Tarot for the Season of the Wanderer

November 19, 2018

Sagittarius Season 2018

November 22 – December 21

Welcome home, traveller!

As the sun moves into the sign of the wanderer, all of the zodiac signs will experience eye-opening changes. For starters, as Jupiter moves into the sign of Sagittarius, the planet of abundance and expansion will work to make the blessings rain on the part in your natal chart that Sagittarius rules. Meanwhile, Mars enters into Pisces, nudging all of the signs to prioritize their intuition as they make strides towards their ultimate goals.

Read these tarotscopes for your sun, moon and rising sign to create an astrologically attuned tarot spread for the season of the wanderer.

Don’t know your moon or rising sign? Find out here!



This Sagittarius season is calling you to become aware of the things that strike fear inside of you, Aries. It’s easy to run from what may make you uncomfortable, but when when you do, you limit what you can experience in your life – sometimes unknowingly.

This season, the cosmos and the cards are nudging you to dissect those fears and insecurities that hinder you. It’s time to move past them.

As the remaining planets begin to move direct, you’ll feel the doors in your life opening up again. And, as the pioneer of the zodiac, you’ll be feeling unrestrained as you pave the way for yourself as well as for others.



As Jupiter (the planet of expansion) enters into the sign of Sagittarius, you, Taurus, are being nudged to lift your eyes to the sky and envision the best that life has to offer you.

This is because Jupiter in Sagittarius wants all of us to explore the world and expand our knowledge – but even more so for you, as the 3 of Wands and the World card made an appearance.

These cards hold an important message: look up and out to invite in new opportunities that could expand your knowledge either through travel, work, education, or spiritual seeking and growth. There is so much out there for you to discover and this is the season for you to dive in head first to see what you find! Sign up for classes, book that trip, try new forms of yoga, etc. If it excites you, then do it!



This Sagittarius season may find you struggling a bit, Gemini. You usually like to stay active and on the move, but with Mars moving  into the sign of Pisces, you might notice a tendency towards feeling like you’re drifting.

It also seems like something (a memory? a person?) is sneaking up at a time when you least expect it. Take this season to process any feelings that show up – even the difficult emotions – because they serve an important purpose.

Temperance and 3 of Swords together will help you sort through your thoughts to support your ultimate healing. Start now so you’ll feel stronger in the coming months!



You are one of the most perceptive signs of the zodiac, Cancer, because you are ruled by the moon who feels and notices all changes. For this reason, you may find yourself feeling extra-sensitive during Sagittarius season as the universe is teaching you to trust in what it has in store for your life.

The 8 of Cups and Death card together are a sign that you have outgrown something. It’s time for you to let go and move on to more greener pastures.

Anything that is released during this season will be quickly replaced by something more magical, as Jupiter moving through Sagittarius and Mars entering Pisces will work to guide you through your intuition and synchronistic signs! Stay open and keep going!



Life is going to pick up quickly for you during Sagittarius season, Leo! The 2 of Pentacles and Page of Pentacles together suggest that your focus will be on career, finances, investments, and long-term commitments.

It might feel hard to be juggling multiple responsibilities to meet your end goal at the moment. But the cards indicate that it will most likely be worth it in the end –  the double appearance of pentacles promises that the seeds you plant and tend now have a higher chance of bringing fruit later.

Keep your pace going and you’ll see the reward!



Double cards for the most productive sign, Virgo! Jupiter is the planet of expansion and as he moves into the sign of Sagittarius, Virgos are nudged to take a step back and review all that they have done up until this point for this year.

Take a moment to  review what needs to be tweaked and adjusted before Jupiter starts raining down the blessings.
Virgo is the sign of detail and perfection, so it can be hard for you to take your hands off of what you’ve been concentrating so hard on this year. But, a little review is necessary and beneficial to your growth as it gives you a fresh perspective.

This Sagittarius season, consider asking for help or seeking someone else’s point of view. The planets are in support of varying types of wisdom, adding their unique contribution that will take your project or work to the next level.



Something seems to be plaguing you this Sagittarius season, Libra… and it appears that you’re struggling to have whatever it is loosen its grip on you.

With the 9 of Swords and the Devil card together, it’s important that you focus on YOUR needs, as Libra’s have a tendency to focus only on others. Boundaries are everything and this could be the season that you create some for your own protection.

Also, be mindful of the ways that you act as your own worst enemy. What vices or addictions do you carry that you need to release, once and for all?  Focus on that this season as Jupiter and Mars are both working to protect and guide you.



Love, commitment, romance, and expression are a few of the things that will be on your mind this Sagittarius season, Scorpio.

The Knight of Cups is one of the most romantic cards in the tarot deck, but when this card is supported by the 10 of Pentacles, it’s just pure magic. Watch as the things you are passionately drawn to are the things that grow effortlessly before your eyes!

You are known for diving wholeheartedly into the things you love with an intensity that many people may struggle with… but in the eyes of the zodiac  this is what makes you so special. Be fearless when it comes to expressing your heart in relationships, artistic endeavors, and your interests because what you have to gain is far greater than what you could lose this season.



As all eyes turn to you this season, Sagittarius, you are the golden child. Jupiter (the great benefactor) moves into your sign during your season… and sparks will start to fly!

Pay attention to what excites you, as this is where you will most likely see the most developments. At the same time, stay open and flexible to what the cosmos are arranging for you, as there are some surprise arrangements being made on your behalf that will feel like gifts falling into your lap.

These are things that you can’t force but will guided effortlessly towards as you learn to relax and ride this beautiful wave!



The appearance of the ace of swords and 7 of wands together is showing that you’ll need to pull from your source of strength in order to feel like you’re making progress this Sagittarius season, Capricorn.

You may experience some frustrating opposition in the form of people that seem to stand in your way. Or you may feel like nothing is working in your favor.  If this is truly the case, it is teaching you self-sufficiency and resourcefulness.

The strength of your will is everything and with the 7 of wands showing up for you, it’s important that you don’t back down this season. Not that you would give up easily, you’re one of the most resilient and committed signs of the zodiac once you put your mind to something. Luckily for you Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius will connect you to the right people at the right time who will be there to help you with perfect timing.



This Sagittarius season will have you ready to start new things and explore uncharted territories with the appearance of the two most curious cards in the entire tarot deck, the Page of Swords and Wands!

Be assertive, ask questions, and network, Aquarius! Page of Wands sends sparks in your life and with Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius you’ll be itching to get out, to explore, and connect with new people and opportunities.

Page of Swords will have you pursuing new interests and topics of study. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the conversations you’ll find yourself having and the people you will meet!



Pisces, with Mars (ruling action, drive, ambition) moving into your sign you are a force to be reckoned with! 6 of Swords and 4 of Wands matched with Mars’ energy shows that you are free and clear to move forward on your own terms.

This season, it is time for you celebrate how far you have come and to also loosen up to allow your creative juices to flow which will inspire your next steps forward!

Pisces, you are the dreamer of the zodiac. So, in order for you to work the gifts that the universe has given you, you must make free time to dream uninhibited by rules or structure. This season will bring that to you!