Pisces Season: Using the Zodiac to Channel Your Inner Psychic

February 19, 2018

On Sunday, February 18, the sun moved out of Aquarius and Pisces season began.

The grand finale in the zodiac’s calendar, Pisces season is a time of intuition. The mutable water sign is known for its psychic prowess and empathetic, artistic traits. Pisces cherishes and protects divine intelligence in its waters while enhancing our relationship to oneness.

Although everyone’s relationship to their own divine intelligence is individualized, we can all use a little help from the zodiac to identify a meditation practice that would best unclutter our thinking and let our intuition come forth.

Higher wisdom can emerge when the volume of our mental static is lowered.

Every zodiac sign has a specific intelligence, and we can all learn to use our unique psychic gifts this month.
Achieve greater harmony by revealing the state of your body’s seven sacred energy centers…



In the red fires of Mars, the psychic intelligence of Aries can be claimed from how your body impulsively reacts to people, circumstances, and events.
Tempered with appropriate discernment, track what your body feels magnetically drawn to and/or away from. Notice where your eyes land.
Your best intuitive hints come when you’re following your nervous system’s innate GPS.


Tactical Taurus, all you need to do is touch an object, a lover’s hand, or a family photograph to psychically see all you need to know.
Since material form holds residual energy, your strong Venus touch can see and listen to the messages in objects.
Surround yourself with your favorite aesthetic form – art, music, film – and monitor where your heart’s intelligence goes.


Nobody can manifest the idea of “out of thin air” the way you can, Gemini.
Pull in the words that you can sense flying around between you and another and work up the courage to ask, “Does [insert specific thing here] mean anything to you?”
Messenger Mercury is always giving your consciousness and quicksilver mouth the right topic to speak about. Don’t worry about perfecting the sentence structure, just do what you do best and talk.


With a soul governed by the beautiful moon, your thoughts and feelings are enveloped by your intuition.
Unapologetically trust your emotional intelligence.
Let your feelings directly guide your righteous behavior and you’ll find yourself co-creating with a divine power that protects and supports both you and your adored loved ones.


The story of the universe is written inside the Leo heart.
How you sit on a throne of love is how you can find your divine gifts. You’ll find yourself at the right place, at the right time, and with the right person when the light in your eyes ignites. Everyone will wonder how you make it look so easy and glamorous.
Living from a secure, sunlit center of worthiness guarantees your cosmic protection and support.


You’re a divine physician. Without extraneous effort, you intuitively know exactly how to heal someone’s weakened circumstance.
Leaning on both nutritional and psychological intelligence, your Mercury brilliance can identify the antidote to someone’s ailment.
Remember, this gift is given to help you understand your own experiences, too.


Who shines more brightly than someone who anticipates the needs of others?
Psychically and interpersonally aware, your Libra gift rests in your proactive attention to manifesting the comfort and joy of the people around you.
You’ll know the right word, song, or delicious Venus snack to provide a sense of harmony to those who need it.


Spiritual seekers know that the worldly experience is just one big, mortal hallucination. If anyone can pierce through the illusion to the truth of an experience, it’s Scorpio.
You’re a human lie detector and truth discoverer.
With your Plutonian x-ray vision, you can see right through all the worldly nonsense to the authentic intentions of those around you.


Nobody points the way to personal success like Sagittarius.
Without a wealth of evidence, your generous Jupiter perspective can salute and call forth the personal success of everyone around you.
With empowering affirmations and a grip on big-picture thinking, you help yourself and others find their most meaningful purpose in the present and the future.


Children of Chronos, your divine intelligence is chronological fluency.
The disciplined understanding of timing allows Capricorn and those who lean on your Saturn wisdom to intuitively know what’s appropriate given the current cumulative moment.
This understanding will allow the present moment to work its necessary magic and prepare for future success. Take care to consider timing when it comes to the right moment for action.


The first neuroscientist who put forth the idea that our brains are telepathically communicating with nearby brains at all times was probably an Aquarius.
With proper focus, your mind can listen carefully to the unspoken language of others. Since you rule the community symbol, you’re closely connected to grasping that collective mental network.


Children of Neptune, you can play with any divine gift you’re ready for. From mediumship to clairvoyance, it’s all different kinds of candy to you.
Spend a few minutes proactively before situations that call for your divinity to ask the universe what it would have you know and do.
Your intuition will take over from there.
Ready to go deeper?