The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn Challenges Us to Blend Boundaries With Vulnerability

July 15, 2019

At 2:38 p.m. on July 16, 2019, the full moon will be in Capricorn. This full moon is also a lunar eclipse, further stoking sensitivities in the area of our lives where we tend to be strictest with ourselves and others.

All full moons are not created equal. Each one brings up its fair share of emotions to feel and release, but some signs handle this better than others—and straitlaced, stoic Capricorn isn’t known for being one of them.

Capricorn is the sign of law and order. It lays down the ground rules and lets us know exactly where we stand. Without its structure and discipline, we wouldn’t survive long or accomplish much—but its by-the-book approach doesn’t translate so well to the subtle, emotional realms.

What Does This Full Moon in Capricorn Mean?

Still, with Capricorn energy dominating the sky right now (retrograde Pluto, the south node, and retrograde Saturn all conjunct this full moon), tough love is likely to be our default setting. Just remember, a little goes a long way, especially during a lunar eclipse, when we’d all benefit more from being gentle with ourselves (and each other).
We can make more masterful use of Capricorn’s strength by putting it in the service of Cancer’s softness. Right now, the sun, north node, and Venus in Cancer (opposite this full moon) are showing us the power and beauty in vulnerability, while also making us more aware of the need to protect ourselves by setting appropriate boundaries.
Striking the right balance can be a challenge, as the Capricorn and Cancer planets square off with wise warrior Pallas Athena in Libra. If we want to create a more loving, caring, and harmonious reality, we’re going to have to fight for it. Some righteous anger may be justified—but try to express it in ways that defuse tensions rather than escalating them.

What do the stars have in store for you this year?

After all, with Mercury retrograde in Leo right now, it’s easy to wound each other’s pride by communicating carelessly.  Mercury’s proximity to Mars and Juno puts hot-button issues back on the table in our most committed relationships. It’s not just déjà vu: Most likely, you have had this argument before, either last month when Mercury conjoined Mars in Cancer (June 18) or last week when they met up again in Leo (July 8). Consider this a second chance to express your feelings more effectively than you did the first time around!

With the Leo trio squaring Uranus in Taurus and trining retrograde Chiron in Aries, it can feel like the rug is being pulled out from under us. Heart-to-heart talks can bring deep healing—but before those can happen, we need to know it’s safe to speak from the heart.

That brings us back to Capricorn. Its super-structured energy can be used either to keep our feelings under lock and key or provide a safe space to let them out. At this eclipse, we can either build a wall or a bridge. The choice is ours.

Read on for your sun and rising signs to learn more about the energies of this full moon/lunar eclipse:

Horoscopes for the July 2019 Full Moon in Capricorn


What other people think of you is none of your business, Capricorn—or is it? If a stranger is judging you to be cold and aloof, it might just be their problem. But if a loved one is perceiving you in the same way, it may merit some attention.


Sticking it to the man—Aquarius, that’s what you do best! But with all your focus on fighting the power, it’s easy to lose sight of the common values that bind us all, regardless of ideology. Fight the good fight, but make sure the ends really do justify the means.


Onward and upward, Pisces! Right now, your dreams are directing you toward practical, goal-oriented action. But first, you’ll have to let go of the idea that there’s anything wrong with setting goals in the first place.  It doesn’t make you cold and calculating, just smart and successful.


Finally, Aries! All the time, energy, and hard work you’ve invested in a goal are beginning to pay off. So why aren’t you enjoying it more? Maybe you’re realizing how much you’ve sacrificed your personal life to get there. Make time to reconnect with family, friends, lovers…and yourself.


Who are you to judge, Taurus?  Lately, life’s been refusing to conform to your expectations. But the bright side of having your world rocked on a regular basis is how that makes it nearly impossible for you to stay stuck in old, black-and-white ways of thinking.


Ain’t too proud to beg, Gemini! We all need a little support sometimes, so there’s no shame in asking for it. Still, it’s important to be smart about who we ask, or whose generosity we accept. If there seem to be strings attached, you’re better off going it alone.


Tough love isn’t your favorite thing on the menu, Cancer—but right now that’s what your relationships are dishing out. Loved ones are holding you accountable for what you’re bringing to the table, and you’re being challenged to take responsibility for your role in any conflicts.


Feeling underappreciated lately, Leo? It’s a bummer, we know. But the hard truth is, no matter how amazing you are at what you do, you can’t always count on having an adoring audience to cheer you on. All the more reason to do it for love, not applause.


It’s not easy having a good time, is it Virgo?  At least, not when you’re preoccupied with worries about the future, the perceived lack of time and resources, or simply the unchecked items on your to-do list.  Some of these problems are real, but probably not all of them.


You’re mad as hell, Libra, and you’re not gonna take it anymore! Whether the issue is personal or political, you’ve put up with an unfair or unjust situation long enough. It’s time to channel your inner warrior and stand up for what’s right.


Cut the crap, Scorpio—you know you’ve got the strongest BS detector in the zodiac. So why crowd your headspace with useless information, limiting beliefs, or negative self-talk? Watch where you put your attention these days and remember: You don’t have to believe everything you hear, read, or think.


What’s up with the scarcity consciousness, Sag? You’ve never been one to worry about having enough or having things taken away from you. Of course, financial responsibility is always a great idea—but it doesn’t have to put a damper on your generous spirit.

Art by Debra Stapleton