Use Tarot to Harness the Power of Capricorn Season

December 16, 2018

This year, the sun will be in Capricorn from December 21, 2018 to January 21, 2019. This is a time known as Capricorn season, a transit that spans the turning of the wheel, bringing us out of one year and into another.
For many of us, 2018 was a year of revisiting and revamping. Now, the question on most of our minds is: What will 2019 bring?

This Capricorn season, we are creating a more solid foundation, using the building blocks of what we have learned in the recent past to build what we want to create in our future.

The planets are aligning to help us make this move. Uranus, which has been retrograde since August 7, moves direct on January 6. This aspect will help to mellow out the cosmos while the rest of the planets find themselves in fiery positions, initiating the sparks of change for the new year.

Also Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion, will be in Sagittarius for the entirety of Capricorn season – and the majority of 2019, as a matter of fact.  Sagittarius is Jupiter’s natural home, so it is easy for him to unpack his bags, get comfortable, and share the gifts and stories from his travels.

For each sign and each person, this season will be different but the cards will help to provide the extra insight that you will need to create smoother sails ahead. Read these for your sun, moon, and rising signs to create your personal tarot spread for the month ahead.

Tarot for Capricorn Season


Emperor & Death

This Capricorn season could awaken the energy of total transformation in your life. Though this may seem daunting at first, know that you have all that it takes to make moves that will support you being highest and greatest self.

The appearance of the Emperor reminds you of your personal power and your ability to take control of your own destiny. It is time for you to call the shots. As life seems to rearrange itself around you, focus on what makes you feel strong and capable. Set an intention to work on improving the areas of your life that make you feel weak. Realize that it is okay to ask for help. Consider yourself a leader delegating tasks so that you don’t have to take it all on by yourself.

You are capable, Aries, but you need to focus your strength on building the foundation for your bright future instead of being distracted by things that will slow you down or don’t deserve your effort or energy!


2 of Wands & 9 of Pentacles

9 of Pentacles focuses on feelings of accomplishment, success, and gratitude. The appearance of the 2 of Wands with 9 of Pentacles tells us that it is important for you to thinking beyond any current self-perceived limitations and be open to what new opportunities are brewing and budding for you now.

This Capricorn season, take time to enjoy the fruits of your labors, Taurus. At the same time, know that that there may be more out there for you. What is it that is missing from your life, Taurus? Don’t feel ashamed or bashful for asking when the energy is aligning to bring it to you! All you need to do is ask!

Jupiter is giving you all of his power right now.  Soak it up while looking out over the horizon, envisioning for yourself the blessings and abundance that await you.


2 of Pentacles & 4 of Wands

There’s a lot going on for you this season, Gemini, but that’s probably typical for you.

4 of Wands can suggest parties, celebrations, and family gatherings, and Jupiter is working to bring in some interesting connections in your life. But just make sure that you are not running your own self down trying to run to all of your social engagements or fulfill obligations. With Uranus moving direct, you’ll need to be open and flexible.
I feel called to remind you to slow down. Be mindful about what you are saying yes to. Can you honestly take on more responsibility than you currently have now? And if you can, should you?


Wheel of Fortune & 2 of Cups

Jupiter and Uranus are both working to rain those blessings down into your life. And, from the look of the cards, it seems that love and partnership will be on your mind this season, Cancer.

The Wheel of Fortune is promising a change in your current circumstances for the better so, if you’re in a relationship set an intention for added romance, intimacy, or connection. If you’re single, think about what you want and need in a relationship and begin to prepare for it to come in.

Jupiter loves to bring more than what you were expecting and Uranus loves to surprise, so don’t be afraid to ask for all of what your heart desires. If love is not on the front of your mind partnerships will still show up to be important and magical. Maybe the connection is for work, networking, friendships, etc. but either way it will prove to be helpful and positive!


2 of Wands & King of Pentacles

This Capricorn season you are waiting, building, and securing. But keep in mind: There is a need to expand your world and experiences for the upcoming week.

Leo, you move from the heart. Used as your compass, you heart will not only guide you but will also teach you. Bear in mind that risks involving the heart are always worth it, and you must live your life with no regrets.

2 of Wands will have you looking outwards. Who or what are you looking toward? What is calling you? Build the plan to help you to get there and take it one step at a time this season. Even baby steps are still steps, Leo!


ace of wands & 7 of cups

Something is sparking up for you, beautiful Virgo, but it almost seems like you’re second guessing it – or yourself.
Are there too many things drawing your attention this season, Virgo? Do you feel distracted or clouded? What you need to do is ground yourself. You’re an earth sign, so grounding is essential. But, also, you are ruled by Mercury so it seems like you might be mentally stumbling over your own two feet.

When you ground through meditation, the waters on your life will begin to still and clear. Ask yourself what excites you the most or holds the most of your interest and passion. That is what you should be allowing yourself to focus on. After that, you’ll have more clarity and direction for this season.


Star & Ace of Swords

Libra, this season brings the chance to do some serious healing. When the Star card appears it’s a reminder that the journey to healing is not an easy one but it is always worth it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel but to get there, free yourself from the binds that have been holding you back.

The Ace of Swords’ appearance for you is suggesting that it is time for you to do some serious cleansing. Be open to removal. Cut out all things that do not serve you. What is taking up precious time and energy in your life? What has been lingering on that needs to come to clear resolution? It may be time to cut that cord and say goodbye.

Use the energy of the Ace of Swords to help you to sharpen your mind. Focus and use the power of your words to make the right decisions for you. Turn to prayer, meditation, or advice from the wise ones in your circle for guidance. They will act as your North Star this season.


Page of Swords and King of Swords

Clarity and decisiveness is needed this season, Scorpio. You’re not one to take relationships or life decisions lightly, but with the appearance of the King and Page of Swords you are being guided to know what you want and assert it clearly.

The Page of Swords works to bring clarity –but only after you’ve done some soul searching and have taken an honest assessment of what is working and what seems to be dragging you down. This is not an easy process by any means but it will save you from wasting your time on things you intuitively know may not be the best fit for you.
Be bold, brave, and confident in your decisions. Stand firmly in your truth.


Judgment & Hanged Man

Sagittarius, this has been one of the busiest years of your life.  The Hanged Man’s appearance for you is telling you that it may be best to sit back for a moment. Also, it asks that you have faith that things are working out for your highest and greatest good this season.

Judgment’s appearance is a signal that life – and your direction within it – is becoming increasingly clearer for you. If you are open to considering a new perspective or path, that is. Travel, important connections, friendships, spiritual growth, and self knowledge all are resting at your fingertips. With Jupiter in full-strength in your sign, it is time for you to open up to his blessings. You will become more aware of who you are, what you need, and what the universe is ready to give you.

Stay open!


Sun & 5 of Wands

It’s your season, Cap! Your levels of determination and motivation are high. Now is the time to make serious strides in your career.

The 5 of Wands is showing you that you will need to get out and prove yourself, something that you are more than capable of doing. The connections that you are making this season will be the boost that you needed and will place you at the right place at the right time. Resist the urge to say no, especially if your intuition is giving you the green light.

At the same time, Capricorn, remember to make room for downtime to enjoy play, laughter, and joy with the people you love. Taking a meaningful break here and there will actually be beneficial to you in the long run.


Magician and 10 of Cups

Pisces, the Magician and the 10 of Cups are powerful symbols for you this season. Together, they are giving you the green light to call in and manifest your heart’s truest desires.

The Magician only shows up for those that are in a position to truly work their magic. What fills your heart to the brim, Pisces? Ask yourself: what is your personal happily ever after? Set the intention for that to come in.

Also, make time for the things that you love now and that give you pleasure. This will help to give them more energy and life but will also invite more of these opportunities and moments in! You’ll see your perspectives shifting toward what you feel is most important and valuable to you – your ability to create, to express, to connect, to feel, and to love.