Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: Welcome to Your Future!

November 17, 2021

Welcome to eclipse season! Ready or not, the eclipses are here! During this time, understanding the current galactic energy in the sky is pivotal for creating your own personal magic. Unfortunately, no one is spared during eclipses. We all feel the cosmic force. 

This full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus occurs on November 19 at 12:57 a.m. PT and 3:57 a.m. ET. It is the first eclipse on the Taurus and Scorpio axis, which is the preliminary energy for when the Lunar Nodes of Destiny change signs from January 19, 2022 to July 17, 2023. This eclipse is the longest partial eclipse of the century. 

As we move away from the manipulative tactics that we’ve used in attaining our goals over the next year and a half, we are wanting to bring in stability and power. This lunation will aspect Jupiter and Pluto, which makes it easier to move towards growth. Even if we cannot evolve now, at least we can plant the seeds for what we want and see the bigger picture of matters.

For the beginner astrologers, let’s break this phenomenon down bit by bit. This will add some tenderness to the events unfolding from this eclipse. This eclipse gets its orange tinge from the sun’s vital reflection off Earth. The full moon, who shines brightly, is getting a mega-dose of energy from the ultimate life source and giver of truth, the sun. 

Lunar eclipses bring hidden circumstances to light, and this powerful luminary will do just that—and much more!

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November Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus Meaning

As this full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus gets closer, keep the tissues close by as you are forced to take action, to heal and release the past. The truth is hard, yet necessary for the soul to grow. Remember, we are all ending a chapter of our lives, at times letting go is tough, but crucial to our personal development. 

Secrets, lies, and clandestine relationships will come to light. As both planets pull at each other, in a tug of war, they reach a compromise by agreeing to purge both the heart and the mind by walking away from what no longer suits us. Relationships take center stage and we begin to fight for what we love. Who matters most to us? The answer, of course, is YOU! Alas, it’s true! In the heat of the fight, along the way, in true Taurus fashion, you recognize the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.

Working with the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus demands us all to release the old and bring in the new. Stepping into our own power by writing a letter to the universe stating one’s awesomeness—include your fundamental beliefs, constraints you wish to release, newness wanting to be brought in—then burning this manifesto into the ether will attract a fresh attitude, unlike your previous stale disposition. 

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november lunar eclipse meaning

The Focus on the Fixed Signs Deepens

The fixed signs may be getting the most bang, as the universe is encouraging the steady signs to grow. This is the first of many of the Taurus and Scorpio sets of eclipses, with effects lasting until 2023. They will rock everyone’s world as they move us out of our comfort zones and ask us to release the past. The goal is to move into a more spiritual zone and place. Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

This is how the fixed signs will be affected: 

  • Taurus is going to experience a shift in how they think about partnerships, which will force them to take a different path with those they care about. They’re also releasing those who don’t serve their highest and truest purpose anymore. 
  • Leos are welcoming unexpected changes in their professions and careers, which may bring in a new dream or vision for the future. 
  • Scorpios are being forced to reevaluate relationships and to let go of fears that hold them back from commitments. 
  • Aquarians are making major shifts in their personal lives that will shake up their foundation. A move or change in ideology may be possible.

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How to Handle the Eclipse

Under this powerful eclipse, knowing who and what to invest your time into is crucial and important. Disengage from situations that require too much energy and make you anxious. Managing the relationship between the material and spiritual realm of our lives is essential. Finding a middle ground that exists between the two is going to help us be centered and able to use our intuition to create greatness. 

Remember, don’t let these growing pains hold you back. Release the old and bring in the new dream. Choose life. Choose you. Who loves you? You do. You love you. All parts: good, bad, beautiful, and ugly. Certainly, you’ve known that throughout the whole ride.