The One Thing You Need to Know for Your Hottest Sex Life Ever

July 2, 2018

In astrology, Venus represents feminine energies: how we give love, how we receive love, and how we manifest our heart’s desire. Moreover, where Venus was located at the time of our birth (ie: your natal Venus) represents who we become when we fall in love and the type of mate we are, naturally.

Reveal secrets about your romantic past, present, and future…

Identifying our natal Venus sign and learning to step into that energy can be a game changer when it comes to love and dating. This is especially true in such a masculine-driven culture focused on doing, chasing and acquiring our goals.

We’re not throwing shade on this type of forward-action energy. We are just acknowledging that it needs to be balanced out by the energy of simply being, of receiving, and of drawing in our desires.

A more feminine approach, if you will.  

In love, this involves knowing who we are and who we want to become. It requires living as though we already are that person, which will, in turn, attract like-minded (or like-hearted) energies to us.

So let’s get to it!  Read all about your Venus and how it affects your love life, below.

by Shereen Campbell

How Your Venus Sign Affects Your Dating Life

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Venus in Aries

You’re like a modern-day Joan of Arc, Venus in Aries; fiery, spirited and passionate.  You are ready to fight for what you believe in, running headfirst into whatever has impassioned you for the moment.  In love, you tend to learn more towards playfulness with a love of flirting. Also, you appreciate a challenge and are in love with the chase.  

Although you would love to settle down eventually, you might find that you will need someone who will keep your sometimes fickle interest – as well as someone who is comfortable with allowing you to take the lead once in a while.  That being said, you don’t mind playing beta … but only if you trust that the other person can actually handle being alpha.

Venus in Taurus

Ooooo la la, Venus in Taurus, you are a sensual creature, earthy in nature, grounded in the material.  You enjoy life’s comforts and are always happy to enjoy a home-cooked meal while lounging on a plush sofa while enjoying a fine glass of wine.  

As a lover, you are dependable, practical and reliable.  Loyalty is incredibly important to you, and if a partner disappoints you here, they probably won’t make a comeback.  You appreciate being wined and dined, as long as it’s not too spontaneous. Actually, the more consistent and predictable your outings are, the safer you feel.  
When you are in love, you must guard against becoming too possessive of your love and strive to give them the freedom to explore on their own. Allow them to come back to you to share their adventures.

With a Venus at home in Taurus, the powers of seduction are yours.  Seek a boo that will appreciate consistent date nights and is comfortable with life as a routine.

Venus in Gemini

With Venus in Gemini, you’ve got the gift of gab, love.  You can probably talk anyone into falling head over heels in your arms! When you are focused, you have the ability to make someone feel like their words are your oxygen. Your curiosity in others and the world will naturally have this effect on others.

You absolutely have to be with someone who appreciates this curiosity, who lives to converse and whose wit can keep up with yours. They must be able to make love to your mind before they can even get a glimpse of your body. Plus, if they can’t keep your attention long enough, they won’t stand a chance.  

Be sure to keep it spicy in love by planning lots of outings that stimulate you intellectually.  Anyone how can’t hang with that isn’t worth your interest anyway.

Venus in Cancer

Any lover who is graced by the attention of a Venus in Cancer native will know one thing for sure: they will be the best cared-for partner, ever.  You love to nurture and ensure the needs of your bae are well taken care of. You are happy to cook, clean, pack lunches, whatever it takes to ensure your other half feels wholly supported.  

In return, you only ask for loyalty, reliability, and patience. Being with someone who makes you feel safe and comfortable will naturally bring out the caretaker in you. But, if you are feeling unsafe, you might have the tendency to become a little too nurturing and more overbearing or even smothering.  

Be sure that if you feel that way you chat it out with bae. If they aren’t willing to become the loyal and reliable partner you need, then kick them to the curb ASAP. There is most definitely someone out there that will happily appreciate all you bring to the table.

Venus in Leo

You have to be the star of your love’s eye when you have Venus in Leo. You are flashy yet classy with a love for a bit of the dramatics in both your style and your life.

If you take one thing away from this, it’s that your partner should be absolutely comfortable with allowing you to shine.  If you find yourself attracted to or tied to someone who is not down with that cause, run away, now. You are meant to shine, when you feel that you are shining, you will be your most comfortable self. If you feel this isn’t happening, cue the stage crew because the drama will begin.  

Let’s be honest, you don’t have time for all of that. You’re too busy bossing it up, so don’t waste your time.  
When you do or if you do have this person, be sure to check that lioness ego in check, watch the demands and show your boo regular appreciation.

Venus in Virgo

Venus in earthy Virgo gives you the gift of helping your lover with practical matters and figuring out ways to make their life easier.  You are the queen of efficiency and organization, you will turn any chaos into calm. And the best part, you are not afraid of the hard work that it takes to build a relationship that’s stable and successful.  

The trick to this is finding someone with the same values as you. You might not be the most romantic of the zodiac, but you are absolutely known for your loyalty and ability to support others. Being with someone who absolutely loves this about you and is open to you helping them step into their best self is imperative.

Try to avoid being too nitpicky, though. This can happen to you when you are feeling a little insecure.  Straight-up complaining is a buzz kill, so make sure you are truly giving constructive suggestions when the time is right and it actually is beneficial.  Not just when you’re in a mood.

Venus in Libra

Not only is Venus at home in Libra, she’s in bliss. In this placement, you love, love, love relationships. Being in a partnership is like eating and breathing for you. As a master seducer, your charm will break down even the toughest of resistors. Who could resist that smile anyway?

With Venus in Libra, you love being courted and you love being a part of a team.  Sometimes, you might love it a little too much, allowing your relationship to overtake your life.  Be sure to avoid compromising too much, because a pissed-off Libra has a temper like no other.

Aim to be with someone who puts fairness on the top of their important values list, right after romance and amazing conversation.

Venus in Scorpio

Lovers better look out for you.  Every time you set your sights on someone, it’s like Robert Greene’s “Art of Seduction” is being reenacted. The ability of a Venus in Scorpio native to see right to another’s soul can be crippling in a good way for some, but scary AF for others.  

You listen with intensity, hearing what they are telling you while also understanding what they are not. Your desire to merge with another is strong – you desire someone brave enough to venture down into the depths with, where you can learn to love more deeply.  

You must remember that everyone is not equipped to take this ride with you, so be sure to only take a lover as eager as you are before you set off on this escapade.  

Guard yourself against possession, and remember that others need the space to take their journeys alone.  Let them be free, knowing that your pull is magnetic enough on its own without any extra effort from you.  
Be patient with your own journey. Don’t push too fast, too hard.  Trust the process.

Venus in Sagittarius

You are a born explorer with Venus in Sagittarius.  You love to learn, travel and even teach when you can.  
Being with someone who respects and nurtures that side of you is incredibly important to your wellbeing.  You’ll want to your relationship to feel like the most magical adventure you’ve ever been on.

Pairing up with someone who is more comfortable with the same old routines will clash with your whimsical, free-spirited nature. You’ll be delighted with someone who loves to laugh but knows how to be serious, but if they aren’t immediately screaming an enthusiastic  “yes!” to all your adventures, give them a chance to ease into things.

And, finally, remember that sometimes relationships get rocky.  Learn to stand in the storm for a bit with the one you love until it clears up.

Venus in Capricorn

You’re the cool, calm, and classy sign of the zodiac with Venus in Capricorn.  You appreciate all of the finer things in life especially a partner who is able to match you with all the things in life you can give yourself, including status and power.  You love to be wooed at the finest restaurants, the most exotic vacations and the most expensive of jewels. It’s not that you are power hungry or materialistic, it’s just that deep down you appreciate the security and the power of living a comfortable life.

A partner who does not appreciate these things is not even on your radar.  And when they are, they will get a chance to know how incredibly loyal and dependable you are.  No one will ride or die for them like a Capricorn Venus native!

Just be sure to guard against the tendency to mold a lover into who you want them to become instead of who they truly are.  Learn to love others as they are while encouraging them to step into who they really want to become.

Venus in Aquarius

You’re not one for flowers, chocolates, and romantic strolls when you have Venus in the quirky sign of Aquarius.  Unless that stroll involves an adventure in a land that has been never been seen before or, better yet, a march for climate change awareness. That revolutionary in you has no time for all that gooey stuff, and prefer a partner on the same page.  

You love someone who is interested in changing the world and prepared to work with you to do just that.  Your focus isn’t really about relationships unless it has a greater purpose than just plain old love. You might even find yourself craving the unconventional over the traditional. This is okay! Embrace it and go with your heart.

Keep marching to the beat of your own drum, just don’t forget that some folks are more content in the status quo sometimes.  Give them the space to do them while you just keep doing you.

And, finally, it’s totally okay if you want some roses sometimes too. Just make sure your partner knows they need to be a unique color, just like you.

Venus in Pisces

Magic is exactly what someone feels when they encounter a soul with Venus in Pisces.  You are the dreamers of the zodiac, wishing to transport us into a love that’s nothing short of whimsical.  

With this placement, your love isn’t bound by any type of convention. You want to dedicate your all to your love, but only once you’ve decided to commit – which might take a while. But your reticence to commit is only because you need to figure out if that person is worth the amount of love you plan to unleash.  

One thing you have to guard against is becoming your love’s savior.  It’s okay to let folks fail. Sometimes, it’s needed. If you catch them each time they fall, they will never gather the wing strength to fly without you. Just work on being there, dusting them off and whispering words of love and encouragement.  Believe it or not, this will only make your bond that much stronger.

Finally, try not to be flighty when you find someone who suits you, being dependable most of the time goes a long way.