The New Moon in Gemini Comes With an Information Overload

June 2, 2019

At 3:02 a.m. PST on June 3, 2019, the new moon will be in Gemini (12°34’).

As we approach the start of a new lunar cycle, it’s only natural to get excited about new ideas and opportunities. But that’s especially true this month, with the new moon in Gemini. For this mutable air sign, the possibilities are literally endless!

What Does This New Moon in Gemini Mean?

Versatile, adaptable, and insatiably curious, Gemini is all about keeping its options open. And just like its quick-witted ruler Mercury (currently speeding through the last degrees of his home sign), it needs plenty of novelty and variety to occupy its busy mind. At this new moon, we’re craving intellectual stimulation—and if we’re not getting enough of it in our current situation, we’re likely to seek it out elsewhere.

This month, each of us is on our own personal fact-finding mission, asking as many questions and gathering as much data as we can. The only thing is, it’s not exactly clear yet how—or if—it all fits together. After all, when we’re interested in everything, it’s hard to focus on any one thing for long. We jump from one thing to the next with dizzying speed…and make our own heads spin in the process.

Confusion is a major theme of 2019, with a Jupiter/Neptune square recurring three times throughout the year. (The second of these, on June 16, just happens to coincide with the Sagittarius full moon.) And with the sun, moon, and Mercury all activating the square right now, its energies are woven into this lunar cycle in a major way.

What do the stars have in store for you this year?

“Too much information” is likely to be a common complaint this month. Whether it’s breaking news, hot gossip, or fun facts, there’s so much buzz circulating that keeping up with it all is practically impossible. Add to that a noisy chorus of self-proclaimed experts, social media influencers, and internet commenters, and who wouldn’t feel overwhelmed?

Fortunately, this new moon also comes with its own built-in BS detector: an earthy trine between Venus in Taurus and retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. This supportive aspect helps us stay rooted in our deepest values and desires, empowering us to cut out all the distractions and give our undivided attention to the things that really deserve it.
Venus/Pluto also keeps us honest. After all, our inner Gemini can talk a good game—but it’s also been known to take “poetic license” with the facts. There’s nothing wrong with a little witty banter or wordplay, but with so many voices competing to be heard, substance is just as important as style. Before joining the conversation, it’s worth making sure we’ve got something valuable to contribute. If not, take the opportunity to listen and learn. Intellect and intuition are another dynamic duo working hand in hand at this new moon—with so much new information to process, we’ll need them both to help us make sense of it all!

Read on for your sun sign (and rising, if you know it) to learn more about the energies of this lunar cycle:

Horoscopes for the June 2019 New Moon in Gemini


You’re a natural chameleon, Gemini, and lately a friend or partner has inspired you to play around with your persona. But is this new image really you? Enjoy experimenting, but don’t get so caught up in the glamour that you lose touch with your own reality.


Family comes first, Cancer, but meaningful work is a very close second. And while you excel at juggling those sacred commitments, it’s easy to drop the ball when it comes to your own inner life. Take some quiet time this month to restore your soul.


Work hard, play hard! Leo, we all need to blow off steam. But an overactive social life can drain vital energy and resources away from your bigger dreams and long-term goals. Enjoy yourself, but don’t let momentary distractions take your eye off the prize.


Who says you can’t have it all, Virgo? With so much to be grateful for—impressive achievements, thriving relationships—you’re living proof! Still, a lot of work goes into crafting your best life. When was the last time you paused to enjoy it?


You’re no ugly duckling, Libra. But if you’re surrounded by people who just don’t get you, it’s hard to feel like the fabulous swan you really are. Seeking out new experiences and connections this month gives you more space to spread your wings.


It may feel like you’re on shaky ground, Scorpio, but as long as you and a loved one keep the channels of communication open this transitional phase will only make your relationship stronger. Be willing to work at it, while keeping the vibe light and playful.


Let’s get some perspective, Sag. Having strong feelings about something doesn’t automatically give you the moral high ground—chances are, the other side has a pretty compelling case too. A neutral, third-party observer or mediator can bring more clarity to the situation.


Under pressure! You may thrive in stressful conditions, Capricorn, but even you have your limits. If you keep treating yourself like a machine, sooner or later you’re going to hit a wall. Listen to your body this month—it’ll tell you what it needs.


Being a team player is one thing, Aquarius, but sacrificing your individuality is a whole other ballgame. It’s important to know your own mind so you don’t get swept up in groupthink. And any group worthy of your participation will value your independent thinking and insight.


Just like water, Pisces, you’re always flowing and shapeshifting into new forms. And now you’re looking for a new container—a way of presenting yourself that helps you navigate the world with greater confidence. Whose perception matters most, and what do you want them to see?


What have you got to prove, Aries? By now, you’re secure enough within yourself to greet new people and experiences with an open mind. Still, when your worldview is being rocked, it’s easy to fall back into a defensive stance. Instead, try leaning in to the unknown.


“You’ve got to spend money to make money…” There’s some truth in that, Taurus, but before you go all in, make sure it’s a sound investment. Use your intuition and your common sense to weigh the short-term costs against the long-term benefits.

Art by Brandi Van Nevel