Your September Crystal Is Key to the Seasonal Shift

August 27, 2019

Our monthly Crystalscopes pair each zodiac sign with a crystal whose energies can support us through the coming month’s transits. We choose crystals that are accessible and widely available. You may see the same stone pop up from month to month as a medicine for a different sign—consider it an invitation to add to your toolkit!

Also consider low-impact methods like using gem essences and elixirs, buying used crystals, or starting a crystal share with friends. Real magic can only be accomplished by acknowledging our impact on the world around us.
Read these for your sun, moon, and rising signs to learn what you should wear, carry, or place on an altar to help boost your specific astrology for the month. These also work as remediations for specific houses in your natal chart.

Learn more about September’s transits—and what they mean for you!

September 2019 Crystalscopes



Dear Aries, on September 3, Mercury and your ruling planet, Mars, form a powerful conjunction. Mercury is the planet of communication, and Mars the planet of action. Let your words move you forward. Speak your truths, confidently present your case, and do not be afraid of a little verbal sparring to defend something you believe in. To temper the fire and communicate gracefully, work with aquamarine. This soothing crystal will soften your delivery, so you’re able to speak clearly and directly, but with respect and consideration for the thoughts and feelings of others. This beautiful crystal embodies the purity and frequency of the sea. Aquamarine enhances your ability to negotiate, and it reminds you of the importance of collaboration and compromise.



Dear Taurus, on September 1, your ruling planet (Venus) and Saturn form a harmonious trine. Venus is the planet of romance, beauty, and earthly pleasure. Saturn is the planet of discipline, maturity, and responsibility. Begin the month of September with the intention to explore what you want in a romantic partner, how you want to function in a relationship, and what commitment and longevity mean to you. Love should be fun and playful, but Saturn invites you to understand what it means to truly love someone after the honeymoon phase is over. To promote and attract love that is long-lasting, meditate with emerald. Emerald resonates with your heart chakra and assists you in creating a beautiful energetic environment for your romantic relationship, or the relationship you are actively manifesting. It encourages harmony, devotion, compassion, and true intimacy.


Blue Apatite

Dear Gemini, on September 1, Mercury and Uranus form an energizing trine. Mercury rules ideas and higher learning. Uranus rules innovation and originality. You are being encouraged to think big, to believe in limitless to potential, to research the genius minds who broke the rules and changed the game. If your ideas don’t scare people or incite mockery and disbelief, then you’re not trying hard enough. Working with blue apatite will stimulate your creative channels. This stone strengthens your throat and third eye chakras, so you may communicate your brilliant visions with tact and clarity and inspire others. Place a piece of blue apatite under your pillow to access the subconscious and the divine, and download revolutionary ideas and creative solutions.


Hawk’s Eye

Dear Cancer, on September 10, the sun and Neptune form an interesting opposition. The sun rules our self-identity, the essence of our very being, the light that we are once we step into our power. Neptune rules the unknown, spirituality, illusion, and imagination. During this transit, you will be asked to strip away the false self, the aspect of you that plays a part. You know when you are not acting authentically, either to appease someone’s vision of who they think you are, or to appease your idea of who you think you should be. To pierce through the illusion that people place upon you, or that you place upon yourself, meditate with hawk’s eye. Also known as blue tiger’s eye or falcon’s eye, this stone helps guide you toward inner truth and self-realization. It allows you to observe yourself from a healthy distance—to understand the person, the heart and soul, buried underneath any ego identities.



Dear Leo, on September 19, Mars and Pluto form a supportive trine. Mars rules desire and ambition, and Pluto rules death and rebirth. You will be encouraged to pause and understand the motivation behind your actions. Do they still fit with your personal and spiritual evolution? Does that corporate job and promise of promotion still excite you? Or is something beyond calling you, are you experiencing a deep shift in what you want to accomplish? To integrate any epiphanies you may have, and to step into your soul’s purpose, work with sapphire. Sapphire helps align you with your spiritual path and supports you in major life changes. It reminds you that you are on this planet for a reason, and though you may not know what that reason is immediately, you will be guided toward your higher mission if you ask and allow.



Happy birthday September Virgo! On September 26, your ruling planet Mercury forms an intense square with Pluto. Mercury, the planet of curiosity and observation will challenge Pluto, the planet of release and personal revelation. This transit demands you to honor your shadow and the shadows of those around you. Our shadows reveal our wounds, our triggers; your friend’s self-sabotaging tendencies, your coworker’s habit of throwing people under the bus, your pattern of self-criticism. To help you find wisdom and clarity in the shadow, work with obsidian. Obsidian lets you observe your behavior and the behavior of others from a place of non-judgment. It allows you to dig deeper—to understand the pain that motivates the action, thus encouraging more wisdom and compassion.

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Amethyst Cluster

Happy birthday September Libra! Special transits are in store for you this month; on September 23, the sun enters Libra and on September 28, the new moon cycle begins in Libra. Your beautiful energy of peace, harmony, and justice are vital in these politically and environmentally tumultuous times. It is not your responsibility to fix what is wrong with the world, but your naturally fair and idealistic qualities can help others understand that, essentially, we are all the same. Work with an amethyst cluster to help you promote cooperation with seemingly disparate groups of people. This can be placed in your workspace if energies are heavy and stressful, or in your home if family members are arguing, or carry it with you to spread tranquility throughout your day. Amethyst enhances divine connection, empathy, and feeling the “oneness” of all.


Tangerine Quartz

Dear Scorpio, on September 6, your ruling planet Pluto forms a trine with Venus. The planet of love and beauty will harmonize with the planet of rebirth and evolution. You will be encouraged to review how your personal relationships support or hinder your cycles of transformation. Spend time with those who encourage you on your journey and who love you unconditionally. Acknowledge the friends, partners, or family members who promote your growth as you become who you truly are. Work with tangerine quartz to strengthen yourself during times of inner and outer transition. Tangerine quartz is quartz with residual hematite, giving it the orange color and grounding its spiritual energy. This crystal aids you in releasing the past, including the past self, and helps you embrace the present and the potential.



Dear Sagittarius, on September 8 the sun and your ruling planet Jupiter form a challenging square, but challenges are always opportunities to grow. The sun, which rules ego and self-identity, will conflict with Jupiter, which rules optimism, expansion, and philosophy. Do you cling to a specific identity based on where you live? For example, if you moved to a big city from a small town, do you now look down on those who never left and who chose to live a simpler life? Or do you feel that the world has nothing to offer? Do you stand by what you’ve always known and leave no room for exploration? To generate more compassion and humility from a heart-centered space, work with Morganite. Morganite is a soft pink variety of beryl, and it helps one see that we are all equal, that you are not better than anyone, and that no one is better than you. It reminds you that it is not your place to judge anyone’s journey, and it helps you focus on your own growth.


Green Jasper

Dear Capricorn, on September 6 the sun and your ruling planet Saturn form a supportive trine. The sun, which rules your sense of honor will harmonize with Saturn—which rules discipline and responsibility—to help you step into your divine father, an aspect of the divine masculine. The divine father is the provider, and this energy allows us to support those we love and to support the projects and duties that give us a sense of purpose. Work with green jasper to empower your lower three chakras that deal with the everyday tasks of the physical world, but from a place of love and compassion. Green jasper will help you tap into the provider and protector within. It strengthens your physical and emotional bodies, so you can show up for those that need a helping a hand or an encouraging voice.



Dear Aquarius, on September 14 Mercury enters Libra, and you will be blessed with the gift of harmonious communication. Remember that as important as it is to keep the peace and attempt to appease everyone involved, it is just as important to have conviction and make the hard calls when necessary. To infuse your diplomacy with strength and influence, work with hematite. Hematite grounds your energy and promotes inner stability. It protects you when dealing with stressful situations and trying to find compromise with warring opinions. Hematite keeps you level-headed, and it brings you back into your body so you can regulate your breath and physical reaction in heated moments. Let Hematite be your companion when you must stand your ground and keep the peace.



Dear Pisces, on September 13 you enter a full moon in your ruling sign. Pisces rules imagination, psychic senses, magic, and mysticism. The moon rules emotions, the divine mother, and the subconscious. During this transit, be hyper-conscious of your dreams, and inner visions. It is important now to understand the difference between fear, instinct, and intuition. Intuition feels light and expansive, fear feels dense and constricting, and instinct is reactive and animalistic. Work with moonstone to ease heavy emotions, and to attune you to hope and faith as opposed to pessimism and sorrow. Meditate with moonstone to receive spiritual guidance when feeling confused. Moonstone connects you to the divine within, the limitless soul. It helps you embrace and flow with the unknown instead of fear it.

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