Harness the Problem-Solving Power of Virgo's New Moon With Pendulum Magic

August 26, 2019

With the new moon in Virgo on August 30, get ready for a boost of practical magic and problem-solving power. During this lunation, identifying your wildest dreams and the steps you need to take to bring them into reality becomes an easy feat. You’ll likely be able to recognize our distractions—and make a concerted effort to cut them out.

Of course, extra help is always welcome. Tap into the problem-solving energy of Virgo’s new moon with a handmade pendulum to help you decide for sure exactly what to clear from your life, and how to best move forward. Tammy Johnson, who owns and runs The Spirit Den with her husband Alex, shared how she dedicates and uses her own pendulum.

How does your moon sign affect you?

  • A stone or crystal that holds meaning for you
  • String or yarn

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  • To create your pendulum, tightly wrap your stone at one end of a length of string or yarn. The best stone or crystal is one that funnels to a point at the end, but anything will work—as long as you feel comfortable with it.
  • Take a few moments to center yourself in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Approach using a pendulum in a respectful way; you don’t want to use it if you are feeling emotional or tired.
  • Cleanse the energy around and within you. Visualize a halo of white light enveloping you, or perform a smoke cleansing with sage or incense. The more relaxed you are, the better your flow of energy will be.
  • Light a candle. This invites the light and angels to work with you, showing your intention to work with the divine.
  • Dedicate and charge your pendulum. Hold the pendulum in your hands with your eyes closed, focusing your energy on your on the object. Dedicate the pendulum’s source by saying (either out loud or inside your head), “I dedicate this pendulum to the highest light. I dedicate this pendulum to the truth, and I ask that it always be honest and accurate as I connect to my higher self. Thank you.” Adjust the dedication so it feels right for you.
  • Hold the pendulum in a comfortable position in your dominant hand. There are no rules—the most important thing is to be comfortable and relaxed. Steady your forearm or elbow on something solid, like the edge of a table or arm of a chair. Don’t worry if your hand shakes a little—it won’t affect the outcome.

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  • To begin programming your pendulum, decide what your three signals are. Demonstrate each signal: Tell your pendulum what signal you want it to use for “yes” as you demonstrate what the signal looks and feels like. Then do this for the “no” signal, again while demonstrating it. Finally, do the same for “maybe.”
    • An example of how to program the “yes” signal: Holding the pendulum in position, say “When I ask a question and the answer is yes, move like this, moving it in a front to back position.” Say this as you swing the pendulum in the “yes” motion. For “no,” you can swing it side to side, and so on.
  • Test out your programmed signals by asking a couple of test questions, such as “Is my name Lilly?” Or, “Do I live in Missouri?” You want to verify that “yes” is yes and “no” is no. If the signals are not functioning correctly, repeat the steps to reprogram the pendulum. Once your signals are verified, you are ready to proceed.

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  • Ask yes or no questions to assist with your focus and purpose in life. Be as specific as you can in your phrasing. Be patient and concentrate on your question, but do not focus on what you think the answer should be. Remain neutral about the answer and focus only on receiving a correct, unbiased answer. If the pendulum doesn’t move right away, be patient and give it time. If it’s unclear what the signal is, rephrase the question and try again.
  • Clear your pendulum at the end of each question by touching its stone or weight to the palm of your free hand or on another surface. This will signal that your question has been answered and you are ready to move on to the next question. Repeat until all your questions are answered.

Happy new moon!