Virgo Moon: Time for Self Discovery

January 5, 2018

“Special” by Angel Olsen

“Want to be tempered, sick to be tested
To see it all clearly, whenever it’s rested” 

The moon transits into Virgo during the early morning hours today, highlighting practical concerns and physical organization.

Earthy Virgo moon gives us an invitation to tackle our New Year’s resolutions. Is there a closet that you’re afraid to open in fear of unleashing an avalanche of old clothes and unopened mail? Today is the day to start those long overdue organizational projects.

The moon in Virgo can also be an excellent time to focus on physical health, so if a new workout regime tops your list of resolutions, get out those running shoes and hit the gym today.

In “Special,” singer-songwriter Angel Olsen invites us into a gently building universe of struggle and eventual empowerment. Sparse guitar and vocals give way to a throbbing psychedelic sound as Olsen delivers her longing to be someone else, someone better.

The new year gives us a chance to reset and steer our actions towards personal development and self-actualization.
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Also, Saturn’s recent transit into Capricorn amplifies our ability to dedicate ourselves to do the work necessary to achieve our goals, especially within the workplace. And, we have to contend with a 45-degree semi-square between Mars in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn today, bringing a sense of wanting to push forward while being simultaneously held back.

Mars rules the driven, aggressive aspects of our personalities, while Saturn is the structured and restrained voice of reason. A semi-square requires flexibility. You may want to push your agenda today, but the world may be holding you back.

Avoid playing the “blame game,” and try to channel that Mars energy intelligently by focusing on the taking small steps towards your long-term goals.

Listen to today’s Song of the Moment now.