The Crystal Your Zodiac Sign Needs to Thrive This June

May 28, 2019

Our monthly Crystalscopes pair each zodiac sign with a crystal whose energies can support us through the coming month’s transits. We choose crystals that are accessible and widely available. You may see the same stone pop up from month to month as a medicine for a different sign—consider it an invitation to add to your toolkit!

Also consider low-impact methods like using gem essences and elixirs, buying used crystals, or starting a crystal share with friends. Real magic can only be accomplished by acknowledging our impact on the world around us.
Read these for your sun, moon, and rising signs to learn what you should wear, carry, or place on an altar to help boost your specific astrology for the month. These also work as remediations for specific houses in your natal chart.

Learn more about June’s transits—and what they mean for you!

June 2019 Crystalscopes


Yellow Apatite

Dear Aries, on June 8, Venus enters Gemini and stirs your innate curiosity. Learning about people, things, and places electrify you and makes the world you live in feel more expansive and exciting. This is not so much about learning facts and figures and more about stimulating your mind, body, heart, and soul—and being enlightened. Dive into whomever, whatever, or wherever lights your fire. Yellow apatite is a wonderful stone to propel you on this journey. It offers mental clarity and helps you find and integrate new and future knowledge. It is a unique stone of understanding and optimism and carries with it the hope that wisdom will heal judgment and intolerance—and unite us all.



Venus, your home planet, trines Pluto in retrograde on June 2, deepening your desire for connection. This connection can be with a romantic partner, a dear friend, a family member, or yourself. During this time, you are encouraged to love and accept without judgment, to accept the wholeness in a person—the light, the dark, the pleasant, the unpleasant. To help you come from a place of true compassion, work with rhodonite. This powerful heart chakra stone makes one aware of emotional pain from the past, caused by others or by you, in order to heal and let them go. In order to fully love and trust, we must not hold on to the fear and anger that caused us pain, rhodonite will help us move forward to create deep soul connections.



Happy Birthday, June Gemini! A new moon arrives in your sign on June 3, igniting your desire to live in the present and celebrate now. You don’t need to find a reason—gather some friends and set off on a mini, or a grand, adventure. Sunstone can help you align with the energy you need to bring the spirit of summer a little early. Sunstone inspires feelings of freedom, warmth, and joy. It brings the type of joy that raises your vibration, helping you feel confident, empowered, and abundant—and encouraging you to keep this energy up through the month. When we are filled with this high vibration, we feel excited and enthusiastic. We find the magic in life and receive healing energy from being silly, laughing with our friends, and dancing like no one—or everyone—is watching



Happy Birthday, June Cancer! The sun enters your sign on June 21, and leading up to this date, you will feel inspired to spend time with those you love in the comfort of your own home. It will be important for you to make your sanctuary beautiful and welcoming, and to make sure you nurture those around you. In serving others, do not forget to nurture yourself. Prehnite is a healing crystal for those that heal others. It is in Cancer’s nature to care for others, so use prehnite to be there for those you love while keeping your energy strong and protected. This stone empowers you to create healthy boundaries, so you do not say yes to every single request you know you don’t have the time or energy for. Just as you love and protect others, it is important to love and protect yourself.


Mookaite Jasper

Dear Leo, possibilities abound when the sun opposes Jupiter retrograde on June 10. This transit infuses you with a can-do attitude—even if the odds are stacked against you, you will find a way and persevere. To take advantage of this transit, work with Mookaite Jasper to further fuel your fire. Mookaite Jasper is colored in bold hues of red, yellow, and orange and it infuses the body with vitality and life-force. It enhances your own inner strength, endurance, and will power; a perfect stone when you need that extra push or healthy boost of self-confidence. It also helps you heal patterns of procrastination and apathy. Strike while the iron is hot, Leo, quell your inner critic and any thoughts of hesitation with Mookaite Jasper.



Dear Virgo, on June 4 your ruling planet, Mercury, enters deep and intuitive sign Cancer, encouraging you to rest your analytical, fact-focused tendencies and get comfortable with vulnerability and emotional depth. To get the most out of this transit and to connect with yourself and others on a much deeper soul level, work with malachite. This beautiful and powerful crystal will surface sometimes painful emotions and beliefs. This is not so that we can relive this pain, but so that we can heal them. Malachite asks you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It encourages you to do the inner work because it wants you to accept yourself and all the wounds you carry. It empowers you to deal with your shadows, so you may shine your light brighter.



Dear Libra, during the Mars-Pluto retrograde opposition on June 19, you may feel easily aggravated, and wounds from the past may surface. This is not the time to act or make any drastic life decisions, this is the time to be strong and reflect. To help you stay grounded and centered, work with obsidian. This stone is formed from molten lava—it understands that pain and destruction lead to wisdom and fortification. Obsidian clears lingering emotional and psychic debris. and is wonderful support when dealing with destructive behavior and any low vibration emotions like anger and fear. When you can’t stop obsessive thoughts, this stone will help focus your scattered energy.



Dear Scorpio, on June 14, when Mars and Neptune trine, you may be feeling more sensual than usual. Use this sexual energy to actively manifest romance in your life—or to romance yourself. To capitalize on this steamy energy, work with ruby. Ruby stimulates all forms of love, especially the healthy expression of physical love. It also infuses you with physical energy, helping you overcome tiredness or a weak libido. If you have programmed judgments about sex and sensuality, ruby will bring these issues to the surface. Allow yourself to receive the healing and amplifying the energy of physical pleasure.



Dear Sagittarius, you are blessed with a full moon in your sign on June 17, amplifying your already adventure-seeking nature. You understand the importance of experiencing new people, new places, new cultures. Doing this helps you feel connected to the universe, it humbles you, and it makes you more compassionate to people who are different from you. Work with shungite to keep your energy strong during travel, and to keep your energy steady and flowing when exploring different environments. Shungite purifies you, boosts your energy, and combats insomnia, so you are better adjusted to different time zones.



Dear Capricorn, during the sun and Neptune square on June 9, you may be questioning your motivation and direction. It is okay to feel confused about a career, a relationship, or even just a general path you’re taking in life. In fact, it is good to be in this fog, because when you come out of it you will understand if it’s a direction you want to keep going or if you want to shift gears. To help attain clarity, work with selenite. Selenite encourages internal and external harmony, and it brings to the surface that which does not resonate with you so you can decide if you need to let that thing go. Selenite brings a clear, healing light that will help you find your way through the fog of confusion.


Herkimer Diamond

Dear Aquarius, your psychic sense will be heightened during the Mercury and Neptune trine on June 16. This is a wonderful time to communicate energetically, meditate, and surround a friend with supportive frequencies, send your sick family member healing light, or send your romantic partner sensual energy. To enhance your psychic senses, work with Herkimer diamond—a much more affordable variation than the famed white diamond. This stone helps you tune in to the energy of others, opening a channel for your psychic senses, you may know or feel what someone is thinking before they say anything. It will help you with any method of psychic development and calls down divine light.


Tiger’s Eye

Dear Pisces, your innate creativity will draw others to you during the Mars and Neptune trine on June 14. Form a community of like-minded people, exchange ideas, get the creative juices flowing, and create some magic. Work with tiger’s eye to help focus a group effort toward one unifying goal. Tiger’s eye also encourages one to experiment, to do things unconventionally, to challenge the status to quo to create something completely new and original. It promotes harmony between different people, with different points of view and fosters a productive and collaborative environment. It also strengthens your personal power, so if someone doesn’t agree with you, you welcome the conversation and don’t take it personally.

Per Erik Borja is a practicing psychic medium who connects with spirit and tunes into his clients’ energy to empower and help guide them on their soul’s journey. Find Per online at The Awakenist and on Instagram @TheAwakenist 
Art by Johanna Martin (@blousesandhouses)