In the Mood for Love? A Meditation for Venus in Gemini

April 24, 2018

Venus makes her move into Gemini today, where she will stay until May 19.

Now is a time for lively and lovely communication, a time when we can really flirt playfully with ideas, hobbies, and other things that thrill and please us. 

Get in the mood with today’s meditation and start moving toward the things that delight you.

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Find a quiet space and make yourself comfortable. Take one slow, deep breath to reconnect to your own magic. Then dive all the way into this vision and see what happens.


See yourself in a great field of flowers – a beautiful, blooming ocean of color as far as the eye can see. 

As you enjoy the flower-filled environment, a little pollinator — a hummingbird, butterfly, bee, bat, moth, beetle, or ladybug – flies up right to your face. Whichever pollinator arrives first is perfect.

This small creature moves in front of you as if to ask if you’d like to try on its little body and experience the world as it does.

Take the creature up on this offer and connect with it in such a way that you become its size. You are able to move in exactly the same way it does.

Now be light, have fun, and just immerse yourself in the experience of flying from flower to flower, tasting each flavor of nectar, trailing every kind of pollen from one flower to the next.

From beauty to beauty you fly without a care in the world, happiness filling your heart. You move easily from flower to flower, the beautiful and crucial pollination just a side effect of your moment-to-moment enjoyment.

You are so immersed in your pleasant work that you can enjoy the visceral sensation of being a vital part of everything. Have a deep, perceptive knowledge that beauty and life itself require your enjoyment to expand, multiply and grow.

(Read this last section, then close your eyes, enter the vision, and experience it!)

Just enjoy the experience of having no concerns other than lightly and quickly going from beautiful thing to beautiful thing.

Everything is sweet. Everything is light. Everything is interconnected, as it should be.

Use your animal intuition to sense and see the intricate web of energetic interconnection of which you are a vital part.

From your little vantage point, begin to see the enormous, awesome beauty of the whole system. Now wake up to your own good fortune that you are a part of it.