Full Moon Tarot Spread and Ritual

February 16, 2022

Whether the full moon is in Leo or Aquarius, this full moon Tarot reading is the perfect way to capture the energy of the most potent moon phase. Full moon phases offer us a cosmic window to release what’s no longer serving us so we can realign with our highest potential.

Full Moon Meaning

In astrology, full moons represent endings, closure, and a culmination in a particular area of our lives. To find out where and how the next full moon will affect your zodiac sign, download your birth chart and locate which house the lunation is taking place in. Full moons are when the moon reaches its brightest phase. Issues are illuminated and revealed. While endings can be challenging, this is a period of time to celebrate that by removing stagnant energy or people from your life, you’re making more space for more aligned opportunities. 

Full Moon Tarot Spread

A full moon Tarot spread is the perfect way to celebrate and channel the moon’s magical and intuitive energy. Use this 5-card Tarot spread to channel a message from the moon and to shed light on what your next steps should be.

  1. What is this full moon shining light on in my life?
  2. What am I ready to release?
  3. What will this ending create space for?
  4. What tools do I have to help along the way?
  5. An intuitive message from my guides.

Other Ritual Ideas

If the full moon is a positive lunation, making moon water is a wonderful way to access its energy on an ongoing basis. Grab a mason jar, fill it with water, and place it under the moonlight on the night of the full moon. Depending on where the full moon lands in your birth chart, use it to harness and manifest in that specific area of your life. You can even add a quartz crystal in there for some extra potency. 

Take a Full Moon Bath 

Our bodies are made up of 70% water, and even the ocean’s powerful tides are influenced by the moon’s phases. You can never have too much water around a full moon. Staying hydrated is important, but taking a full moon bath is also a wonderful way to cleanse your energy. There are two ways to take a full moon bath: one with a bathtub and one without. You can set up a calming bath with herbs, crystals and candlelight to tap into the full moon energy, or you can go outside and soak up the moon’s moonlight. Lie down in some grass (clothing optional) and be present with all the moon has to offer and its guidance. 

Hold a Moon Circle

Text your closest friends and witches and hold a moon circle! Moon circles are ancient practices and stem from indigenous traditions. It’s important to be mindful and respectful of which traditions you are practicing in order to avoid appropriation. Moon circles are a time to come together for reflection and to honor the full moon’s potent phase. Some create altars, embark on group-guided meditations, and set intentions. Personal reflection is encouraged, use this energy and time to look back at how far you’ve come in the past six months.

Create a Manifestation Mantra

How we speak to ourselves really does inform our reality and with a manifestation mantra, you can call in your heart’s desires quicker than you ever imagined! Writing down a goal or something you hope to manifest in the present tense acts as a potent manifestation practice. Repeat this manifestation mantra throughout the moon cycle, until the next full moon. For example, if you want to be a published author, write “I am a best-selling author” down (with pen and paper, yes!) and repeat it verbally daily.


How do you read a Tarot spread? 

When crafting a Tarot spread, it’s important to select a specific theme to focus on first. Is this about love or work? Maybe family dynamics? “Intention is everything with a Tarot spread,” Maria Sofia Marmanides, astrologer, Tarot reader and author of The One Card Tarot Journal, says. “We want to clearly define our overall intention by doing the reading—the situation we want guidance on. Then we want to define how we are participating with our guides to receive that message through Tarot.” If you decide to do a three-card spread, define what each card will represent. For example, the classic past-present-future reading. Card 1 is the past, Card 2 is the Present, and Card 3 is the future. “Even if we are only choosing a one-card spread,” Marmanides adds, “we still must be very specific about the question we want the Tarot to help us answer.” 

How do you make a Tarot spread? 

When creating a Tarot spread from scratch, it may be beneficial to start by journaling about the situation. Look for keywords and themes that come up in your entry. Which words feel the most triggering and which aspects are you hoping to receive more insight on? “Determine how many questions you would like to ask, including how you want to begin and where you want to end,” Marmanides advises. “Do you want the Tarot to describe the situation first? Show you challenges you might not be aware of? Do you want to end the spread with advice? Or focus on the most likely outcome?” Laying the cards out in an order or shape that speaks to the query at hand, Marmanides says, is also helpful. “Perhaps a heart shape for a love question, or a linear layout for a past-present-future spread,” she offers.

What does a full moon represent in astrology?

In astrology, full moon meanings can differ based on which zodiac sign the moon is taking place in. In general, full moons illuminate issues and situations that either need to be addressed or deserve some attention. This can be a period of celebration when a big project wraps up or perhaps for a promotion, or it can be the ending of what was, ushering in more space for new beginnings during the new moon.

How do you manifest on a full moon?

Everyone wants to know how to harness the full moon’s magic, so just what is the best approach for manifesting on a full moon? “When you’re thinking about your manifestations, full moons are like cosmic check-ins. Think about it like active/passive, giving/receiving energies, which is what the sun and moon symbolize,” Marmanides says. If you’ve been working toward a particular manifestation, how have your actions been in alignment with your goal? Have you been actively creating more space to call in more opportunities?  

Marmanides reminds us that full moons are powerful times to “sit with our feelings.” If you haven’t been moving in alignment with your manifestation, that’s OK! This is a cosmic course correction. “It’s a check-in time to say: what feels like an intuitive yes and what is a resounding no? This is the time for revelations, breakthroughs and a-ha moments so you can recalibrate and make any necessary energetic shifts to be more aligned with your manifestations,” she adds. 

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