Mercury and Mars Oppose Pluto Today, Offering an Opportunity to Find Balance

June 19, 2019

If you use any sort of social media, you’ve probably noticed the star-centric fuss surrounding today, with some calling it one of the worst astrological days of the year. So, what is this fear-based story all about?

For quite some time, astrologers have been talking about the grand Capricorn Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which will be perfecting in 2020. Since Saturn is now only four degrees from Pluto—the ruler of the underworld—we are already beginning to learn what this “serious business” is all about.

However, there are many other players involved here. Besides the nodes of the moon currently activating this Cancer-Capricorn axis, the main source of worry seems to be the Mercury-Mars conjunction triggering it by opposition in the sign of Cancer. But while this combination can bring an increase of mental energy in the form of arguments and unnecessarily rude behavior, it also brings a rare opportunity for deep and increased self-awareness.
When power struggles, anger, and domineering behaviors show up, it means there is room for healing as we strive for the positive integration of these energies (this is particularly true for anyone with natal planets between 18 and 25 degrees of cardinal signs). On an internal level, this combination of transits can catapult us to great victory if we channel the primal energy and drive for success gifted by the Mars-Pluto opposition.

The time is right. With summer solstice only two days away, the portal is open, calling us to strive to find a more holistic expression of power and courage within us. The balance between light and shadow is at our fingertips.

Art by Tay Pineda J