Surviving Capricorn's Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Is Easier With This Protection Pouch

July 10, 2019

Full moons are known for bringing up lots of emotions—and this full moon in Capricorn on July 16, combined with a lunar eclipse, is bound to be a doozy. Capricorn doesn’t traditionally handle emotions well, so we may be feeling extra vulnerable during this lunation. As such, protecting yourself and your wellbeing will be necessary to handle the onslaught of feelings coming your way. Setting appropriate personal boundaries will accomplish this, allowing you to stay comfortable—and empowered—in your vulnerability.

Below, Kelli of Witch of Wands shares instructions for creating a powerful protection pouch that we can hold close throughout this lunation. Touch the bag every time you need to be reminded that appropriate personal boundaries are not only important, but also necessary.

How does your moon sign affect you?

  • Black candle
  • Sage smudge, juniper smudge, or incense
  • A small drawstring pouch or a piece of cloth and twine
  • Tiger’s eye (for courage and strength)
  • An acorn (symbol of the mighty oak, for strength and protection)
  • Angelica root (for protection)
  • Rosemary (for clarity of mind)
  • Basil (for purity of intent)
  • Strength card pulled from your favorite Tarot deck

NOTE: Each item should have personal significance or traditional associations with the desired traits. If you have other personal items or correspondences significant to you, use them. Use what you have. If you only have white candles or patchouli incense available, or should a different Tarot card resonate, go with that. It’s all about the intention.

  • Light your candle and smudge or incense.
  • Lay all of the materials for the bag in front of you.
  • While concentrating on setting appropriate personal boundaries, pass the materials through your incense or smudge stick.
  • Place the items in the bag or on the cloth, one at a time, leaving the Tarot card out of the bag. Take your time and visualize your intention as you add each item. Verbalizing the point of each item adds extra potency (for example, say “This tiger’s eye gives me courage and strength” as you place it).
  • Cinch your bag or gather the corners of your piece of cloth and tie it tight. If you intend to wear the talisman, leave an extra-long tail to tie back around where you started so that you can wear it like a necklace.
  • Take a moment to hold the bag in your hands. Visualize your intent pouring over its contents. Then, imagine a ring of power and protection emanating from the bag and encircling you with energy. Hold the energy around you
  • Place the Strength card on a windowsill and put your talisman on top of it, where it will be infused with the light of the full Capricorn moon. If this is not possible, a special spot on your altar or other sacred space will work just as well. Leave it there overnight.
  • In the morning your talisman will be charged and ready for use. It can be kept in a purse or pocket, or can be worn necklace-style if you made the string long enough. Touch the bag several times over the course of the day, or whenever you feel like you need to connect to your personal power to remind you of its purpose.

Happy full moon—and happy season!