Jupiter in Capricorn Puts You Under the Midas Touch

December 1, 2019

Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 2, 2019 and will exit Capricorn to enter Aquarius on December 19, 2020.
Jupiter chases the horizon—with a new horizon always in sight. Jupiter’s transit in Sagittarius, its home sign, has brought a return of optimism, expansion, and new discoveries, drawing us beyond known boundaries to explore unexplored potential in the area of the chart ruled by Sagittarius.

Jupiter’s influence is essentially benevolent, but it tends to magnify what is. There’s been an expansion of consciousness, wisdom, compassion, and knowledge, but that’s come with a need to confront the truths that have surfaced honestly. You can run from the truth, and you can hide from the world, but not from yourself. Jupiter asks that we move beyond judgement of truth and the duality of good or bad to learn from our experiences. Wisdom born of experience is Jupiter’s highest teaching.

At a mundane level—globally as well as personally—there has been an emphasis on matters surrounding travel, international connections, legal matters, immigration issues, matters surrounding higher education, spiritual and religious studies, and humanitarian efforts, to name a few. Jupiter connects the individual to a larger world. This is Jupiter’s once in 12-year transit in its home sign, so we can expect situations to reach a critical mass by the end of Jupiter’s transit in Sagittarius, paving the way for a new world.

Jupiter and Saturn are the two teachers of the solar system. Jupiter teaches through a process of expansion, exploration, and philosophy. Saturn brings life (karmic and mortal) lessons through duty, dedication, discipline, and mastery.

Jupiter’s transit in Sagittarius has opened new roads and opportunities. Now, Jupiter’s transit in Capricorn (a Saturn-ruled sign) asks that one commit to a path, to build and give structure to the altruistic vision of Jupiter in Sagittarius, so providing shelter and sustenance for humanity—not just the individual. This is your gift and legacy to the world.

Capricorn is the third earth sign, the sign of material and worldly success. Mythologically, Jupiter is the king of the gods. Jupiter in Capricorn has the energy of King Midas, who had the ability to turn what he touched to gold—“The Midas Touch.” But in his greed, he accidentally touched his daughter, turning her into a statue, and in other versions of the story he died of starvation, being unable to consume food.

With this transit, it’s important to remember that you can’t eat money, and money can’t buy you love. Care needs to be taken to prevent Jupiter’s tendency to go to extremes, greed, hunger for success, lavish lifestyle, and material wealth eclipse what is truly important in life—one’s humanity.

Capricorn represents the peak of human consciousness and Jupiter represents spirituality. At the highest level, this transit is a chance to grow into and embody the divine consciousness within you. It is an opportunity to share one’s wealth and good fortune, materially and emotionally; to embody wisdom, virtues of kindness, compassion, and temperance.

Jupiter in Capricorn is a reminder: only humility precedes true greatness. As Jupiter moves through Capricorn it makes a series of aspects to personal and outer planets, suggesting a busy and productive year ahead, with the potential for expansion on all fronts: personal, financial, creative, and business.

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-Most beneficial for:
With Jupiter in earth sign Capricorn, the transit will be most beneficial and easy for the fellow earth signs Taurus and Virgo; marking a time when life can flourish, bringing opportunities to thrive, and for tangible growth.

Capricorn will be a direct recipient of Jupiter’s benevolence. But Jupiter makes three conjunctions to Pluto and the south node, suggesting a dual process of purging the old and dying, making room for growth and building on new solid foundations.

Cancer natives will benefit from Jupiter’s benevolence through relationship, with partnerships offering protection, good fortune, and support at best. This is also a once-in-12-year transit when one is likely to meet or deepen a commitment with a significant other. One caveat: with Jupiter meeting Pluto, Cancer must move past superficial conditioning surrounding relationships and attachments to material desires.

-Most challenging for:
Aries, and Libra will have to work harder under this influence, but the rewards will be well worth any sincere effort toward progress.

-Most intense for:
Gemini and Leo, too, will have to stretch their efforts to access the maximum benefits of this transit. Initially, this might feel like having to make uncomfortable adjustments that require precise handling, but ultimately Jupiter will reward your efforts.

What do the stars have in store for you this month?

Jupiter in Capricorn—Astrological Dates & Aspects

December 2, 2019: Jupiter enters Capricorn

December 15: Jupiter in Capricorn trine Uranus at 2° Taurus

December 27: Sun conjunct Jupiter at 5° Capricorn

January 2: Mercury conjunct Jupiter at 7° Capricorn

January 23: Venus in Pisces sextile Jupiter at 11° Capricorn

February 20: Jupiter in Capricorn sextile Neptune at 17° Pisces

February 23: Venus in Pisces square Jupiter at 18° Capricorn

March 11: Sun in Pisces sextile Jupiter at 21° Capricorn

March 27: Venus in Taurus trine Jupiter at 23° Capricorn

April 4: Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 24° Capricorn

April 7: Mercury in Pisces sextile Jupiter at 25° Capricorn

May 10: Mercury in Taurus trine Jupiter at 27° Capricorn

May 14: Jupiter stations retrograde at 27° Capricorn

May 17: Sun in Taurus trine Jupiter Rx at 27° Capricorn

June 20: Mars 25 Pisces sextile Jupiter 25 Capricorn

June 29: Jupiter Rx conjunct Pluto Rx at 24° Capricorn

July 14: Sun in Cancer opposition Jupiter Rx at 22° Capricorn

July 27: Jupiter in Capricorn sextile Neptune at 20° Pisces

July 30: Mercury in Cancer opposition Jupiter Rx at 20° Capricorn

August 4: Mars in Aries squares Jupiter at 19° Capricorn

August 25: Venus in Cancer opposition Jupiter at 17° Capricorn

August 29: Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter at 17° Capricorn

September 9: Sun in Virgo trine Jupiter at 17° Cap

September 17: Jupiter direct at 17° Capricorn

October 19: Venus in Virgo trine Jupiter at 19° Capricorn

November 12: Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 22° Capricorn

November 14: Sun in Scorpio sextile Jupiter at 23° Capricorn

November 15: Venus in Libra square Jupiter at 23° Capricorn

November 28: Mercury in Scorpio sextile Jupiter at 25° Capricorn

December 27: Sun conjunct Jupiter:
The sun-Jupiter conjunction marks the “luckiest” day of the year; when a sense of benevolence, good fortune, and abundance abounds. It’s a day to practice gratitude and count your blessings.

April 4: Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 24° Capricorn, June 29: Jupiter Rx conjunct Pluto Rx at 24° Capricorn,  November 12: Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 22° Capricorn:
Jupiter making three aspects to Pluto is pure alchemy. This is suggestive of a process of major transformation, purification, and metamorphosis underway, of burning dross to reveal gold.

May 14: Jupiter stations retrograde at 27° Capricorn, September 17: Jupiter direct at 17° Capricorn:
Jupiter stations retrograde nearly at the end of Capricorn, and the retrograde transit is a chance to discover hidden, buried treasure; as well as a time to excavate, purge, and uproot what’s dead, gone, and served it’s time. Once Jupiter stations direct again, you can rebuild on stronger foundations.

August 4: Mars in Aries square Jupiter at 19° Capricorn:
Mars’ square to Jupiter marks a moment of personal triumph, victory, and turning a corner in the larger story of the year.

August 25: Venus in Cancer opposition Jupiter at 17° Capricorn:
Venus does not meet Jupiter in Capricorn, but she does oppose Jupiter, bringing a confrontation and magnification of desire. This could spell for over the top luxurious, lavish experiences (it’s all relative), but the danger towards leaning to excess is high. Be wise with your resources so you don’t overspend or overdo it. It’s important to know when you’ve had too much of a good thing.

Art by Ameya Ajay. Find her on Instagram