Don't Get It Twisted! This October New Moon Is Gonna Be a Tough One

October 8, 2018

On Monday, October 8, at 8:46pm PST, the new moon will be in Libra.

The new moon in Libra is a bit of a paradox. On the one hand, when the sun and moon rendezvous in this Venus-ruled sign, it feels like the beginning of a beautiful relationship. But on the other hand, in the northern hemisphere, Libra is the sign of the fall equinox—and after that brief moment of equal light and darkness, everything seems to start winding down.

This duality is part of every new moon, but in Libra, we’re likely to feel the tension even more. That’s because learning to embrace life’s contradictions is one of this sign’s greatest lessons.

What does the New Moon in Libra Mean?

Libra gifts us with the ability to see all sides of the story and appreciate the pros and cons of all possible options. But when we’ve got important decisions to make, this can be both a blessing and a curse.

Everything Libra touches looks a little lovelier and sounds a little sweeter. But this sign tends to emphasize style over substance—making us more easily fooled by surface appearances. It’s easy to miss seeing the inner beauty of those who lack the right “look.”

And that would be a shame, because in its highest expression, recognizing beauty in others is what Libra’s all about. This sign understands that we become more fully ourselves by relating to each other. The key is realizing that the “other” is an individual with feelings, desires, and needs that are distinct from—but equally important to—our own.  

Living in a culture that rewards us for being self-centered, this new moon is a chance for many of us to correct the balance. Consider how you might relate to other people in a more conscious way, with a more equal give-and-take.

Then again, if you’ve been a little too focused on relationships, compromising too much or expecting someone else to complete you (a typical Libra move), this new moon invites you to give yourself some extra love.

Whether your default setting is “me” or “we,” the keyword for this new moon is BALANCE. (Libra is the sign of the scales, after all!) So if you’ve been leaning too heavily to one side or the other, restore your equilibrium this month by bringing in more of the opposite, complementary energy.

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Horoscopes for the October 2018 New Moon in Libra


Life is a balancing act for you, Libra. But balance isn’t a state you arrive at once and stay in forever. It’s an ongoing, dynamic process—the tiny adjustments you make to maintain your footing, no matter what’s going on around you. And while we often go looking for it in our outer circumstances, balance is an inside job. This new moon reminds you that you’re the calm at the center of the storm.


What’s your deepest, darkest secret, Scorpio? That you’re a person who needs people. And we get it—letting yourself be vulnerable is a little scary. But when you cling too much to illusions of power and control in relationships, it leads you somewhere even scarier. At this new moon, loving your shadow can help you transform it into something truly beautiful.   


If the zodiac ever needs a goodwill ambassador, Sagittarius, you’d be the one for the job! After all, no sign is better at crossing borders and breaking barriers. But it’s not about wandering aimlessly. Your journey needs a purpose—the loftier, the better. Fairness, justice, equality… if these are the principles guiding your arrow at this new moon, there’s no way you can miss!


The ends don’t always justify the means, Capricorn. So why waste your time and energy on cutthroat competition, when you could be building relationships instead?  “Mutuality” is the key word here—this new moon is about collaboration and cooperation, not using people to advance your own agenda. Just remember, sharing the work means you’ll have to share the credit too!


We know you’ve got big ideas, Aquarius. But is that mind of yours roomy enough to hold more than one point of view? After all, life’s big questions are worth considering from every possible angle—so if we ever hope to answer them, we’ll need to put our heads together. This new moon is the perfect time to open your mind and get some fresh perspective.


You’re a lover, Pisces, not a fighter. But a harmonious relationship doesn’t just magically happen. It’s built on mutual honesty, respect, and support—and that’s something worth fighting for! It won’t always be pretty, and it doesn’t mean you’ll never argue. But at this new moon, how you work through your differences says a lot about how lovely (and loving) your relationship actually is.


“Compromise” sounds like a four-letter word to you, Aries. But when you refuse to meet people halfway, someone always ends up with nothing… and that’s just as likely to be you. At this new moon, why not try a different approach? Ask nicely for what you want, and be willing to offer something in return. After all, you catch more flies with honey.


We’re all for living your best life, Taurus, but self-care doesn’t necessarily mean self-indulgence. Then again, it doesn’t always mean self-denial, either! If you really want to live well, it’s all things in moderation. There’s a time to “treat yo’self,” and a time to rein yourself in… and at this new moon, you probably know which applies to you.  


You’ve never met a person you didn’t like, Gemini—or at least, that you couldn’t make small talk with at a party for one night.  But at this new moon, who knows? You might even fall in love! Whether it turns out to be a lasting love connection or just a fun fling, though, make sure to treat each other with respect—there’s simply nothing sexier than good manners.


How can you find inner peace, Cancer, when every day feels like an emotional rollercoaster ride? You can start by simply acknowledging what you’re feeling right now. Don’t make judgments about which emotions are “good” and which are “bad,” just let it be—and know that this, too, shall pass. If you can do that at this new moon, you’ll find yourself on more solid ground.


There’s one thing we can all agree on, Leo: you’re a natural-born leader. So it’s no surprise that when conflicts arise, people often look to you to help resolve them. But your attempts at mediation are always more successful when you demonstrate genuine concern for everyone involved. At this new moon, it’s best to avoid taking sides on any issue until you’ve heard everyone’s side of the story.


What does a “balanced budget” mean to you, Virgo? To us, it’s not just scrimping and saving—ideally, it’s a mix of “need-to-haves” and “nice-to-haves.” More importantly, it’s balancing material concerns with values money can’t buy. Whatever your financial situation is at this new moon, there’s definitely some small step you can take to get the balance right.

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