Venus in Gemini Prompts You to Speak From the Heart

May 7, 2021

Venus in Gemini Dates: May 8 to June 2 of 2021. 

Venus, the planet of love, relationships, and money enters the mutable, air sign of Gemini on Saturday, May 8 at 7:02 p.m. Pacific Time. 

For the last three and a half weeks, Venus enjoyed an indulgent and sensual stay in her home sign of Taurus. Here, Venus preferred a slow and steady pace, really taking in all the luxury life has to offer. Now that Venus has entered the quick-witted and shapeshifting, Mercury-ruled sign of Gemini, things start to speed up. The mutable energy of Gemini brings a much-needed breath of fresh air. Taurus’ fixed quality can tend to prefer keeping things the same, while Gemini loves variety. 

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Venus in Gemini Meaning

Gemini represents the way we communicate, the information we intake, and our local community. Venus is the way we relate to one another, what we’re attracted to, and what we value. Venus’ transits can point towards what we gravitate towards in matters of love, beauty, and finances. Since Gemini is a Mercury-ruled sign, communication in relationships is highlighted in all ways first and foremost. 

Under this transit, we may find ourselves hungry to connect with other like-minded folks to exchange knowledge of all kinds. Having the sudden urge to present a TED talk on every new thing that interests you, or go down a YouTube tutorial rabbit hole, is another way for this energy to express itself. We can expect to be turned on by intellectually stimulating ideas or have a conversation so riveting, you can feel the sexual tension. Our relationships are strengthened when good, strong communication is prioritized. 

If that’s not your strong suit, now is a great time to practice opening your throat chakra and using your voice in your most cherished partnerships. Be open to learning new communication styles that efficiently and lovingly express your inner needs and desires. 

Venus in Gemini can bring heightened awareness around our deeper truths and our message. Since the North Node is currently in Gemini, our collective destiny is pointing us towards Mercurial themes. Mercury is associated with the Egyptian deity Thoth, the god of magic and writing. It is through our words, our beliefs, and our thoughts that we create our reality. On some level, we are all magicians who can speak things into existence. Meditate on the impact you are making on the collective with your voice. Give meaning to what you create!

venus gemini 2021

How to Work with Venus in Gemini

If you’re an artist or entrepreneur, this is a great time for research and development in creative projects. If you’re curious about how to make something or you’ve had an idea that’s been percolating, immerse yourself in the nitty-gritty of all those details.

Grab a pen and paper and write down all your ideas by mind-mapping all aspects of this project. Take meetings with people you’ve been meaning to connect with and sweeten the connections with honest and open dialogue. Sign up for classes that can expand your creative skillset. Find a mastermind of like-minded people that will educate, inspire, and hold you accountable. 

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Taurus season really showed us the implications of the longer Uranus in Taurus transit, shaking up our financial systems on a global scale. Under the sun-Uranus conjunction of Taurus season, Ethereum, the world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency surpassed the market value of Bank of America, as it reached new all-time highs. 

Cryptocurrency is here to stay and looking into how it’s changing the way we store value, can be a great use of this energy. First, get yourself familiar by following and engaging with experts. Secondly, start collecting new resources to learn from, and talk to your community about what they think. With Mercury ruling technology and Venus ruling the arts, we might see more and more prominent artists getting into crypto art and NFT exchanges.

Important Transit Dates

  • May 19 – Venus in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius. This transit brings much-needed support from your community on your ideas and solidifies partnerships based on shared mutual interests. A great day to have an important conversation. 

  • May 27 – Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces. Watch out for any delusional stories you might be creating about your partners. Not everything is as it seems. This energy is ideal for getting lost in a creative process.

  • May 29 – Venus in Gemini conjunct Mercury retrograde in Gemini. A transit for revisiting important conversations and gathering information from others. Most importantly, Mercury will be stationing retrograde, so don’t say anything you don’t actually mean.