Neptune Direct: Lose Your Illusions

November 24, 2017

“Kitchen Witch” by Ariel Pink

“But she knows not to be scared
Of a ghost that isn’t there”

Now that the sun has moved into Sagittarius, the energetic focus is shifting from the deep personal waters of Scorpio to the fun-loving and expansive world of the Centaur. The holiday season sums up the Sagittarian inclination towards light hearted connection, expansion, and humanitarian outreach. There’s something just a little bit quirky about the astrological climate today, so let your freak flag fly!

In addition to the sun’s transit in Sagittarius, Neptune is about to turn direct, so fantasies and delusions may begin to ramp up. While manifesting and focusing on your dreams is a wonderful goal, the danger of Neptune’s direct motion is a tendency to get lost in illusions. Staying grounded is imperative with Neptune direct: be aware of a tendency to get lost in unrealistic reveries.

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The ego is especially challenged by this long-term transit, but that’s not always a bad thing. On the plus side, differences can be dissolved and a sense of oneness with the universe can accompany Neptune in Pisces.

Today’s song of the moment, “Kitchen Witch” by Ariel Pink is a playful lo-fi romp into the Neptunian waters of fantasy and illusion. No, there isn’t actually a ghost, but Ariel still finds inspiration in the shadows.

Public speaking, humanitarian issues, and putting radical thoughts to words becomes possible tomorrow as Mercury in Sagittarius trines with Uranus in Aries.

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