Weekly Horoscope: April 18–April 24, 2021

April 17, 2021

Welcome to a new week, where we will experience some sudden shifts in perspective. As we finish up the final days of Aries season, we continue to feel the urge to pursue new beginnings and our passions. On the eighteenth, the fiery sun unites in a conjunction with mental Mercury in this hot terrain. With our life force and minds combining their strength on this day, prepare for clear skies as you move toward your goals. Quick cognizance and adaptability will be gifted to us. A very busy day filled with appointments, meetings, and social activity is guaranteed. Use this powerful energy to communicate your plans and make solid decisions.

The following day, the sun and our cosmic messenger will soar side-by-side into the grassy fields of Taurus, officially marking the beginning of a new zodiac month. Here, Mercury empowers our minds to be grounded, practical, and honest. Common sense will reign now as we scoff at overly dramatic or fanciful thinking. We may be prone to rigid thoughts or stubbornness, though, so it is wise to at least keep an open perspective.

With the sun energizing this piece of the sky, we spend the weeks to come immersing ourselves within our five senses. Building our lives so that they have value is especially important at this time. Use this period to work toward your goals, while also giving yourself time to enjoy the good life.
April 22 will bring the conjunction of Venus in Taurus with Uranus. This electrifying conjunction can bring excitement and change to our relationships. Unexpected shifts could be around every corner as we crave new experiences and a fresh spark. Unions that feel a bit stale or controlled could bring forth an explosive need for freedom, whereas happy partnerships can harness this vibration for more fun and spontaneity. Surprises could come in the form of gifts, compliments, and invitations.

Fiery Mars takes a deep dive into the tide pools of Cancer from the twenty-third onward. This transit will last for many weeks as the hot red planet swims within the watery depths of the Crab to boil and create steam. Our emotions will become especially important to us and we could become defensive to protect what we care for. Domestic affairs may take precedence now, as family matters and our past nostalgia rises up to greet us. However, because of the nature of Cancer, we could become more passive-aggressive as we seek to grasp what we desire.

To end the week, zippy Mercury unites in a conjunction with Uranus in Taurus, too. Breakneck speed will energize the day as shifts from the normal routine take place. Mental breakthroughs and flashes of insight will manifest, especially when we open ourselves to addressing how we value our resources and ourselves.

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Major Transits of the Week

4/18 — Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries

4/19 — Mercury enters Taurus

4/19 — Sun enters Taurus

4/22 — Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus

4/23 — Mars enters Cancer

4/24 — Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus


Your ruler, mighty Mars, sizzles into your solar fourth house this week, Aries. This means you’ll become especially focused on domestic affairs in the weeks to come.


Prepare for a jolt of adrenaline to electrify your mind as soon as mighty Mars dives into your solar third house this week, Taurus. This means that you’ll likely become especially persuasive in the weeks ahead, so get to work on an important writing, speaking, or communications project.


Your expenses are sure to explode as soon as the red planet, Mars, leaves your zodiac sign on the twenty-third, Gemini. As it fires up your solar second house, watch your bank account and budget in the weeks ahead.


Get ready to feel an immense surge of energy as mighty Mars enters your zodiac sign this week, Cancer. You could soon become unstoppable on the quest to conquer your goals.


As a fiery Mars takes a deep dive into your solar twelfth this week, you’re feeling the need to work behind-the-scenes on important projects, Leo. Use this time to be strategic to plan out your next major milestones.


It’s time to rejoice, Virgo! Mars turns a corner and dances into your solar eleventh house this week, assuring that festive events and quite a bit of fun lie ahead.
Reach for the stars, Libra! As Mars shifts into high gear, he will bring immense power and energy to your solar tenth house of professional advancement. Keep your eyes on higher levels of success.


As your co-ruler, Mars, moves into your solar ninth house of expansion this week, you’re ready to set sail to new horizons, Scorpio. Feel energized to leave your comfort zone.


Powerhouse Mars is going to soar into your eighth house of intimacy and sexuality this week, Sagittarius. You could find yourself more erotic than in any recent memory.


Mars will torpedo across the sky from you this week, Capricorn. This ensures that you’ll become deeply focused on all partnership matters.


Take a deep breath, because as soon as Mars moves into your solar sixth house of productivity this week, you’re going to become extremely busy for the weeks ahead, Aquarius.


When Mars enters your solar fifth house of love and recreation this week, you’ll be ready to let your heat sing, Pisces. Enjoy it.

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