Kristina Bakrevski

Leo Sun. Libra Moon. Capricorn Rising.

About Kristina Bakrevski

Kristina Bakrevski is a visual artist, astrologer, and modern mystic living in Los Angeles with her cat Duchess. She has been an avid student of the stars for over six years, reading charts for friends, family, lovers, and any strangers who will let her. Her interest in astrology began at a young age when her father instilled a deep love of the cosmos, stirring awe and wonder in her heart that exists to this day.

When she’s not blogging about astrology or reading charts for clients, Kristina travels the world along with event producers, brands, and entrepreneurs as a photo, video, and content creator. She also enjoys reading books about self-empowerment, occult mysteries, and inspiring memoirs.

Articles by Kristina Bakrevski