Goodbye, Libra! Love, Jupiter

October 9, 2017

Today is the last day of Jupiter in Libra, before he spends the next 13 months in Scorpio. 

Jupiter is the expander, the bestower of blessings. Whatever he touches turns to gold, and so on this last day in the sign of relationships and harmonious balance, we want to honor the gifts that Jupiter in Libra has given us this past year. 

Take a moment today to honor how much you have grown over the past year. Think about how much you have learned about working with others, and how to care for others, while also keeping your own boundaries in place. 

Then treat yourself to some time with a supportive nurturer: Chamomile.

Chamomile is a gentle herb that works well for gratitude and acceptance, key qualities of healthy relationships. It offers protection and good luck to the home, and it can be used to attract abundance and love. 

We know chamomile for the sedative tea that helps us sleep, but it also works to soothe pain, sore muscles, and problem skin. Chamomile oil can be used in aromatherapy to fight depression, anxiety and insomnia. The oil can also be added to a bath to soak away physical pain and soreness. Rub it directly onto your stomach to help digestion, or breath in its aroma to combat nausea. 

The gentle restorative qualities of chamomile show us, in the final moments of Jupiter’s visit in the home of one-on-one relationships, how relaxation can help us to cooperate better with each other. 

As Jupiter moves into Scorpio, we will go even deeper into the dynamics of merging with others. Establishing a foundation of ease and well-being with others will make this next year an exciting ride.