Twin Flame Tarot: Spread, Cards, and More

December 23, 2021

A twin flame is the soul’s other half. Use these tarot spreads to find your twin flame, explore a twin flame relationship, and more.

What Is a Twin Flame?

While many people consider a twin flame to be the same thing as a soulmate, they are, in fact, two very different things. What’s the difference between a twin flame and a soulmate, you ask? 

A “soulmate” is a soul that is part of your core “soul group.” They appear to help you evolve as a spiritual being. Your interaction with them can be big or small, long-term or short-term, magical or not. But they are there to help you learn life lessons.

A “twin flame” is not part of your “soul group.” Instead, it’s the second half of your own soul—that you’re meeting again. So, interacting with a twin flame is never a trivial encounter. Because your twin flame is a part of you, meeting them can feel remarkably familiar, electric, magnetic, and potent. 

But, unlike a soulmate, the purpose of a twin flame isn’t to help you learn life lessons. They’re there for lessons about you. Interacting with a twin flame is like looking in the mirror; their presence shows you the darker side of your soul. 

Tarot and Twin Flames

Many people wonder whether they’ve met their twin flame. Sure, you could ask a psychic about your twin flame or look into getting a soulmate Tarot reading. But you could use these handy Tarot spreads to find out for yourself. 

‘Find Your Twin Flame’ Tarot Spread

Are you still looking for your other half? This Tarot spread helps you find your twin flame—or identify whether you’ve already met them.

  1. My twin flame (qualities, type of person)
  2. Have I met my twin flame yet?
  3. Will I meet my twin flame in a public place?
  4. What colors will they be wearing?
  5. Who will speak first?
  6. Will we know immediately that we are meant for one another?
  7. Advice on how to approach them

‘Twin Flame Relationship’ Tarot Spread

Already met your twin flame? Here’s a spread to delve deeper into what the relationship is meant to teach you. 

  1. You
  2. Your twin flame
  3. What our combined soul looks like
  4. My shadow self—highlighted by them
  5. Their shadow self—highlighted by me
  6. Can this be toxic?
  7. What needs to happen for the relationship to remain healthy

Twin Flame Tarot Cards

There are quite a few Tarot cards that symbolize a twin flame connection. Take special note if any of these cards pop up:

The Lovers: The Lovers is the ultimate “twin flame” card. It’s often that twin flame relationships are full of fire and intensity—but are not always meant to last. The Lovers really represents that in-the-moment kind of love.  

Two of Cups: This card can appear if you and your twin flame have a healthy connection (which is hard!). 

The Devil: This might surprise you. Twin flame partnerships are intense, so they can sometimes turn toxic. This card tells you when things have gone from good to harmful. 

The Tower: The Tower is another card that will tell you whether the partnership has turned toxic. 

The World: When you meet your twin flame, everything just clicks. And that’s exactly what The World represents.

Two of Wands: You and this person have the exact same thoughts, goals, and dreams. Twin flame telepathy is a real thing!


Are twin flames real? 

Of course they are! This is the stuff of romance movies and love songs, people. 

How do you recognize your twin flame?

Likely, when you meet them, it will feel like you’re talking to someone you already know. You might also fall in love at the first meeting. 

Does everyone have a twin flame?

Everyone has a twin flame!

Do twin flames look alike?

They don’t have to! We’re talking about what’s inside: the soul. 

Are twin flames meant to be together?

Not always. If you find your twin flame, and both of you are ready to face your demons, then it can work. 

How do you find your twin flame?

Well, technically, your twin flame is supposed to find you. And trust us, the universe will make it so! In the meantime, use the “Find Your Twin Flame” spread to see what your encounter will be like. 

Lead photo courtesy of RODNAE Productions/Pexels