This Full Moon Tarot Spread Will Help You Sort Through Your Emotions

June 14, 2019

When the full moon enters Sagittarius on June 17, expect your emotions to get turned up to 11. This moon cycle will be intense emotionally, with all sorts of feelings (even ones we thought we had addressed) popping to say hello. And thanks to Neptune in Pisces, we’re going to have a bit of trouble distinguishing between what’s a real and urgent—and what isn’t.

Grab a deck of Tarot cards and try this new spread to help you cut through the moody noise and figure out not just why everyone—including you!—is acting the way they are, but also whether you should do something about it or just let it go.

How does your moon sign affect you?

Jami Cheshire, a psychic medical intuitive, created this Tarot spread specifically for the Sagittarius full moon. It’s called The Butterfly Spread, and harnesses the evolving nature of butterflies to help us through this emotionally transformative moon cycle.

The Butterfly Spread

  • Hold your deck of Tarot cards in your hands and concentrate on your intention.
  • Shuffle the cards, then cut the deck twice, each time restacking the deck. If you have a preferred way of splitting your deck, do that. Whatever resonates.
  • Place your cards face up according to the numbered slots in the image. Consider the meaning of each card in relation to its placement.

  1. Your current emotional reality.
  2. What you haven’t been seeing clearly.
  3. Past unresolved hurts that are still playing a role in your emotional life.
  4. What truths you’re meant to see this full moon.
  5. What truths those close to you are meant to see this full moon.
  6. What parts of yourself need your forgiveness and compassion.
  7. What parts of those close to you need forgiveness and compassion.
  8. Using clarity and courage, this is what you will gain or overcome.

Keep the information you’ve discovered in mind as you make your way through this overly emotional full moon—and as you determine which emotions to act on, and which to allow to simply flow through you.

Art by Becca Reitz