Now Is the Time to Maximize the Good Vibes of Jupiter in Sagittarius

November 7, 2018


NOVEMBER 8, 2018 – DECEMBER 2, 2019

“God’s dream is that you and I and all of us will realize that we are family, that we are made for togetherness, for goodness, and for compassion.” – Desmond Tutu

With his ingress into Sagittarius on November 8, Jupiter is making his way home to his palace of gold, skipping and singing as he nears. The house of Sagittarius might well be considered the college of the centaurs: a fantastical gilded university upon an isolated island wherein the peaceful and high-minded half-human, half-equine philosophers of myth educated their devotees in the ways of utopian thought.

In fact, Chiron the wounded healer was one of these mythical centaur professors, and the asteroid which represents his energy is currently retrograde in Pisces but will be returning to Aries soon, which will mean a crackling fire trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius, offering even more transformative power to an already potent transit.

Jupiter’s Travels

One of Jupiter’s many alternative names is Jove, which in turn gives us the word “jovial,” meaning cheerful, good-natured or friendly. The name Jupiter itself arises from etymology that names this force as “heavenly father” (proto-Italic “djous” – day/sky and “pater” – father). This is truly the archetype of a loving god, now ascending the glittering steps of his high throne after a thirteen-month voyage through the depths of Scorpio’s underworld.

Let’s look back to Jupiter in Scorpio’s deep voyage for a moment. What did we learn while the planet of expansion, ideals, ethics, justly-practiced law and values of goodness travelled through Scorpio, the sign that is responsible for things hidden: taxes (and their evasion), sexual deviance, long-buried pain, and collective transformation?

One thing is for sure: Jupiter’s time spent in Scorpio brought forth injustices that needed to be uprooted and exposed –  illustrated by the Russia-collusion investigation and the #MeToo movement, to name a couple.

And now, what can we expect from Jupiter’s journey through Sagittarius? Humanitarian leanings often blossom during Jupiter in Sagittarius patterns, as does the tenacity of human hope. The last time Jupiter was in Sagittarius was, fittingly, during the remarkable rise in popularity of Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign, when “hope” and “change” were some of the most powerful concepts humans could invest in.

 Utopian Dreams of Freedom

The next 13 months should bring golden illumination to our collective philosophies, ethics, and international relationships. Especially in combination with Uranus in Taurus and Chiron in Aries, Jupiter in Sagittarius could give us the necessary energy to create all kinds of positive changes for humanity.

Solutions to border conflicts and religious wars will be more possible than ever. Religious extremism will seem less appealing as solutions of tolerance and diplomacy present themselves. The placement of Neptune in Pisces only enhances the mystical solution that perhaps all acts of prayer in all traditions are being heard by the same Divine Force, which can bear many names and wear many faces. Luck will generally better for everyone, and on a personal level, this is especially applicable in whichever house in your natal chart is ruled by Sagittarius. Most importantly, kindness will be seen as an important virtue on a cultural level.

With a little work, all of us might have a chance to experience the world as a place that is fundamentally getting better.



Pick a recipient (education initiatives, environmental justice or humanitarian concerns get extra props during this transit) and choose a generous amount to give every month no matter what (this number will vary depending on your income—if you accumulate significant wealth, you have a moral responsibility to distribute significant wealth). Or give of your time by volunteering, especially to assist refugees, border justice or to end hunger and homelessness.


Hit the books! Especially where it relates to correcting social injustice. Read books about racial justice, gender equity, class stratification, and then start book clubs to discuss these texts with others. Actively work to dismantle your own unearned social advantages such as white privilege, male supremacy or heterosexism.


Broaden your horizons when it comes to who you associate with on a regular basis. Deliberately try to get outside your comfort zone or habituated circumstances and make friends with different types of people, even people with whom you might disagree. Focus on common ground. Seek wisdom from your elders and spend time in service of your mentors.


Take a class in something that has always fascinated you, just because. Audit a course at your local university. Sign up for online lectures and lessons. The world is learning new things – join the effort to expand the collective consciousness!


Go somewhere fantastic and take in the sights, the museums, the cultural institutions. Prioritize visiting historical monuments, significant natural sites, and taking in arts and culture wherever you visit.


Support your local broom-maker, bookbinder, butcher or blacksmith. Invest in original artwork. Buy chapbooks directly from philosophers and poets. Pay for tickets to the ballet, the opera, experimental underground theatre – and encourage others to do so as well. Insist that dates or family outings involve consumption of art and lively discussion of its relevance. Viva la intellect!


Honesty is a Sagittarius trait, but let’s go deep with that value and get down to the truest root of this grand earthly experiment: we’re all human, we’re all struggling, and we all deserve to be treated with dignity. Grind gossip and trash-talking into dust with your centaur’s hooves. Speak generously of others and they will see fit to do so with you. Release grudges and forgive debts and move forward free from the snares of resentment. Be kind whenever possible, and remember that it is always possible.