Jupiter Square Neptune Turns Our Attention Toward Our Dreams and Fantasies

September 17, 2019

In astrology, the relationship between Jupiter and Neptune is one of the most important planetary cycles to watch, as it beckons us to consider potential rooted in soul and psyche rather than material circumstances. Jupiter and Neptune in combination results in visionary planets connected with spirituality and imagination, prioritizing the interconnected soulfulness of our world over the limitations of our mundane life.

On September 21, two days before the Libra equinox—also known as Mabon—we will experience the final waning square aspect between Jupiter and Neptune in their current shared cycle. This waning square between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces pulls focus to our most idealized dreams and fantasies. We may receive glimpses of a future self to grow into, or a different facet of our identity we have been neglecting that now demands attention and engagement. Since the visions incited by Jupiter and Neptune may feel at odds with our present responsibilities, it will be important to find ways to begin manifesting them rather than pulling back into the comfort of known security. Jupiter and Neptune can direct awareness toward the cutting edge of our potential, causing us to consider alternative paths into an unknown future where we have not already established stability.
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Unions of Jupiter and Neptune occur every thirteen years, with the present cycle between Jupiter and Neptune beginning in 2009 in Aquarius. During 2019, we have already experienced two previous exact square aspects between Jupiter and Neptune, with their meeting on September 21 being the final of the series. It will be wise to reflect on whatever significant insights and events emerged around the time of January 13 and June 16, when the square between Jupiter and Neptune previously intensified. It can also be revealing to consider whatever new directions were initiated in 2009 that have now reached a stage of development for us to harvest and share, as well as where we need to shed old beliefs while engaging in a change of direction.

Unfortunately, the rich imaginal potency of Jupiter interfacing strongly with Neptune can cause idealizations, making it difficult to clarify dynamics and discern effective solutions. Part of the problem is that people are normally unaware of illusions underlying their perceptions and perspectives until difficult experiences strip those notions away. There is potential for the truth-seeking of Jupiter in Sagittarius to pierce through the waves of illusion that can flood forth from Neptune. The treasures we unearth through disillusioning experiences are the gift of self-realization and a heightened capacity to reorient ourselves toward inner truth.
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On the deepest level, the waning square between Jupiter and Neptune is a calling us to lift the fabric of our ideals to see what is subsisting in the shadow of our desires. While Jupiter promotes expansive growth, it can also lead to conformity to societal beliefs in order to secure material success. Fortunately, Neptune can dissolve the influence of cultural conditioning in order to open awareness to a sense of our inner soul purpose and its interconnection with the wider collective. Within moments of inner contemplation, we may receive a shift in feeling that leads to larger change in the external world. As we unveil the inner vision that has been inspiring our work in the world, we will gain insight into how we may need to reconceive the source of the story we are living in the moment.

Art by Gisela Ramos Hoff