The New Moon in Libra Brings Balance and Beauty to Your World

September 26, 2019

At 11:26 a.m. on September 28, 2019, the new moon will be in Libra (5°20’).

Change is in the air. And while every new moon offers a fresh start, Libra’s cardinal air energy makes this one especially invigorating! 

At this new moon, we’re inspired to bring more balance and beauty to our lives and to our world. Interpersonal relationships of all kinds are a major focus, as are larger cultural concerns like social justice and the arts. High-minded Libra has the best of intentions—but with its ability to consider all viewpoints and weigh all options, we may feel hard-pressed to decide what our own intentions are. 

What Does This New Moon in Libra Mean?

Indecisiveness can be a sore subject, with this new moon opposite retrograde Chiron in Aries. With life moving so fast, we may worry we’ll miss out on opportunities if we take even a moment to deliberate. But unless it’s a legitimate emergency, there’s no reason to go into crisis mode! Get out of fight-or-flight and give yourself some breathing room—you’ll make better decisions from a calmer state of mind.

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Still, we won’t want to take too long. With this new moon quincunx retrograde Uranus in Taurus, the longer we wait, the easier it will be to talk ourselves out of whatever big moves we want to make. True, at this point they may not seem “realistic,” but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. It just means we’ve got more work to do to bring principles like truth, beauty, and goodness out of the abstract and into physical manifestation.

Fortunately, with lunation ruler Venus exactly sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius at this new moon, we have an expanded sense of what’s possible. As long as we’re acting in good faith, there’s no reason we shouldn’t hope to see positive changes in our lives, relationships, or communities. Just make sure you’re not so idealistic that you put principles before people.

What do the stars have in store for you this month?

After all, real life doesn’t always conform to our personal philosophy or aesthetic preferences. As carefully as we may try to curate our experience, some things are just beyond our ability to control. And with both Venus and Mercury in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn around this new moon (Mercury two days before, Venus two days after), we could be coming up against some unavoidable truths.

Your birth chart is the key to understanding your astrological nature.

It’s tempting to look away, as Libra prefers to steer clear of conflict whenever possible. But as much as we may smooth it over and make things nice on the surface, the underlying reality isn’t going anywhere. Beauty is more than just skin deep—so eventually, if we want to make more than just superficial cosmetic changes, we’ll need to take an honest look.

Read on for your sun and rising signs to learn more about the energies of this new moon:

Horoscopes for the September 2019 New Moon in Libra


You don’t like to rock the boat, Libra. But in this case, you’re the only one who seems to understand where the ship is headed. Your ability to see the situation from every side is strength, not a weakness—so don’t be afraid to take the wheel and set things back on course!


Friend or foe, Scorpio? Although you may not be consciously doing it, often your first impulse when meeting new people is to size them up this way. By keeping your circle of trust so tight, though, you may be doing yourself more harm than good. At this new moon, try welcoming the stranger.


So many choices, Sag, and so little time! The dazzling array of opportunities in front of you is equal parts exciting and overwhelming. Your future looks bright, but it’ll be even brighter if you can narrow your options down to the one or two that feel most authentically “you.”


Lone wolf Capricorn, you’re not scared to break away from the pack—and that’s why others look to you to make the tough decisions. Still, you could probably handle this responsibility in a more diplomatic way. Show some respect for social graces, so your good intentions are understood.


“Liberty and justice for all…” Aquarius, these aren’t just pretty words—they’re your heart’s deepest desire. And this new moon is a time to prove it by upping your involvement in activism, politics, or humanitarian causes. Pick a cause you’re personally connected to and focus your energies there.


We all need a little help, Pisces. But relying on “support” from people who don’t share your vision only ties you down and limits your ability to move forward on your goals. At this new moon, put yourself out there and reach out to someone whose support comes without strings attached.


Aries, you’re not the type to stop for directions. But right now, you’re not sure which way to turn. Fortunately, with so many wise people around you, one of them can surely steer you right. Asking for advice may feel awkward, but in the end, it’ll only make you stronger and smarter.


Useless beauty, Taurus? If you ask us, there’s no such thing! Still, if you’re going to put all that effort into looking good, you’d prefer that it serve some practical purpose. At this new moon, consider the possibility that feeling beautiful (inside and out) is purpose enough.


“Take your broken heart, make it into art.” Gemini, these words from the late, great Carrie Fisher are the best advice you could follow at this new moon. You don’t always venture into the deeper emotional waters, but creativity is a playful way to coax your feelings up to the surface.


Happiness is an inside job, Cancer—but try telling that to friends, lovers, or family members who seem to think their happiness is your job. At this new moon, it may be time to break up with people-pleasing and focus on finding your own inner peace. 


Leo, you’re so hot right now. And deep down, you know it! So why are you second-guessing yourself by worrying about what other people think? True, you’re showing up a little differently than they’re used to seeing you. But as long as you own it, they’ll learn to love it too.


All things in moderation, Virgo! Discerning between “need-to-haves” and “nice-to-haves” is a crucial, practical life skill. But we bet you could budget your time and resources to bring more beauty, pleasure, and comfort into your life.

Art by Brandi Van Nevel