Pluto Retrograde 2022: Healing the Inner Child

April 28, 2022

Pluto retrograde 2022 dates: April 29 to October 8.

Pluto enters the pre-retrograde phase on January 6, 2022, at 6:26 a.m. Pacific Time at 26°07′ of Capricorn. This will make us feel a little grim, especially since Mercury is in the pre-retrograde zone and Venus will also be retrograde—all planets, including Pluto, will be in the same sign.  

Pluto turns retrograde on April 29, 2022, at 6:59 a.m. Pacific Time at 28°36′ of Capricorn. This energy will begin to resurface old wounds and emotions that have been dormant for months. Our feelings will be hot and cold, as well as deep. They’ll swing more frequently than a pendulum. 

Pluto retrograde ends on October 8, 2022, at 6:55 a.m. Pacific Time at 26°07′ of Capricorn. If you have been able to drive deep within yourself and do a lot of healing, the forward motion doesn’t mean that the work is over. Remember that there still is more healing to do in the upcoming months.

Finally, Pluto leaves the post-retrograde zone on January 29, 2023, at 3:13 p.m. Pacific Time, at 28°36′ of Capricorn. Use this time to understand what you’ve learned about yourself, others, and the world around you. Reflect now. 

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Pluto Retrograde 2022 Meaning

Pluto is the planet of transformation. When it is retrograde in the earth sign Capricorn, it gives us a more scrupulous approach to implementing change into our lives. This means that we must look hard and deep within ourselves in order to mend our hearts and to embrace our fears. By healing our inner child, we can deal with repressed trauma and triggers that have been a part of our subconscious for years — without even knowing it. During the 2022 Pluto retrograde, wounds may come to the surface, but with the right amount of fortitude and attitude, we can work through these soulful hurts.

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Pluto Retrograde 2022 Effects

Cardinal signs: Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn will be the most affected by Pluto retrograde. They are being asked to evolve past triangular situations and emotional hang-ups that keep them from moving forward in interpersonal relationships. If they are open to change, then the transit may not be as hard. 

Mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are at the mid-level for the energetic effects of Pluto retrograde. These signs will have to do the work that’s needed to heal their hearts and try to let go of the past, which may prove to be more challenging than they thought it would be. 

Fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will feel the power of Pluto’s moonwalk, but not as intensely as the other signs. They’re working on ways to express their innermost sentiments and stand up to themselves in a calm manner. 

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Pluto Retrograde 2022 Horoscopes


A former professional opportunity is coming your way, making you eager to take the project on. The caveat is that you may not have the role you desire or get the acclaim and notoriety you want. Be forewarned: Taking on such work matters will confuse the direction of your career. Walk away from the offer feeling good and confident that after all the stress in attaining and obtaining the position, they still want you to fill the role. Use it as a catalyst to grow your self-esteem.


Embracing a childhood dream which has been a longtime goal or taking classes on a subject that you always wanted to learn about will boost your spirit to the next level. The world will now be your oyster and playground of infinite wisdom as you’re quenching your thirst for knowledge. Use the information that you’re gaining to change the world for the better and to help others evolve into the best versions of themselves. This will allow for internal and external healing in others, as well as in yourself.


You’re a powerhouse lately, but now you are taking a step back and paying attention to the effect you have on others. This will require you to reevaluate the words you use when confronting and addressing others, as you’re noticing and understanding that there are better ways to express yourself. If you’re feeling unsure of how to proceed when having to discuss your emotions, then it’s best to take a step back and away from the situation. Try leaning into your intuition and away from your logical mind.


As you know, relationships take a lot of work. Unfortunately, the power struggles you’ve been experiencing with others aren’t helping your intimate connections move forward with ease. Before allowing yourself to engage in an argument, try to find a balance and reasonable way of understanding your partner’s needs to ensure serenity. The moment you let go of the need to control is the time when you will be able to connect on a deeper level (which is what you really crave and want). 


The drama with colleagues never stops, as they are constantly in need of having their hands held when making decisions and crafting projects at the office. Before they take credit for your ideas, make sure that your name and efforts are known by everyone you work with—especially your boss. If not, then they may steal your ideas and pass them off as their own, which means that you won’t be a factor in the gratitude from your boss for a project well-done.


Being creative is challenging enough to do one on its own, without having deadlines from upper management. Finding ways to make art that you love will be easier than before, since you have tons of time and the freedom to make projects that you are proud of instead of basic things. If you create from a place of purity without any attachments to the material world, or work from a place of fear, you will find the art flows and pours freely out of you. 


This transit has the capacity to hit you right where it hurts if you aren’t ready to evolve and change at a soulful level. Another way you might feel the energy is in your home and family life. Your home life is anything but boring these days. In fact, it’s exciting and intense. Now, you are understanding how to manage the energies and tone the vibe down before it hits a high. This will allow you to mend relationships with your family members and move forward with them. 


You’re not one to readily express your sentiments and emotions. To be real, you opt to show you care through actions and not words. Rather than asserting yourself with big and bold declarations, allow others to have a chance to let their feelings be acknowledged and recognized by you. Invent ways to show you care. This will help eradicate any lingering miscommunications and sentiments that exist between the both of you. The newfound way of communicating and expressing yourself will create understanding and harmony.  


Money matters have been creating issues in your life. Here’s another reason for you to make an appointment at your bank with an advisor who can give you options on how to make a proper savings plan and portfolio. Although you were hesitant to listen to someone else, it may prove to be beneficial and helpful to securing more assets and abundance. You don’t have to listen to them, but at least hear them out. If you do, you will have a ton of savings and more cash. 


You’re not one to be trifled with these days, since you are demanding control and authority over others. Try loosening up the reins a little bit and give yourself a moment of chill. This will allow you to connect with yourself, which is still very power-hungry but not ruthless. Throughout this transit, you may feel as though you are experiencing emotional extremes. Try to be gentle with your heart and allow yourself to feel the feelings that are pouring out of you—just don’t ignore them. 


Healing past trauma is a lifelong process. The cosmos is helping you squash some of your fears and allowing you to realize that you are stronger than anyone or anything. If you’re willing and open to looking at matters honestly, you can gain a better understanding of yourself. The journey won’t be easy; however, it will be fulfilling if you stay the course. The best way to handle the energy is to keep a positive outlook, no matter how grim and dark things may feel during the moments when you are feeling the ebb and flow the most. 


You love your friends, but sometimes, they can be a little pushy. And lately, they have been very controlling as well as menacing in the internal affairs of your life. The moment you set the boundaries with them, is when they will realize they aren’t being fair to you and respecting your limits. After all, it’s your life and you can choose what you want to do, even if it’s not something they would choose. Over the next several months, the vibe will be chiller with your crew. Luckily, your friends will take a huge step back in wanting to tell you what to do.