Make the Most of Aquarius Season With These Intuited Tarot Cards

January 23, 2019

As the sun shifts into Aquarius, spirit offers an encompassing message for all signs to ponder. The word strongly whispered is humanitarian. Aquarius is the sign of philanthropy, and considering all the chaos happening around us, the energy of this cycle calls us to do our part in healing our world.

We may not have the power to make sudden changes to the systems that govern us, but we needn’t think on such grand scales. We must do what we can, no matter how small, to raise the frequency of our community—whatever the word community means to you.

Can you volunteer at your local animal shelter? Can you ensure you are recycling correctly? Can you buy a meal for a person in need? Can you donate a coat to your local Goodwill? You don’t have to fly to a tsunami-stricken country to rebuild houses to qualify as a humanitarian. Simply hold the intent of wanting to be of service and do what you can.

Your intuited Tarotscope will help you tune into what your soul needs to focus on or address during this Aquarius season. Read with your sun, moon, and rising signs in mind.

What do the stars have in store for you this year?


2 of Pentacles & Queen of Pentacles

Dear Aries, this Aquarius season you are being asked to cultivate beauty and nurture the self—not in the superficial sense, but in the spiritual sense.

A bouquet of flowers may seem trivial. But procure some wildflowers, place them in a gorgeous vase in the center of a room, and feel how the energy of your environment is immediately lifted, in turn causing you to raise your vibration. A bath may seem superfluous, but after a long day, soak yourself in steaming water infused drops of lavender and rose oil. Pour in Himalayan pink salt to absorb vital minerals and feel how your body immediately relaxes, how your breath becomes deep and luxurious.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Queen of Pentacles asks us to make time for physical pleasure, and to not underestimate the power of self-care. 2 of Pentacles wants you to know that no matter how busy you are, even the little things you do for yourself can make a great impact.


The Magician & Page of Cups

Dear Taurus, this Aquarius season, understand that you have the power to manifest even your most fantastical dreams into this physical reality.

When manifesting, people often only put energy into what they think they can realistically attain. They forget that reality is malleable—and that if we want magic, we must believe in it first. What do you dream of? Page of Cups asks that you allow your imagination to run wild and let your emotions guide you. If it does not make your heart flutter, it is not aligned with who you truly are and what you truly want.

This is not about getting lost in an illusion, this is about tapping into the unlimited potential of what you can experience. The Magician urges you to believe in your power to create magic.


Queen of Wands & Death

Dear Gemini, this Aquarius season great transformation is at hand. You will leave behind things, people, and beliefs that no longer serve you, and you will be gifted with the realization of your own power and perseverance.

Death rides in with his sharp scythe, clearing away the old. Whatever upheavals you may face, know that they are for your highest good. Change in itself is not terrifying—it’s our reaction to it, our tendency to cling to what must leave, that makes it painful.

Through difficult transitions, embody the spirit of Queen of Wands. She moves gently, with grace and confidence. She does not force her way through, and she does not sit back as a victim. She knows there is a greater purpose at hand, so she keeps her fire burning. She keeps processing and she keeps moving forward.


Strength & Ace of Wands

Dear Cancer, this Aquarius season, a wonderful surge of energy is available to you, encouraging you to stand in your power. Strength comes from within; it is the force that drives us. It is self-confidence, conviction, self-love, and authenticity. When you are acting on your truth, spirit will guide you.

You are understanding that the only approval you need must come from you. The only validation you need must come from you. You are the source of your insecurities, and you are the source of your empowerment.

Emboldened by your new sense of self, Ace of Wands energizes you to move forward with force and passion. You will act on your highest excitement, and listen to the fire that burns inside of you.


Ace of Swords & King of Swords

Dear Leo, this Aquarius season your mind will be your ally, and you will be gifted with brilliant ideas and the analytical prowess to execute them.

Often, ideas come flying at us a mile a minute, and we don’t know which direction to go, and which actually holds merit. Ace of Swords blesses you with “aha!” moments. The confusion is lifting, as you will know through intuition what you must do.

King of Swords ensures that the thoughts won’t escape you, you will master your mind, understand how you think, and create a rational plan of action to achieve success or complete a project. Your ability to take exciting, new ideas and implement them in a logical and effective manner will shine a light on your natural leadership capabilities, Leo. You will impress.


King of Cups & King of Wands

Dear Virgo, this Aquarius season, work to achieve a balance of the elements of fire and water.

King of Cups leads with heart—he is intuitive and comfortable in the sea of emotions. King of Wands leads with his gut—he is kinetic, full of drive and vigor. Learn to embody both. If you are too much fire, you may be oppressive, reckless, and arrogant. If you are too much water, you become too fragile, too introspective, and too passive. As with all things in life, balance is the key. We must learn when to lead and when to follow. We must be hard and soft, critical and kind, decisive and flexible.

Think of the great leaders of history, those who inspired because they were both fierce and loving, strong and gentle. They stood firm in their conviction, but listened and collaborated. They were proud of what they were doing, but humble because they knew their mission was bigger than any one person.


Page of Pentacles & Ten of Pentacles

Dear Libra, this Aquarius season the universal energies support you in giving birth to your dream project as it aligns with your soul purpose.

There comes a time when working for a paycheck just doesn’t cut it anymore, when working for an organization or person that doesn’t inspire you leaves you feeling empty. Know that that emptiness is serving you because it is letting you know that this is not where you are supposed to be.

Page of Pentacles asks you to tune in and find out what you want to create. What is inside of you that wants to be made physical? Ten of Pentacles calls you to realize your soul’s purpose. How can you serve the people you love and the greater good? You are more than your desk job—you are here to raise the frequency of the planet in your own way.

These two energies acknowledge your role in the divine plan.


Ace of Pentacles & Justice

Dear Scorpio, this Aquarius season, the thoughts you have sent out to the cosmos have come to bless you with new opportunities.

Thought is energy, and our reality is made physical through energy, vibrating at different frequencies to create solidity. With this knowledge, understand that your thoughts have power.

Justice says you reap what you sow, that the situation you are in now, is of your own doing, whether it is conscious or unconscious. The energy of Ace of Pentacles validates that the thoughts, the mantras, the visualizations, all the work you have done to manifest success in your life are coming to fruition.

Keep your energy positive and your frequency high—you deserve all that is coming to you. Do not question it, and watch for the signs and synchronicities that the universe gives to you, letting you know your manifestations are on their way.


8 of Pentacles and 3 of Swords

Dear Sagittarius, this Aquarius season, recognize which mountains are worth climbing, and which you must turn away from.

Ambition is a double-edged sword, it drives us to do our best, to reach for the top, to see our selves in our highest potential. However, it can also drive us to put our energy into something that does not serve our highest good.
What are you working toward, and why? Is your goal motivated by soul or ego? Do you want to get that promotion because you feel you could be a wonderful leader, you could create something amazing, you could take things to an exciting new level? Or are your purely led by materialism, by the need to impress your peers, or because you equate your title to your self worth?

Be pure in your intention and be authentic in your effort. Anything superficial and not aligned with who you truly are cannot be sustained.


4 of Pentacles & Ace of Cups

Dear Capricorn, this Aquarius season, understand the power of vulnerability.

4 of Pentacles speaks to boundaries—our ability to open and close the door, and the permission we give to let people in or keep people out. There is great value in knowing who to trust and who to keep at a distance.

However, we do not want to be a miser. We do not want to build a wall around us that closes us off from any new interactions in the fear of getting hurt and for the sake of security. Ace of Cups asks us to be receptive. Know that there are people out there who are truly sincere; do not let the difficult experiences of the past ruin your chance to truly connect with another.

You can have healthy boundaries and still keep your heart open.  Your heart needs to flow, it needs to give and receive. You can be strong and vulnerable at the same time.


The Fool & 5 of Cups

Dear Aquarius, during your birth season you are being given the opportunity to start a new chapter in your life.

The Fool is the first card in the tarot deck, it brings the energy of innocence and adventure. A new journey is at hand. If you have been looking for a fresh start, now is the time to take the leap. You may not know where this new path will lead, but know that you are cradled by spirit. You are guided.

Before you take your first step, 5 of Cups asks you to leave behind what you cannot carry. The disappointments of the past: the things that were seemingly taken from you, the situations that didn’t work out. Let it all go.
Something exciting, better than what was, is on its way to you.


2 of Cups & 7 of Cups

Dear Pisces, during this Aquarius season, understand that relationships are mirrors allowing you to peer deeper into your soul.

Relationships—these sacred cords that we carry, whether with friends, family members, colleagues, or romantic partners—are opportunities to figure out who we truly are.

Every difficult argument, every joyful moment, every new connection, and every heartbreak, grants us greater insight. What were we projecting? Why did this person make us so happy? What were we looking for in that partner that we felt we lacked within? Did you put someone on a pedestal, believe that they were perfect, and then find yourself dumbfounded when you realized they were human and flawed?

Whether your connection with someone is harmonious or tumultuous, be open to the soul lessons. At this place of inquiry and contemplation, we can heal and evolve.

Per Erik Borja is a practicing psychic medium who connects with spirit and tunes into his clients’ energy to empower and help guide them on their soul’s journey. Find Per online at and on Instagram @TheAwakenist 

Image by Erik Odin via Unsplash