Venus in Scorpio: Time to Dig Deep

November 7, 2017


Venus slinks into Scorpio today unleashing our potential for big-time emotional depth.  We can really make the most of this by bringing matters of the heart center-stage and contemplating how we can turn the love in our lives into a major transformational force. 

Let’s ask ourselves: How brave can we be?  How much are we willing to let things intensify? 

All kinds of glory may result when we follow Venus’ lead and express our love all the way.

Find a quiet space and make yourself comfortable.  Take one slow, deep breath to reconnect to your own magic. Then dive all the way into this vision and see what happens.

As you breathe, allow some incarnation of Aphrodite to come to you. 

The Love Goddess indicates she is willing to take your hand. Feel her unconditional love filling you up.  She’s jazzing up the energy in your heart and that love is radiating out through your whole being.  Whatever the state of your love life, this moment with her feels really good and really healing.

Now she magically produces a jeweled necklace from the folds of her garment. 

Let her put this necklace on you.

Its cool smoothness rests between your heart and throat.

Once the necklace is on, you are suddenly able to intuitively and instantly identify your truths about love. You can communicate them perfectly. Tell Aphrodite how you feel.  Tell her how love is for you right now, revealing even any secrets you may have been hiding from yourself. 

Now Aphrodite gives you a large seashell and indicates you should put it to your ear and listen. Use the shell to hear many truths about love from her … and also from your heart of hearts. 

Just breathe and keep this conversation going. 

It’s okay if you need to ask questions. You can whisper back into the shell if you need clarification. 

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