Venus enters Taurus on April 14, So Slow Down and Smell The Roses

April 16, 2021

Venus in Taurus Dates: April 14 to May 7, 2020. 

After three and a half weeks in Aries, the sign of her detriment, Venus finally makes her homecoming in the fixed, earth sign of Taurus on April 14 at 11:22 a.m. Pacific Time. 

can breathe a sigh of relief once she enters Taurus, the sign of her domicile. Sensual and earthly Taurus is her home turf, and she has a much easier time traveling through this corner of the zodiac than in Aries’ fiery territory. This transit brings stability to our relationships, our finances, and our pleasure. 

Work Hard, Play Hard

If anyone knows the value of putting in the work, it’s Venus when she’s in Taurus. This transit may have us putting in extra time and energy to the people and projects we value the most. 

Venus represents what is worthy to us and Taurus represents the slow process of building brick by brick, day by day, over a long period of time. Like a skilled craftsman, Venus in Taurus finds a deep sense of comfort and safety in the work we do and the way we do it. Whether it’s your career that brings you joy, or a side hustle born out of a passion project, our relationship to the efforts we put into our work come into focus now. 

It’s a powerful time to remember why we do what we do in the first place. Even if it’s something that doesn’t make you money, the simple fact that there is pleasure in your process is enough. Whether you’re writing a song, building businesses, or selling products, connect to the part of you that is inspired by the practice you put in. Venus in Taurus is in absolutely no rush and understands that there is exponential value in what we put our energy towards over a long period of time. 

Having this deeper understanding of the value that work brings, it’s a good time to revisit your long-term savings and investment plans! Venus in Taurus is an excellent opportunity to project into the future and envision how you want to feel ten and twenty years from now. Are your actions supporting your long-term security? What small adjustments can you make over time that will add up?

On the flip side, Venus in Taurus is also a time when sensual satisfaction is prioritized overall, not just in the work we do. It’s not just about working for the sake of work—that’s Saturnian territory! Venus in Taurus works hard because it appreciates the finer, more opulent side of life. This is the season of “treat yourself” and Venus in Taurus is an expert at luxurious living. If your appetite for gourmet meals and good wine increases around now, that’s Venus in Taurus showing her penchant for pleasure. It’s time to tap into your inner connoisseur and claim the bon vivant life you deserve. Give yourself permission to order the dessert! Just remember to eat slowly and let yourself really indulge like an epicurean.

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Touch Me, Tease Me, Please Me

With Venus in Taurus, physical touch is the ultimate love language. We might find ourselves craving more affection than usual because, under this transit, it’s all about expressing how we feel with our bodies. Spend extra time running your fingertips across your lovers’ arms or caressing your erogenous zones with some roses to tap into Venus in Taurus’ signature erotic energy. It’s a beautiful time to examine the ways in which we love ourselves and others physically. If you haven’t been prioritizing your pleasure in the bedroom, this astrology supports your sexual exploration, since you may have an easier time focusing on what turns you on. Work with Venus in Taurus to open you up to deeper levels of carnal satisfaction.

Living in a Material World 

Since Taurus is an earth sign, there is a greater emphasis on the natural world. Look no further than Mother Nature herself to gain inspiration for how to express yourself visually. Gold and shades of green are the power colors of the season, but dress in whatever makes you feel rich and rooted. From a sartorial standpoint, Venus in Taurus is the time to whip out your most lavish statement pieces.

Venus’ association with aesthetics is expressed through Taurus with fabrics that feel good on the skin. Glamour magic is at an all-time high, so make this an excuse to dress to impress! If fashion styling doesn’t come naturally to you, it’s a potent opportunity to discover what lights you up aesthetically. If you have been contemplating doing a style overhaul, there is no better time to upgrade your wardrobe. You may even feel called to recommit to your skincare or beauty routine during this time. 

Notable Venus in Taurus Transits 

On April 22, Venus forms a conjunction with Uranus in Taurus, which can bring unexpected windfalls of cash or sudden switch-ups in relationships! Stay flexible around this date, as you never know what to expect when Uranus is involved. April 25 brings a sweet alignment between Mercury and Venus in Taurus, inspiring us to talk about the relationship or financial issues that are most pressing.

Then on May 2, Venus forms a lovely sextile to Neptune, adding an extra dash of romance to our day. Lastly, on May 6, Venus makes a supportive trine with Pluto in Capricorn, encouraging us to let go of financial habits that don’t support long-term growth.