Saturn square Chiron: Smooth Sailing or Rough Seas?

November 1, 2017

Blue Tiger’s Eye

Finally, we can see land.

Overall, it seems that November will offer us smoother sailing than the rough waters we have travelled since August’s solar eclipse.

We can discern a shoreline in the distance, see the swallows tilting around our heads as we sail toward solid ground. Hopefully, we have done the work we have been called to do, and can utilize the slow burn of Scorpio season to catapult forward with what we have been summoned to accomplish.

But, before we reach safe harbor, there is still a little more work to do.

Saturn, the great teacher, will be squaring Chiron, the wounded healer, tomorrow. We also have to prep for the full moon in two days, which occurs in the sign of Taurus and may be one of the more emotionally challenging full moons of 2017.
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What we’re dealing with is the exhaustion of being human, of feeling deeply, of carrying all of our grief and fear. We have suffered much, and we hurt to our very bones. We are all Ulysses on the verge of coming home. We all have stories to tell.

But we mustn’t fade into our pain. We mustn’t make excuses for our bad behavior, be defensive over our mistakes, or allow our suffering to define us. We must transcend our pain – that’s why it is here.

For this, we call on blue tiger’s eye.

Tiger’s eye is always a favorite of the very young, who have an effortless and innocent connection to their emotional heritage, and the blue variety connects with our throat and third eye chakras to enable clear and concise communication.

When we work with blue tiger’s eye, it makes it easier for us to communicate only that which is true, kind, necessary, or all of the above. Carry it or wear it (especially at your throat) to help keep yourself from getting petty, snippy, or self-indulgent.

And don’t worry: Mercury will be in Sagittarius in just five more days, which should help things lighten up.
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