March Astrology Forecast: A Time to Create and Act Before Slowing Down

February 24, 2024

As the wheel of life turns, we venture forward with hope, optimism, and a sense of adventure. March 2024 promises to bring many sweet opportunities to all zodiac signs to manifest their goals, embrace their heart’s desires, and experience personal and professional growth. This month we will investigate everything you need to know in your ultimate guide to March 2024’s astrology. Join the brilliant Tamerri Ater, Senior Astrology Editor of, and I on our quest to uncover the hidden wisdom the cosmos have for the world.

Key Astrology Dates in March 2024:

· March 9: Mercury enters Aries
· March 10: New moon in Pisces (20 degrees)
· March 11: Venus enters Pisces
· March 18: Mercury enters pre-shadow (Aries 15 degrees)
· March 19: Sun enters Aries
· March 22: Mars enters Pisces
· March 23: Saturn enters pre-shadow (Pisces 12 degrees)
· March 25: Lunar eclipse in Libra (5 degrees)

The Cosmic Flow in March 2024 Will Be Sweet

When I sat down with Tamerri, we both discussed how we wanted to find the crystal truth about the month ahead. We will certainly experience many different influences this month. Not only will we begin with Pisces Season, venture past the Spring Equinox, and dance into Aries Season, but many of our planets will be trading zodiac signs in the heavens above. “The thing about March for me is that it’s very romantic,” Tamerri began. “There’s a lot of relationship stuff coming up. There’s this idea of putting work into relationships, but also working on getting things done.” With an emphasis on planets in the deep seas of Pisces, we will certainly feel our spirits and intuition activated. “There’s a lot of Pisces energy this month and I love to use traditional rulership, so with Jupiter in the last stretch of Taurus, we’re dreaming and creating,” she said. “This is the time for people to plan, strategize, get your dreams together, and work on them now.” She smiled and her eyes glistened as we both nodded. “Really capitalize on that sextile energy from Jupiter’s transit. So there’s one part ‘get busy and take care of your stuff,’ but also play and be romantic.” Mars will start the month in social Aquarius, encouraging us to connect with others and pursue our goals, and Mercury will dance into Aries, aiding us in pursuing ideas and conversations that are authentic to us. With so much diverse energy in the stars above, this is certainly going to be a positive month for all zodiac signs!

Master Manifestation Portal: All Planets Are Direct with No Retrogrades

At the end of January, all of our planets in the vast skies above awoke—meaning, all are direct and none are retrograde. These periods are rather rare in astrology and some years do not contain them at all. Because all of our planets are moving forward, our lives are proceeding, too—and we have more luck on our side to see our personal and professional lives grow. “The time is now to manifest,” Tamerri said confidently. “It’s go time! If you’re not working on something right now, it’s a missed opportunity.” But even if we still have a long way to go toward our destinations and what we seek to build, Tamerri said this month brings a special touch we can use: “Even if it’s not executing right now, because this Pisces energy is about dreaming and creating and being visual and visualizing, it’s time to get clear about your dreams.” Keep a dream journal. Get clear about your vision for the future. “And just start something!” she concluded.

The Universe Encourages You To Flow with a New Moon in Pisces

As the final zodiac sign, Pisces is the ultimate synthesis of all the experiences that came before. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter in traditional astrology and Neptune in modern days. The energies of these planets are amplified for the human collective during this time. “Think of the word ‘flow’ when working with Pisces energy,” Tamerri noted. “There’s one element of going where your heart is leading to, going where the joy and compassion is, but then remembering you still need to focus. Remember to take that step forward and execute a plan.”

Yet how will the new moon echo through our lives and the world at large? Tamerri had some thoughts: “This new moon is about expanding and creating something big for yourself. This feels like a precursor with planting seeds now that may begin to take off—especially near the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction next month. Know that the seeds you’re planting now will take off fast once they’re ready to go—so get clear on what you want. Embrace that inspiration and the sense of authentic possibility.”

Mercury Enters Pre-Shadow

All retrogrades go through several stages. They start with a pre-shadow when the planet begins to slow down. Mercury, our cosmic messenger, begins to feel a bit groggy as of March 15 once he hits 15 degrees Aries . “We aren’t in the retrograde yet, but this pre-shadow is about slowing down and getting centered,” Tamerri mentioned. “Slow and steady wins the race. Be conscious about how it’s a marathon, not a sprint.” Remember though, we still have time to get things done before we enter the actual Mercury retrograde on April 1st.

The Spring Equinox Arrives

Every year, when the sun ignites the first degrees of Aries, we enter a whole new zodiac year. “Astrology Day” is always the same day as the Spring Equinox, which arrives on March 19th and is the first day of a new season. “This astrological New Year feels like a time of breakthroughs for people because we are going into Aries season and Chiron is still in Aries,” Tamerri mentioned. “This is time for genuine growth, healing, and releasing what is not working for us. We are shedding layers to ease into the confidence of being you.’” With this surge of strength, it is time to seize the day and channel cardinal Aries fire! Mercury will also add emphasis to this corner of the sky, aiding us too.

March Promises Big Days and Transits

With so much going on though, what are the gems we want to capitalize on—especially in a month so centered on our relationships? Tamerri chimed in with some wisdom:

“I like the Sun-Neptune conjunction on March 17th. This is dreamy, creative, and visionary energy. It’s inspirational. People will have epiphanies and ideas are flowing.”

“I really love the Venus-Saturn conjunction in Pisces on March 21st. What I see with this is really focusing on solidifying relationships. If anyone is in a situationship, this might be the time to let it go. If you’re dating someone and it’s going well, it could also be a good time to say ‘we’re really in this for the long haul.’”

“Venus in Aquarius earlier in the month can be really great for helping people be authentic in relationships. It can, however, be a little challenging if you’re looking to nurture a relationship. Make sure you’re speaking your words and affirming people. Use the power of Aquarius to communicate and be verbal. If you’re looking for love, speak up and be bold as you put yourself out there.”

Prepare for a Lunar Eclipse: Eclipse Season Brings Destiny to Our Lives

Eclipse season—which is known to start a full month prior to a lunar or solar eclipse—will be echoing over our lives throughout all of March. During these periods in time, we can feel an electrical energy almost crackling through the air. Synchronicities will occur as we experience swift beginnings, endings, and turning points. This month, we’ll witness a powerful lunar eclipse in Libra on March 25th—which will bring a major change to each zodiac sign’s life. Yet, even though lunar eclipses can be highly emotional, Tamerri has some last notes of insight on how we can handle the energy from a place of light: “The easiest way to acclimate to this eclipse is to work with compassion. Venus rules Libra and it will be in Pisces. We need to see the other person’s side, be diplomatic, and lead with the heart. You can show up and be confident, and be proud of your accomplishments, but we must also know that working with other people now will get us further.”

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