Your Weekly Horoscope for December 5–11, 2021: An Intense Week Lies Ahead

December 4, 2021

A rather intense week lies ahead—but don’t fret! Your weekly horoscope for December 5 has your back!

With a very active Mars and Pluto asserting themselves at this time. Mars is the lower vibration of Pluto—both powerful and fiery planets, eager to conquest and live vividly.

On December 6, fiery Mars in Scorpio will sextile Pluto in Capricorn. As with all Martian planetary aspects, we will feel this energy both in the days leading up to and after its exact link. This will give us a tremendous amount of passion to tackle our goals and assert ourselves in the pursuit of our ambitions. A great deal of progress can be had if we are to funnel this endurance into a focused course of action. Also, this will enhance our sexual magnetism, giving us an air of irresistible authority.

December 7 will bring Mercury in Sagittarius into a square with Neptune in Pisces. This has a weakening effect upon our minds, as we are cast beneath a fog. Deception is quite possible now—to ourselves or to others. It is best to table discussions to another day, as we are not thinking clearly.

December 8 will cause Mars in Scorpio to square Jupiter in Aquarius. This larger-than-life energy is somewhat like a double-edged sword, as we can certainly achieve major success and fortune by asserting ourselves through action. However, this energy can also manifest in the form of accidents, injuries, and falls from grace if we are too impulsive and cocky. Practice moderation and burn off some of the extra energy with a hard fitness routine.

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Venus & Pluto: Intense Connections

Next, on December 11, Venus will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. This will increase our need for companionship, love, and union to an extremely deep level. We will have an ability to attract others to us by dominating situations and showing people that we know what we want and who we are. However, power plays can occur if we are acting selfishly. Healthy relationships can grow profoundly, but toxic ones can become even more abusive. Try to balance this oily energy without becoming consumed by it.

Also on December 11, Mercury in Sagittarius will sextile Jupiter in Aquarius. Happy news, optimism, and excellent decision-making will occur. As both planets hold ties to business and travel, these areas will shine quite well, too. Sign agreements or plan a future vacation. The stars above will ensure a joyful and prosperous experience.

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weekly horoscope december 5.

Major Transits of the Week

12/6 — Mars in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn

12/7 — Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces

12/8 — Mars in Scorpio square Jupiter in Aquarius

12/11 — Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

12/11 — Mercury in Sagittarius sextile Jupiter in Aquarius

Your weekly horoscope for December 5


Now that Neptune has awoken in your solar twelfth house, you’ll have a greater sense that you are being guided on a divine plan, Aries. Your weekly horoscope for December 5 wants you to let the universe move through you.


With Neptune finally direct in your solar eleventh house, you’ll be circulating amongst many creative, spiritual, or enlightened people in the months to come, Taurus. Be sure that you’re surrounded by platonic soulmates.


With Neptune stationed in your solar tenth house, you’re recreating your professional path, Gemini. Unlock your creative, expressive, and intuitive potential.


With Neptune calling to you from a fellow water sign and swimming within your solar ninth house, you will have profound awakenings about the more mystical side of the world, Cancer. If a new ideology or belief system is calling to you, it’s time to explore it.


As Neptune dances in your solar eighth house, he is teaching you that true strength lies in trust, vulnerability, and intimacy, Leo. Your weekly horoscope for December 5 wants you to find someone who makes love to your soul.


You have dealt with ethereal Neptune in your solar seventh house for many years, Virgo. This has caused you to attract enlightened, creative, or visionary partners into your life—or people who have staged as such but have actually just been poisonous. Be clear and intentional with whom you share your energy with.

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Neptune’s dance through your solar sixth house has been a bit rocky, Libra. You are unlocking inherent creative talents in your work life—but sometimes may have nebulously wavered about which is the best profession for you. Listen to your intuition.


Majestic Neptune has been dancing through your solar fifth house for many years, Scorpio. As he spins in the whirlpools here, having recently just awoken, you will crave a divine and transcendent love rather than something that is just common and boring.


Neptune in your solar fourth house has been mostly enchanting, Sagittarius. You’ve been on the hunt to transform your home into a sanctuary that speaks to your heart and soul.


With Neptune in your solar third house, you’ve been blessed with tremendous creativity and vision when it comes to all of your communications projects in recent years, Capricorn. Now that he has awoken, it is time that you used your gifts to connect with people on a much deeper level.


Having Neptune in your solar second house has given you a peculiar attachment to your money in recent years, Aquarius. On one hand, you’ve been questioning its true purpose in your life and have started to spend more on what fulfills you, rather than things you just need practically.


With your planetary ruler, Neptune, now awake within your zodiac sign, you will be more aligned with the spiritual powers of the universe, Pisces. Your weekly horoscope for December 5 wants you to let them guide you as you proceed.