How to Not Be a Total Jackhole While Mercury is in Cancer

June 11, 2018

Get ready to dive for pearls, darlings. Mercury is heading into Cancer for a couple of weeks and we should all be prepared to cry it out where necessary – but we should also know that we’ll be pulling treasures up from the salty depths.

That’s right, Mercury, that gender fluid genius, the shimmering messenger deity who handily rules the brilliant minds of Gemini and Virgo – and also juggles rulership of intellect, communication, travel (and a lot of our personal technology) has decided to take a bit of a spa vacation in the house of the moonchild.

The period of time between June 12-28 will see Mercury softening, dissolving, blurring lines of clarity, and generally delving deep into the emotional undercurrents of all things. Expect a lot of long pauses, eyes welling with tears, hesitations, and things more easily explained with colors, images, or songs than with words.

If you’re courting anyone, get back on your playlist game. If you’re experiencing conflict with a friend or lover, we recommend having that tricky convo in person, and maintain eye contact or hold hands to keep things from blowing up.

If you have any family drama subtext, expect it to bubble to the surface more than ever during the last two weeks of June, as Cancer rules family affairs, legacy, and heritage.

Important Things to Look Out For

One of the biggest things we can look for is a shift in terms of what kind of communication we seek. Quality becomes more important than quantity. We may prefer one-on-one hangouts to group outings, may pare down contact lists or go on an unfollowing spree. We are operating on intuition and feeling, not rationale. Objectivity is taking some time off; everything is about how we feel, and that can be tricky territory.

Starting on June 12, the day before a very potent new moon, Mercury tires of their responsibilities governing the sun, the moon, and everything during Gemini season, and decides to check into a rehab of sorts. Cell phone powered down, IG temporarily deleted, Mercury is no longer available for the usual up-to-the-minute intellectual precision.

There are a couple of big angles that Mercury in Cancer will light up this month. On June 15, Mercury sashays into a direct opposition with Saturn, who is stern and businesslike in Capricorn and maybe a little dismissive of emotional communication. So, expect to experience difficult feelings related to grudges, forgiveness, lonesomeness, isolation, and abandonment.

Then, on the June 20, Mercury in Cancer trines Jupiter and Neptune, enhancing all forms of sensitivity, including psychic awareness. There is a tendency to waste this sparkling dynamic on some form of mundane hurt feelings or a social conflict – way better to use this sensitivity to connect with your tarot cards, your crystals, your dreams, or your visions. Don’t blow your enhanced sensitivity and curiosity on creating or engaging in drama.

Finally, when Mercury opposes Pluto on the June 23, we should be exceptionally gentle with ourselves. Pluto can be quite intimidating, and can really bring up hurt feelings and fear in this opposition, and can exaggerate emotional abuse – so be careful of anyone who has a longstanding tendency toward hurting your feelings.

How to Avoid Being a Total Jackhole

Boundaries are a big theme this month. Practice honoring yourself and your own needs: self-sacrifice can only lead to a big old emotional breakdown, whereas active self-love will lead to a gorgeous emotional breakthrough.

Since this transit affects everybody in different ways, it is wise to remember that we’re all uniquely challenged by this transit, and in the interest of maintaining peace, consider these helpful tips to avoid hurt feelings and miscommunications for both yourself and others.

First and foremost: practice active listening and look for it to be practiced with you. What does this mean? Some suggestions:
Don’t engage with distractions like cell phones or TV when you are conversing.
Put your phone on do not disturb and tuck it away.
Look the person you are speaking with in the eye.
Show that you are engaged with your body language.
Reflect their feelings back to them when possible, but don’t listen with the intention to respond.
Only offer advice where it is requested.
If something becomes emotionally triggering or overwhelming for you, execute your own ability to care for yourself before things become heightened or out-of-hand.

Also, finally, before you say anything this month, ask yourself the following four things:

Is it true?
Is it kind?
Is it necessary?
Is it helpful?

If you can answer yes to all four, proceed joyously and with an open heart.
If only three are a yes, you’re probably ok but be mindful.
If you can say yes to only two, approach this subject with caution.
If only one of these criteria is met… perhaps you should wait.

And if what you want to say is none of these things, maybe keep your mouth shut.  Dive deep into the quiet and see if you can bring up a treasure from the ocean floor.