 2019

At 2:08 p.m. on October 13, the full moon will be in Aries (20°14’).

The Sabian symbol for this lunation describes “a boxer entering the ring.” And true to form for the cardinal fire sign, we may enter this full moon looking for a fight! Everything and everyone in our path can feel like an obstacle to overcome—but this oppositional energy is only as real as we choose to make it.

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The sun in Libra politely suggests another way to see it: Not “everyone for themselves,” but “all in this together.” Libra cares much less about winning arguments than finding common ground, and tends to see others as allies, not adversaries.

What Does This Full Moon in Aries Mean?

Fortunately, with two aspects involving Jupiter in Sagittarius, we’re a little more inclined to give each other the benefit of the doubt. True, the moon/Jupiter trine could fan the flames—but no matter how heated the debate, we can choose to engage in a spirit of goodwill. The sun/Jupiter sextile encourages us to keep our eye on the prize: an ultimate outcome in which everyone wins.

After all, some things in life—and in the world—are bigger than all of us. And we’re better off teaming up and facing these realities together than letting our personal differences divide and conquer. That’s especially true now, as the Aries moon and Libra sun clash with Pluto in a cardinal T-square.

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Pluto in Capricorn represents the slow but unstoppable forces of transformation at work in the basic structures of our lives. Each of us may have our own personal feelings about it, but change is happening—like it or not. And as much as we may try to control the course of events or dominate the discussion, our real task is to focus on the one thing we actually can control: our own actions and reactions. That may not sound like much, but it’s more powerful than we think.

With warrior Mars ruling this full moon, personal power is a major theme. But with Mars out of his element in Libra, we’re challenged to cultivate “soft power” instead of resorting to brute force. We may mistake kindness for weakness, but sometimes the bravest thing we can do is put our own agendas on the back burner and put someone else’s needs first.

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Communication is crucial—and it’s not just what we say, but how we say it that matters. Fortunately, a sextile between Mercury in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn (perfecting overnight after the full moon) gives us the discipline to think before we speak, making positive outcomes more likely.

Still, it wouldn’t be a full moon in Aries without an emotional outburst or two! And while conventional wisdom might advise us against going to bed angry, this time it may be smarter to call a time-out. With the Aries moon void of course from Sunday afternoon through Monday morning, all-night arguments are unlikely to accomplish much anyway—so get some rest, sleep on it, and come back fresh for round two!

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Read on for your sun and rising signs to learn more about the energies of this full moon:

Horoscopes for the October 2019 Full Moon in Aries


“Zero f—s given”: As long as you’re happy, Aries, there’s no one else to impress! That doesn’t mean other people won’t have opinions about what you’re doing; just that you’re free to place as much or as little importance on their reactions as you wish.


By-the-book or rooted in reality? Taurus, abstract concepts of right and wrong, fair and unfair certainly have their place. But you tend to make your best judgment calls by trusting your gut and responding to situations as they actually are—not how they’re “supposed” to be.


Is everyone having a good time? You’re trying to, Gemini, but some people around you just seem determined to kill your buzz. Be kind and considerate—they may not be great company right now, but they could probably use a friend.


Your past brought you here, Cancer, and made you who you are today. Not everyone will be comfortable with that—but that’s their problem, isn’t it? After all you’ve been through, you’ve got nothing to hide, nothing to prove, and absolutely nothing to apologize for.


It’s a marathon, Leo, not a sprint—so make sure you’re starting off on the right foot! Before charging ahead, take some time to mentally and physically prepare yourself. Establish good habits now to help sustain your energy and enthusiasm when the going gets tough.


Spinning straw into gold: Resources may seem scarce right now, Virgo, but you’re gifted at doing a lot with a little. What’s your secret? Seeing the potential in humble beginnings and striking a perfect balance between short-term risks and long-term rewards.


Waiting for someone to take the lead? If no one else is stepping up, Libra, it may have to be you—especially if fairness or justice is hanging in the balance. After all, nothing lights a fire under you like concern for others!


Pragmatism or pessimism? Scorpio, it’s important to know the difference—especially now, when you’re feeling called to serve in some way, but may be hesitant to put yourself out there. Belief in the value of what you’re doing makes it worth the risk.


What’s in it for you, Sag? Ironically, if this is the first question you think to ask, the answer is likely to be “not much.” Ask instead how you might share yourself more generously with others—that’s how to really look out for your best interests.


Public relations are everything, Capricorn. But right now, a high-pressure situation may be testing your ability to put on a positive spin and a friendly face. Don’t worry so much about the impression you’re making—instead, focus on helping others feel more at ease.


Feeling restless, Aquarius? Current circumstances may be keeping you more cooped up or closer to home than you’d like to be. But don’t despair—you won’t be “grounded” for long! Use this time to explore your immediate surroundings… or plan your next journey.


The future’s looking bright, Pisces! Still, while you’ve got every reason to be optimistic, you shouldn’t get too far ahead of yourself. Moderation is key for conserving time, money, energy, and other resources. After all, you never know exactly when your ship will come in.

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