Moon in Leo: Fire Walk with Me

March 26, 2018

The moon moves from Cancer into Leo and trines the Aries sun today.

These two fire signs work well together, and when the sun and moon are supporting each other, it gives us some energy that supports us as well.

The sun represents the outer, action-oriented part of the self, and the moon is the inner, emotion-based part. It is ideal to have these parts of ourselves on the same page rather than in conflict. It makes it a little easier for us to deal down here on earth.

What is your planetary blueprint?


One plant that harnesses that fiery energy but also supports health in the body is garlic.

Garlic is used for flavoring in many dishes, but it is also sometimes taken raw for its medicinal properties.

It has endless health benefits. It is antibiotic and antiseptic, so it can be used against internal and external bacterial, fungal, or viral problems. It helps blood circulation. Some people take it at the first signs of a cold or flu.

Metaphysically, it is stimulating and strengthening, associated with fire, Mars, and Aries. It works against negative energy and protects against psychic (and mythological) vampires.

If the garlic bulb is too intense for you but you’d still like to use it, the plant does flower, and the flowers can stand in for the bulbs when using it for protection. The flowering plant can even keep pests out of your garden. When the sun and moon are working together, it can help us create healthy boundaries, to let in the positive and keep out the unhelpful.

Grounding Elements Pro Tip: This garlic flower essence can give you the psychic protection without the garlic breath!