It's Not Personal! How to Avoid Relationship Drama This Weekend

May 17, 2018

Still reeling from yesterday’s Mars/Uranus square? Struggling to find your footing after both planets’ entry into new signs earlier this week? Friday’s earth trine between Mercury in Taurus and retrograde Saturn in Capricorn gives us a chance to slow down and get our bearings. And, with the moon in cozy Cancer, a Friday night at home is an alluring proposition.

But don’t get too comfortable—with Venus changing signs then making a few tricky aspects this weekend, there could be relationship drama ahead!

It starts Saturday morning when Venus leaves easy-breezy Gemini and moves into super-sensitive Cancer. It’s a great time to reconnect with our nearest and dearest—but nostalgia for the way things used to be can keep us from making more vital connections in the here and now.  Venus’s sextile with Uranus (in the very first degree of Taurus) encourages us to embrace the new. This comes more naturally by late afternoon when the moon moves into outgoing, open-hearted Leo.

Still, there may be some hard feelings on Sunday, when Venus squares Chiron in Aries and makes an awkward quincunx with Mars in Aquarius. Try not to take things too personally—by Sunday evening, when the sun enters Gemini, they may not look so serious after all.

Horoscopes for the Weekend Warrior

Friday, May 18 – Sunday, May 20


Your history with siblings and cousins goes way back. But really, do you even know each other as adults? Get together outside the family context and see what each other are like out in the “real world.”


In an uncertain world, it’s comforting to know exactly who you are and what you believe—but that doesn’t have to mean conforming to any one system. Honor your cultural or religious roots, but look for ways to put your own spin on old traditions.


Witty banter and clever repartee come as naturally to you as breathing, but when emotions are involved, you’re uncharacteristically shy. There’s no way around it, though—this time, you’ll have to speak from the heart to get the moral support you’re looking for.


You and your best friend are a package deal… but lately, all that finishing each other’s sentences have started to get on your nerves! Go to a party together, but work the crowd separately—you’ll have some new things to talk about afterward.


Lately, you’ve become that person who interrupts a romantic dinner to take a work-related call. Just because your partner hasn’t said anything doesn’t mean they haven’t noticed. Don’t be “that person”—bring back the playful romantic they know and love!


When it comes to food, you know what you like and like what you know. But variety is the spice of life—so maybe let your dining companions pick the restaurant when you go out to eat this weekend. Extra credit for trying a dish or cuisine you’ve never had before!


Do you have an offbeat interest you’ve been keeping in the closet? There’s probably a whole community of people out there in cyberspace with the same peculiar passion. Don’t just lurk anonymously in the chat room—introduce yourself and join the conversation!


No matter how culturally sensitive we are (or think we are), it never hurts to expand our awareness. If there’s something you don’t understand about another person’s culture, go ahead and ask them about it—but only if you’re really prepared to listen.


It takes courage and humility to be a beginner. But you’ve got people in your corner who love and support you no matter what, so why not take a chance? Look for a new skill to add to your repertoire!


We get it—you like to run a tight ship. But life on the home front might be more harmonious for everyone if you relaxed your standards just a little. Sometimes it’s better to be kind than organized!


It’s easy for someone as unique as yourself to feel like the black sheep of the family… but that doesn’t mean you should give up on finding common ground with relatives who don’t “get” you. You’re constantly evolving, and guess what? They are too. Give them a chance to surprise you!


You’ve been working on the same project for so long, you can barely see it anymore. But you’re about to experience a creative breakthrough that will make all your efforts worthwhile. Keep your eyes peeled for new inspiration that strikes from an unexpected source!