This Tarot Card Speaks of Love in Its Highest Form

April 22, 2019

In this series, Jamie Richardson of Ember + Aura Tarot explains how to embrace the message of each major arcana card. 

The Lovers card, like all cards in the Tarot, is multi-layered in its interpretation. Obviously, at face value, The Lovers depicts what almost everyone yearns for: romantic love with a cherished partner. Few things give us such a sense of longing as a void in our hearts that needs to be filled, a yearning for our own twin flame. The Lovers are normally represented by a man and woman, experiencing a much-anticipated union or reunion. You can almost feel their ecstasy at having finally found one another, and all that they have had to overcome to reach this point. When this card shows up in a reading, you are likely feeling a strong attraction to someone, or perhaps to something abstract, like a concept. At the very least, desire is your guiding force when it comes to tapping into the energy of this powerful card.

The Lovers is also traditionally about the choices we face. When we have reached a point where we can no longer deny the truth about what our values are, The Lovers may show up and demand that we choose our path and commit to following it. This involves a process of listening closely to our hearts, following our instincts, and practicing discernment. This degree of honesty demands that we walk a higher road. In so doing, we begin to observe ourselves in a new way. We begin to accept and embrace our own light and dark qualities, our own masculine and feminine energies. This is a sacred union that leads to personal healing and wholeness.

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Once this balance is achieved and we are in alignment with our own spiritual blueprint, The Lovers offers us another gift: union with another. The ego-driven instincts to have another fulfill our needs are now in the past. Meaningful relationships are no longer about having our feelings validated. True Lovers honor the fact that the relationship has a separate living energy that is nourished by their selfless care and service. Giving and receiving become a beautiful dance between the two partners. They recognize that love is about more than physical desire and personal gratification—it’s about the unified entity created when two souls merge.

You can draw The Lovers into your life by beginning to pay attention to what attracts you, by following your bliss, or by throwing yourself into self-discovery and self-knowledge. Exploring and nurturing your own heart creates space for the universe to cross your path with that of another who shares your values and beliefs. The key is to remain true to yourself and your standards and to maintain alignment with your higher self.

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The Lovers have experienced loss, failure, and disappointment; they have faced dead-ends and every kind of pitfall imaginable. These detours, however, only spur them on in their pursuit of sharing life and love with their soulmate. Even now, The Lovers see you on your path towards wholeness. They support your journey as you bravely face your shadow and your light. When The Lovers show up, know that the long-awaited harmony you’ve been seeking is just around the corner.

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