Weekly Horoscope: November 15-November 21, 2020

November 14, 2020

As the final week of Scorpio season begins, sensitive Venus, our goddess planet of love and beauty, will make a sharp square to both Pluto and Jupiter on November 15. These influences highlight our relationships—a theme that often arises during Scorpio season, as we face our inner hunger, needs, desires, and passions during a month that promises another deep transformation. 

Venus’s clash with Pluto may elicit power struggles and control issues in current unions, especially if they have been simmering beneath the surface. Jealousy and possessiveness will arise like a demon from the shadows. Do your best to not operate from a place of insecurity or fear, as drama will erupt. Hypnotic love could be triggered for singles and may even lead to abuse or violent obsession. Especially because Venus collides with Jupiter also, we could suddenly become overindulgent or be prone to temptations on this day, too. While we may feel happy and social, this may bring forth impulsivity or scandalous affairs if one is feeling they are not being entirely fulfilled in their unions.

Shocking news, anxiety, and nervous tension will come our way on November 17. With our cosmic messenger in the emotional seas of Scorpio clashing with erratic Uranus, we will notice our feelings and thoughts at odds with the practical world around us. This is not an ideal time for agreements or business negotiations. On the nineteenth, Mercury will finally reach peak speed and be back to normal. Clarity will be easier to find in relationships and communications moving ahead.

The mighty sun links in a gorgeous sextile with Saturn on November 19. Completing important or difficult projects will come more easily to us. Finding the perseverance, stamina, and patience that you need to reach your goals will more easily manifest. Draw upon this strength to outline plans for your professional life. If you have wisdom to impart upon those who need it, do so now.

As the week comes to a close, both Venus and the sun will shift into new territory. Our goddess planet will leave the festive lands of Libra to become a queen of the night in dark Scorpio. In the weeks ahead, we will become “all-or-nothing” when it comes to love, sex, and unions in general. We will crave connections with others that reach beyond just the physical and may even feel the motivation to unite with someone who is a soul mate. Existing partnerships can enjoy this passionate and sensual intimacy, but may become prone to possessiveness and suspicion if they feel their significant other’s heart is wandering. Singles will hunger for intense experiences that fulfill their innermost fantasies and desires.

As the sun finds its solar return to the pastures of Sagittarius, we are officially entering eclipse season. There are two eclipses near: one in Gemini and one in Sagittarius. In the month ahead, we will crave new adventures and intense discussions about how our world is evolving.

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Major Transits of the Week

11/15 — Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn

11/15 — Venus in Libra square Jupiter in Capricorn

11/17 — Mercury in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus

11/19 — Mercury leaves post-shadow

11/19 — Sun in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn

11/21 — Sun enters Sagittarius

11/21 — Venus enters Scorpio

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As blessed Venus spends one final week in your solar partnership sector, do everything you can to grow closer with the one at your side. If you are single and looking, pursue partners who have grace, charm, and long-term potential.


With so much focus on your partnerships this week, you could find yourself having to bend over backwards for those you are working with or dating. You may feel extremely at odds with them on November 17. When Venus enters your solar sector of partnership on the twenty-first, harmony should come to your connections once again.


Slowly but surely, you’ve felt that things are beginning to pick up. As your ruler Mercury crosses fire with another highly intellectual planet, Uranus, this week, you could receive news that jolts you and leaves you spinning. However, as the week closes, matters should sort themselves out in your favor.


Beware of shocking news in regards to your love life and friendships this week. You may feel that an acquaintance or close friend is acting out suddenly, especially about how they feel about your romantic partner. If they voice their opinion about how you deserve better, hear them out.


Your home life and family are at odds with your career this week. This push-pull effect could leave your mind frazzled and confused. By the end of the week, happiness will return to your domestic life, so lie low until then.


With your ruler, Mercury, finally all caught up to normal speed by November 19, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Your mind has been muddied and confused for what feels like months, but luckily life will return to a normal pace. 


Don’t miss out on harnessing the radiant and attractive blessings of Venus for one last week, Libra! She will remain in your zodiac sign until November 21. Fix up your look, add new clothing to your wardrobe, or even redo your hair. Watch as the world dotes on you.


With the mighty sun in your zodiac sign for one last full week, be sure to use your tenacity to take actions that you wish to see come to fullness within the year ahead. The new moon from last week is still strong now, so you have more power and ability to reach your goals.


With blessed Venus smiling down upon you from her perch in your solar eleventh house of friendships, enjoy the festive spirit that radiates this week. Get in touch with friends, attend a safe event, or just catch up for a wine night over Zoom.


Bosses, VIPS, executives, and people in authority are smiling down upon you for most of this week—except for November 25. Don’t let arrogance get to your head, as you could rub someone wrong. Happily, though, the rest of the week should bring you compliments, attention, and applause.


With chatty Mercury racing through your solar sector of achievement this week, you’ll see that projects that were delayed over the past month could finally be on the right track. Keep your hustle now, as the new moon from last week will still likely bring you opportunities for professional growth.


Embrace intimacy and sensuality this week, Pisces. As majestic Venus heals your wounds and helps you to feel closer to your partner, use her magic touch to embrace love in body and soul.

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