Twin Flame Separation: Symptoms, Why It Happens, & More

January 21, 2022

Feeling twin flame separation sickness? Learn about the ending signs, separation stages, and how to heal while apart from your other half.

What Is a Twin Flame?

A twin flame, or a “twin soul,” is our soul’s other half. According to Xavier Villanova, spiritualist and tarot reader for Tarot By Maisy, “twin flames are two parts of the same soul split in separate physical bodies.” The reason for this is so that they resolve deep wounds, trauma, and personal issues—and forge back into one single bond. 

But it’s not all fun and games. These relationships can be of the “‘make it or break it’ type,” says Villanova, “but when accomplished, the end result is indestructible and brilliant.”  

Twin Flame vs. Soulmate

In each lifetime, we meet the same “soul group;” these are our soulmates. A twin flame is different from a soulmate because instead of a “kindred spirit,” a twin flame is your own spirit recognized in another body. 

Many people wonder when they will meet their twin flame or soulmate. The best way to tell is to get a love prediction Tarot reading. Looking at the whole year, you’ll automatically see whether someone special is on their way. 


It’s important to remember that twin flames have a very special and intense connection. So, even if you aren’t physically together or if you haven’t seen them in a while, you will still feel intricately bonded. 

Here are some signs that you’re separated from your twin flame: 

  1. No contact

It’s not unusual for twin flames to go through these complete “no contact” periods. In fact, it might be necessary if the relationship ever turned volatile or toxic.

  1. Dreams

Dreaming of a twin flame is normal—even if you’re in a happy relationship with someone else! The reason we dream of them is because it’s the only way to remain “in sync” without actually being in each other’s life. 

  1. Separation sickness

Separation sickness hits in all aspects: physical, mental, and emotional. 

Physical symptoms can feel like you’re outgrowing your physical body. According to Villanova, that’s because “you’re trying to cut off one side of your soul, and the other side is resisting it.” Though, even if you’re not physically ill, you can still experience depressive symptoms of lethargy, drowsiness, or lack of motivation. 

  1. Telepathy

Twin flame telepathy is a real thing. “It’s not only possible, but it happens all the time,” says Villanova. So, if you’re thinking of them, you can be sure they’re thinking of you equally. Use this special connection to send mental messages to them! 

  1. Synchronicities 

You may see or hear things that remind you of them: numbers, visuals, animals, funny words or phrases they used to say. When that happens, your twin flame is thinking of you. 

  1. Reunion

Even when you’re separated from them, you’ll have a very strong feeling that an impending reunion is on the way. It’s like you know that you’ll reconnect down the line. The reason for that is because, well, you will! Whether it’s in this lifetime or a future one, it will happen.

Without your twin flame, you can process and work on yourself—which is the only way a reunion can occur.

Separation Stages

When you meet your twin flame, all at once you’re catapulted in a whirlwind love journey. Are you currently going through a twin flame stage? Here’s a detailed layout of the twin flame process:

  1. Meet

Meeting a twin flame will feel like talking to your best friend. Even within minutes of meeting, you’ll feel as though you’ve known one another for years. You may even fall in love at first sight.

  1. Fighting, insecurities, and fears

But twin flame relationships are not all puppies and rainbows, friends. “Only those who are ready to look in the mirror can make a twin flame relationship thrive,” according to Villanova. 

Because they are you, they will reflect the exact thing about yourself you wish to avoid. And that can be terrifying. In most cases, attachment issues, insecurities, and unhealed childhood or relationship trauma comes to the surface. 

  1. Separation

Inevitably, twin flame separation will happen. It’s because this connection is so potent that it can become oversaturated, and the flames need time apart to reflect and heal. It will be heartbreaking, but it will also be necessary.

  1. No contact

During this separation, a non-verbal “no contact” procedure will be enforced. At this point, you two will have so much history that the only way to find closure is to stop talking completely. 

  1. Reunion

Twin flames, inevitably, cycle through meeting and separating. They do this process over and over. Reunion can happen in the same lifetime or in a lifetime down the line, but the soul bond is a contract that cannot be broken. 


Reasons for Separation

After meeting—then losing—a twin flame, life can feel dismal. In those moments, it’s important to consider why separation is a good thing! Here are some reasons you and your twin flame need a break:

Timing. It often happens that one of the flames is the “runner.” The runner may not be in a place spiritually to accept their demons, and they may flee.

Self-Love and Identity. If the relationship isn’t healthy, it can take a toll on confidence, self-esteem, and self-love. The separation might be helpful in re-establishing a relationship with yourself. 

A Healthier Connection. The universe steps in and works in mysterious ways. Perhaps, in this lifetime, there is someone better out there for you—and the twin flame connection helped you to experience what you don’t want.    

Remember this: Your twin flame isn’t in your life anymore because you need to grow on your own. Without your twin flame, you can process and work on yourself—which is the only way a reunion can occur.


Do all twin flames separate?

Well, technically, twin flames never separate from one another. They may or may not meet each other in the current life, but they are always connected. 

Do twin flames always end up together?

This depends on timing. The universe makes the calls on whether you become romantically involved with your twin flame or not. It may be that in some lives, you just get a glimpse of them. In others, you are in a full-blown partnership. 

How do you know if someone is your twin flame?

“You’ll feel like neither of you is smarter or stronger, that you’re both equally good at everything, and that your physical, mental, and emotional connection is absolutely uncanny,” says Villanova.

However, sometimes it’s difficult to decipher whether someone is a twin flame or a soulmate. The best way to do this is by getting a “soulmate” Tarot reading. Based on the Tarot cards presented, you’ll find out what kind of connection you’re dealing with.

How long does twin flame separation last?

It can last a couple of months, years, or even lifetimes before you meet your twin flame again. 

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