The March Super Full Moon in Virgo Calls for Radical Self-Acceptance

March 7, 2020

On Monday, March 9, 2020 (10:48 a.m. Pacific Time) the full worm moon will be at 19°37’ Virgo.

Gratitude and forgiveness go hand in hand at any full moon. But with this one in Virgo—a sign that’s sometimes better at noticing what’s wrong than celebrating what’s right—they can be especially useful practices to have in our spiritual and emotional toolkits.

Right now, we’re more sensitive to the discrepancies between the way we think things should be and the way they actually are. And with the full moon opposing an idealistic sun/Neptune conjunction in Pisces (exact on March 8), it’s easier to fool ourselves not only that perfection is possible, but that it’s “perfectly” reasonable to expect. This makes it even more disillusioning when the reality falls short.

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On the brighter side, though, the sun’s conjunction with Neptune can also help to soften this moon’s more critical tendencies, inspiring us to look upon ourselves and each other with a heightened sense of compassion. Rather than trying to fix everything and everyone in our lives, we’re challenged to love and accept them as they are. Paradoxically, this is often the key to turning things around!

What does this full moon in Virgo mean?

Still, some things can and should be fixed at this time. And with this full moon trining a whole stellium of planets and asteroids in methodical, ambitious Capricorn (including Mars, Pallas Athena, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn), we can make a lot of progress—as long as we’re disciplined and strategic about choosing our battles.

After all, Virgo’s purpose is to help us bring our everyday lives into closer alignment with our principles and ideals. To live with that kind of integrity, though, we’ve got to be crystal clear on what our key values are… as well as what they’re not. With a Venus/Uranus conjunction in Taurus one day before this full moon, we may find our priorities changing—especially when it comes to issues of safety and security and our relationships with our bodies, money, material possessions, and the natural world of which we’re a part of.
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As ruler of Virgo, Mercury can usually be counted on to lend his analytical, critical-thinking approach to sorting out these complex issues. But since he went retrograde on February 16, clarity has been much harder to come by. Fortunately, as Mercury stations direct in Aquarius on the day of this full moon, we’re beginning to glimpse the bigger picture and envision some new solutions.

Still, we’re not in the clear just yet: With Mercury returning to dreamy Pisces on March 16, it may take a while longer for the fog to lift. As eager as we are to analyze and process our emotions at this full moon, we may be better off just letting ourselves feel them for now… and saving our questions for later.

Read on for your sun sign and rising to learn more about the energies of this full moon.

Horoscopes for the full moon in Virgo

March of 2020


Constructive criticism is one thing, Virgo—fixating on flaws is quite another. At this full moon, your own perceived shortcomings are under the microscope, but the image you’re seeing is likely to be a distorted one. Let the people closest to you offer some valuable perspective.


“Could I be doing more? Should I be doing more?” Libra, questions like these weigh on your mind at this full moon. But your idea of “doing enough” for others may not be totally realistic (or healthy) for you. Boundaries are key, and you’re supported in establishing and maintaining them.


“Everything’s going according to plan.” These words are music to your ears, Scorpio—and at this full moon, there’s probably some truth in them. But if things seem to be working out a little too perfectly, it may be a sign you’re not dreaming big enough.


“What you see is what you get.” For you, Sag, there’s no higher compliment. But at this full moon, you’re less straightforward than you seem. You’re not trying to deceive anyone, just confused about what you’re feeling. While you figure things out, stick to a business-as-usual approach.


Integrity is everything, Capricorn—and by most measures, yours is impeccable. Still, there’s more to it than following the rules. At this full moon, it’s more important to follow your heart… even if it leads you into some confusing grey areas. Stay true to yourself, and you won’t be led astray.


Visionary vs. realist: It may seem like an “either/or,” Aquarius, but for you it’s more of a “both/and.” You need to get others invested in your vision before it can become reality. At this full moon, you’re ready to make your pitch… and put your money where your mouth is.


Does critical thinking meet unconditional love? It seems like an unnatural pairing, Pisces, but this full moon challenges you to hold space for both. After all, right now self-love is priority number one… and one of the most loving things you can do for yourself is holding your relationships to a higher standard.


Once in a while, Aries, we all need a “sweet escape.” But even relatively innocent habits can get out of hand when we use them to avoid dealing with reality. This full moon shows you where and how to get back on track and set yourself up for success.


Some might accuse you of being picky, Taurus, but all that really means is that you know what you like. Still, with your tastes and interests in a state of flux at this full moon, the only way to know for sure whether you enjoy something is to give it a try!


You know how you’re supposed to feel, Gemini—but try as you might at this full moon, you just can’t seem to talk yourself into it. Most likely, this means it just isn’t right. Take as much time and space as you need to figure things out on your own.


Keep the faith, Cancer! At this full moon, it’s tempting to worry about worst-case scenarios. But you can trust that everything will work out for the best… even if you’re not quite sure how. After all, with so many rock-solid people in your life, there’s less to worry about than you think.


Real self-worth comes from who you are, Leo, not what you have. Still, the way you manage your money and care for your possessions can say a lot about how much you value yourself. And at this full moon, it’s time to take an honest inventory.

Main image courtesy of Katiuscia Toso
Full moon painting by Gisela Ramos Hoff