Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius: A Time to Discover a Deeper Truth

April 9, 2019


January 14 Jupiter enters shadow phase at 14’ 30 Sagittarius

 April 10 Jupiter stations retrograde at 24’ 21” Sagittarius

 August 11 Jupiter stations direct at 14’ 30” Sagittarius

 November 5 Jupiter leaves shadow at 24’ 21’ Sagittarius


Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and its transit here—even retrograde—is an inherently benevolent one.

On a collective level, there could revisions in laws surrounding international travel, foreign policies, airline policies, and religious laws, among others. On an individual level, this is an internal process, an inner expansion of consciousness, and exploration in the area of your life/chart ruled by Sagittarius.

Expect the transit to bring huge revelations to the surface, along with previously suppressed truths or anything one has been trying to escape from—consciously or unconsciously.
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What’s being magnified is trying to get your attention so you can confront it honestly. As the great benefic, Jupiter offers protection. Even the most chaotic situation holds a blessing in disguise, and the truth will set you free. This is Jupiter’s promise.

This is a crossroads, and there may be detours, whether literally or metaphorically. Consider this an opportunity to pull back, focus on the big picture, and make necessary course corrections if you’ve strayed too far from your path.
As Jupiter retraces its steps, a chance to embody the lessons of the previous months—while Jupiter was transiting the initial shadow phase—and discover a deeper truth appears.

Avoid premature judgment, for better or worse. This is a retrospective journey—you couldn’t have known then what you know now. And there will be even more to learn as Jupiter stations direct and moves out of its shadow period. The journey is the destination. Be philosophical and objective and you can learn what you need to know to make wise choices.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is a seeker of knowledge and wisdom. One major aspect coloring the zeitgeist this year is Jupiter’s square to Neptune in Pisces. There could be a desire now to dive deeper into religious, esoteric, psychological, philosophical, or higher studies—and question spiritual and religious beliefs.

This is a time to rediscover one’s faith—in oneself and in existence. At its essence, this is a spiritual journey, recalibrating and realigning you with an inner navigation system, and the knowing that guides you.

What you seek is within you.


April 11: Mercury 24° Pisces square Jupiter Rx 24° Sagittarius

April 14: Sun 24° Aries trine Jupiter Rx 24° Sagittarius

April 15: Venus 24° Aries square Jupiter Rx 24° Sagittarius

May 2: Mercury 23° Aries trine Jupiter Rx 23° Sagittarius

May 5: Mars 23° Gemini opposition Jupiter Rx 23° Sagittarius

May 9: Venus 23° Aries trine Jupiter 23° Sagittarius

May 30: Mercury 20° Gemini opposition Jupiter Rx 20+ Sagittarius

June 10: Sun 19° Gemini opposition Jupiter Rx 19° Sagittarius

June 16: Jupiter Rx 18° Sagittarius square Neptune 18° Pisces

June 23: Venus 17° Gemini opposition Jupiter Rx 17° Sagittarius

July 25: Mars 14° Leo trine Jupiter Rx 14° Sagittarius

August 6: Sun 14° Leo trine Jupiter Rx 14° Sagittarius

August 8: Venus 14° Leo trine Jupiter Rx 14° Sagittarius

August 11: Jupiter stations direct at 14° Sagittarius


Most intense for:
Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces

Most challenging for:
Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn

Most beneficial for:
Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Libra


These Jupiter retrograde insights can be read for both your sun and ascendant sign.

Jupiter retrogrades in your ninth house, highlighting themes surrounding international travel, higher education, legal matters, philosophy, psychology, publishing, religion, and spirituality.

You’re approaching a crossroads, offering a chance for course corrections. You have freedom—but what do you want, and where are you going? Be very honest with yourself and keep sight of the big picture. You don’t know it all, but stay curious and open-minded, and you can learn what you need to make wise choices.

At its essence, this is a spiritual journey, realigning you with your inner compass and rediscovering your faith. The journey is the destination and you’re being guided.
Jupiter stations retrograde in your eight house, suggesting there are huge changes unfolding in a financial situation, sexual partnership, marriage, or something that feels larger than life.

You’re not powerless and have a choice. But first clarify a dream, your values, and the true value of what’s being exchanged. There’s more potential in a situation than you think. But if you feel divided, investigate, before you make life-changing decisions.

This is a chance to make choices that take you closer to a dream of financial or personal freedom. Believe in yourself and have faith—the situation is evolving as it needs to.

Jupiter entered your relationship zone late last year, opening the door to relationships that have the ability expand your world and be positive influences.

As Jupiter stations retrograde, you’re learning information, asking for a deep reevaluation of your one-to-one relationships. If partners seem like they are stalling or backtracking, avoid premature judgment for better or worse.

You can have the freedom, commitment and the security you desire. Be honest with yourself first, the better to allow you to be honest with others, and open to receive the love and support that is present. You are loved, protected, and deeply cared for—even if it doesn’t always seem that way.

Jupiter stations retrograde in your sixth house of work, selfless service, daily routines, and health—mental, emotional, physical, and most importantly spiritual.

Changes at work, a health matter, or in your life are asking you to step back to look at the bigger picture. You have a lot to give. But does your life give you joy? Or do you feel like you’re living a double life?

Acknowledge a secret ambition, any subconscious fears that limit you, what needs healing, and eliminate what doesn’t serve a greater purpose. You can live a life that is rewarding and aligns with an inner truth. Believe in yourself and you can find a way.

As Jupiter moves retrograde in your fifth house over the next four months, this transit marks a phase of a deeper process of self-discovery and journey into your heart.

You’re gaining perspective on your life, a long-term goal, and the way forward to freedom. Creatively, sexually, personally—you can have what you want. And you have gifts, talents, and desires you haven’t fully explored yet. Children too have a lot to teach you.

You needn’t worry about what the world thinks of you. What matters is that you’re being true to yourself. You’re creating your life in every moment. Learn to love and have more faith in yourself. You’re already free.

Jupiter stations retrograde in your fourth house, drawing your attention to matter surrounding your home, family, and sense of security; offering a deeper understanding of the past.

What was your childhood like? What were the relationship dynamics you’ve watched play out between caregivers? As you regain perspective, you can free yourself of patterns and a burden that has weighed on you. The present is not the past, and you have the authority to make choices that align with your highest goals.

It may call on you to rediscover deeper reserves of faith. Trust—you are safe and protected.

As Jupiter stations retrograde in your third house, you’re learning new information that calls you to question what you think you know. What and whom do you believe? Why? What do you want? This is the quest for a deeper truth, which begins with being honest with yourself.

Communication is highlighted, and you’re learning that kindness, honesty, and compassion are equally important. Sometimes it may be wise to say nothing at all and just listen. That way you can learn what you need to know.

Clarify a long-term goal, then apply course corrections, find solutions, and make wise choices that guide you to your destination.

Jupiter’s move to retrograde for the next four months marks a journey of rediscovering your true sense of worth, security, values, self-esteem, and what’s truly precious about you.

Whatever your current bank balance or relationship status, realize you can’t take your money to the grave, and all relationships either change or die. It’s the love you share that matters.

You have a lot to give the world and your relationships: creatively, financially, and emotionally.  You can have the financial and personal freedom and security you desire. Value yourself and invest in situations and commitments that give back to you equally. You’re worth a lot more than you realize.

You’ve grown leaps and bounds over the past six months in both wisdom and self-awareness.

As Jupiter stations retrograde, you’re entering a phase of deeper self-discovery and self-awareness. You may feel divided about a relationship or situation. But are you being motivated by fear or love? You are protected and have gifts and talents that you take for granted—and the treasures of the world at your feet.

The only thing to fear now is fear itself. This is your chance to realign with an indivisible truth within and allow it to guide you. Be kind, honest, and give yourself permission to be happy.

As Jupiter stations retrograde in your twelve house, pay attention to your dreams, your intuition, and a growing knowing. You have big ideas and dreams. But you’re also becoming aware of subconscious fears—and perhaps a need for healing.

We are only as sick as our secrets. You’re not a child anymore and have the authority to make choices in your life. You needn’t tell the whole world your business, but keep partners informed on a need to know basis.

It will require teamwork and a daily process of communication, but you can manifest a vision. It starts with making healthier choices daily.

Jupiter stations retrograde in your eleventh house of friends, community, social network, and fulfillment of wishes.

You’re learning something about a friendship, or something that you’ve long aspired to, asking you to clarify your values and realign with the truth in your heart. All hope is far from lost. Acknowledge your desires, aspirations, acknowledge the ones you’ve outgrown, and avoid arguing for your limitations.

There’s a creative and loving solution to a dilemma you face. You’re free to make a choice—and may find you don’t even have to. Just do your best to be honest.

Jupiter stations retrograde in your tenth house of career, profession, ambition, and public image.

You may be having second thoughts about a goal you once felt sure about. You needn’t fear opportunity passing you by. If something is right, it will meet you down the road.

Financially and emotionally, you’re safe. But what do you want to be known for? What does an ambition mean to you? You’re reconnecting with a long-forgotten ambition. This is not about fame, or success, but what you have to give back to the world—it’s a lot. Rise above your insecurities and have more faith in yourself.

Art by Ameya Ajay. Find her on Instagram