Heal Your Heart with Rhodonite

October 4, 2017

Mars and Venus, the cosmic power couple, are bunking up together in the sign of Virgo this week.
Seeing as Virgo tends to go over everything with a fine-toothed comb and analyze it deeply, this planetary arrangement can bring up ruminations on things like the nature of our relationships or the patterns set in place by our parents.

The moon left Pisces last night just after midnight and is void of course until 1:40pm PST, when it will burst into Aries flame and get things moving, gearing up for the full moon tomorrow. This month’s moon is often called the Blood Moon, and this time around it is bringing up all of our ancestral karma, dragging out the skeletons in our closets, and silvering all of our old wounds with wise light. Tempers could run a little hot, and we might find ourselves fixated on our losses, old pains, or familial shortcomings.

Understand your past, present, and future in one reading…

Rhodonite to the rescue!

Rhodonite’s energy is associated with the releasing of old traumas, establishing good self-care, and living in self-forgiveness.

This black and pink stone, named from the Greek word for rose, cools the heart and soothes a worried mind, while encouraging us to stop and smell the roses. It will help you stay present in the here and now, allowing troubles from the past and worries for the future drift away.

Our suggestion of how best to utilize the power of this stone today? Gently place a small piece of tumbled rhodonite in some almond oil, add a few drops of rose essential oil, and give yourself a gentle, intuitive heart massage, all the while reminding yourself that your heart can open like a flower.

Grounding Elements Pro Tip: This small piece of tumbled rhodonite is perfect for opening your heart chakra.