Love Spells to Lure Your Partner This Valentine's Day

February 10, 2019

For the single among us, Valentine’s Day can be a stressful, even lonely time. But there is an upside to all those couples and their public displays of affection: the positive vibes floating on the air, just waiting to be harnessed to propel your own search for a romantic partner.

Valentine’s Day offers the ultimate energy for a love spell, boosting your personal power with the heightened emotions and desires of the amorous celebrations. The more specific the spell, the better, so why not cast by sun sign—or even by rising sign, should you have access to your future flame’s natal chart? Read on to find tips for creating a love spell designed to call your desired partner to you.

If your beloved is…

…an Aries

Make it hot.

This fire sign loves to be the center of attention, so if you have an Aries in mind, be sure to incorporate their name into your spell—frequently. Carve it into red candles, then write it in red ink on paper and burn the paper in those candles. Create a repetitive mantra designed to call that person to you. The fiery spirit of Aries makes this an excellent opportunity for sex magic as well; try repeating your mantra in a moment of passion to really send the vibes soaring.

…a Taurus

Take your time.

Taurus lovers like to be nurtured and prefer to take things slow. As this is an earth sign with green as its cardinal color, planting something makes a lot of sense. If you’ve got a steady enough hand, write your Taurus’ initials on the seed before you plant it—if not, write their name on the inside of the pot, or scrawl it onto a slip of paper that you stick in the dirt. As you water and nurture the plant, the love will grow.

…a Gemini

Be breezy.

The intelligent and energetic Gemini is constantly on the move, blowing in the wind that twins its cardinal element of air. To lure a Gemini, think in terms of the breeze: feathers, balloons, things that float and fly. Write your intention for their love onto a paper airplane—folded from yellow or blue paper to represent their sign—and throw it into the sky from a high-up place. Let the wind take it and watch that Gemini fly your way.

…a Cancer

Take care.

While you’ll want to nurture a Taurus, a Cancer will want to nurture you—so make this spell all about self-care. Hop in the bath (an ode to Cancer’s element) and make this a watery ritual designed to attract love. Pour in some bubbles and write their name with your finger in the foam. Use Epsom salts to purge your body of anything toxic and become psychically more vulnerable—a quality that will draw Cancer’s attention. Light some white and silver candles around the tub, symbolizing both the sign itself and a level of purity that Cancers are attracted to.

…a Leo

Call them in.

Leos are notoriously creative, love to be the center of attention, and make great performers. Keep that in mind when you’re working a spell to attract your Leo. If you like to craft, find something to do that requires close attention. As you work on the project, repeat a mantra that mentions their name and calls them closer. Make sure to use gold in the project, or at least have gilded candles burning nearby to represent the fire sign. When you’re done, display your creation in a visible place so others can see and admire it.

…a Virgo

 Pay attention.

Virgo is all about details and helping others. One of the best ways to attract them is to organize a philanthropic project or charity event, privately dedicating it to the person you desire. Do a quick spell beforehand calling on your Virgo to notice specific things about the work you’re doing; a handwritten bulleted list that calls out the actual details would suffice. If you’ll be working outside, try to bury it in the ground to connect with Virgo’s earthy qualities. Otherwise, bury it in your own yard or stick it in a bag of potting soil, then carry a bit of that soil with you as you work.

…a Libra

Make some space.

Libra prefers to work with others than on their own. They love cultural events and they’re ruled by air, so try this: buy two tickets to a concert or a dance, something you need to dress up and look nice for. Write their name on a small piece of paper with pink ink, fold it up and hold it close to your heart to infuse it with your intention. Then, sew that paper into a handkerchief or fan that you can bring with you to the show. When you applaud, wave it in the air over the empty seat next to you.

…a Scorpio

Prove yourself.

You’ve got some competition if you’re looking to hook a Scorpio: the sign is known for easily attracting others. And for Scorpios, everything is black and white, so you’ll want to use your spell to express why you’re the perfect partner for them. If you can find some paper soap, write a list on it. Tissue paper will work fine too—the goal is to have something that will dissolve without polluting waterways. List your positive qualities and explain why you’re the absolute best match. If using soap paper, get in the bath and wash with it while thinking of your desired person. With any other paper, allow the list to soak in a bowl of water until almost illegible, then dump it into a stream.

…a Sagittarius

Walk it out.

The Sagittarius is a truth-seeker, a wanderer—someone who needs to get out and explore to learn their reality. Because of this, they’re often well-traveled. The spell to attract a Sagittarius is fairly simple. Create a sigil that states your intentions, a single symbol that represents what you want. Using blue ink, draw that sigil onto your shoes. (If you don’t want to draw directly on your shoe, put it on a slip of paper that you place inside.) Then, walk. Explore the places you love most and those you haven’t been, all while wearing those shoes. Your Sagittarius will be walking with you, coming closer with every step.

…a Capricorn

Play the long game.

Ambition and drive are a big deal for a Capricorn, who knows exactly how much hard work it will take them to get what they want out of life. Show the object of your affection that you get it with a spell that ends up residing somewhere in your workspace. You’ll want to repeat this spell every day until your desired result comes to pass. For the best chance of success, incorporate an earth element. Try getting a mini zen garden for your desk. Every day when you get to work, write their name in the sand or draw a symbol that represents them. If you get fidgety throughout the day, erase it and redo it. When you’re done working, flatten out the sand to give them an end-of-day rest, and start over again in the morning.

…an Aquarius

Improve the planet.

When trying to nab an Aquarius, you’ll want to think about things that make the world a better, easier place to live in. They love progress and technology, so for this spell, think about gadgets you can use and do something completely digital. It could be as simple as setting a timer on your device to repeat a mantra about them a couple times a day at a regular interval, or something as complicated as coding a little game about the two of you and your future together. If you don’t want to get that tech-savvy, write their name on a blue slip of paper, and place it near the fan on a computer or video game system to connect with their airy element.

…a Pisces

Lead with feeling.

For the Pisces lover, it’s all about feelings. Emotions rank high on their list of priorities, so be sure to put your all into whatever spell you decide to do. Make a mix of love songs that get you particularly emotional, and listen to it regularly while you’re thinking about them. Watch a series of romantic comedies that you know make you tear up, and leave a space open for them next to you on the couch, so they can feel that emotion too. The biggest and most important thing is to experience those feelings deeply—always keeping your Pisces top of mind to draw them to you.

Image by Evan Kirby via Unsplash