Clear Your Energetic Path With This New Moon Ritual

April 1, 2019

When the new moon is in Aries on April 5, we receive a one-two punch of power: a moon phase that encourages us to get moving, and a sign to give us the energy to do it. This means change is likely coming—which is almost always be a daunting prospect—but with Aries‘ bold sensibilities, forging ahead is a natural act. Should you need a bit of help, this appropriately fiery clearing ritual should help make room for a welcome dose of daring. You’ll need a red candle to represent courage; bay leaves to promote healing, success, and wish fulfillment; and a desire to break free of the frustrations that have held you back for too long. Make yourself known and let Aries’ new moon do the rest.

How does your moon sign affect you?


  • Black non-toxic marker
  • One red candle, any size (for indoor ritual)
  • Fire-safe dish (for indoor ritual)
  • Kindling and logs (for outdoor ritual)
  • Optional: Knife (for outdoor ritual)


  • 5 to 10 dried bay leaves


  • Determine if you will do this ritual indoors or outdoors.
  • Using the black marker, write down a word or two on each bay leaf that represents something you feel has been holding you back.
  • For the indoor ritual: Light the candle. One at a time, grasp each bay leaf by its stem and hold it in the fire. Watch the fire consume the leaf and visualize whatever has been stunting you turning into smoke and drifting away from you. Place the leaves into the fire-safe dish to finish burning. Note: Dried bay leaves tend to burn quickly—grab pair of grill tongs for extra safety.
  • For the outdoor ritual: Build a fire and toss the bay leaves into it. Imagine your restrictions puffing into smoke and floating away.
  • As an alternate ritual, you can use the knife to carve the same words penned on the bay leaves directly onto the firewood. You will not need bay leaves for this version; intention is all that matters.

Happy new moon!
Image by Omar Rodriguez