Inspiration and Creation: Mercury Neptune Trine

October 24, 2017

Divine Inspiration

Today’s Mercury-Neptune trine is a clarion call to the parts of you that imagine, get inspired and create. Neptune brings the vision and Mercury creates the communication, so when they are in a pleasant trine we can really amaze ourselves at what we innately know – and what beauty we can bring to life.

Find a quiet space and make yourself comfortable. Take one slow, deep breath to reconnect to your own magic. Then dive all the way into this vision and see what happens.

Breathe and spend a few moments contemplating your own personal genius as it could be potentially expressed in the near future.

Now let go of contemplating your potential genius and bring your attention to the very top of your head.  Imagine a sparkling silvery/iridescent ribbon unfurling from the crown of your head up into the sky, the atmosphere, the ether.  Feel inspiration starting to stream via this silver ribbon connection between you and the great intelligence that permeates the sky.

Let your head fill with visions, inspiration. Let them all flow through, let this experience be limitless, expansive – no rules, no restrictions.

Now bring your attention to your wonderful hands, these extensions of your heart that help you make so much manifest, that help you bring so many things to life.
(Read this last section, then close your eyes, enter the vision and experience it!)

See yourself in an elevated, high-up place, the crown of your head and your hands still very energized. Feel Mercury arrive with his power to communicate and organize and then Neptune shows up with his power to dream and inspire.

Let Neptune give you a vision, one morsel of true divine inspiration and then let Mercury show you how to bring it to earth and make it manifest. Start with one thing, but once you have both vision and plan for that one, feel free to repeat over and over with these two greats by your side.
What is your greatest wish? Find out if it will come true now…