Your Weekly Horoscope for November 21-27, 2021: In the Eye of the Storm of Eclipse Season

November 21, 2021

This week we are in the eye of the storm of eclipse season, and your horoscope for eclipse season is here to guide you!

During this period of the year, destined events, turning points, and shifts manifest. Eclipses are the most powerful tools from the universe to enact rapid change, often triggering important life events that we remember forever. Last week’s lunar eclipse will still feel quite emotional—likely echoing out over the days and weeks ahead.

As this is the first of seven eclipses on the newfound Taurus-Scorpio axis, we are being given a preview of how our lives will evolve in the coming two years. Next week, the final eclipse on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis arrives, helping to push us even further upon this journey that we’ve been on since June 2020.

Sagittarius Season Begins:

On November 21, the mighty sun turns a corner to blaze a trail into the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. This officially rings in the onset of Sagittarius season, the time of year where festivities, holidays, and celebrations consume our lives. The upcoming weeks will be rather sweet, filled with many lovely planetary aspects, as opposed to more chaotic ones that we’d been experiencing during the fixed sign seasons—Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and most recently, Scorpio. When the sun is in Sagittarius, we are being given a chance to pursue more adventure and wisdom as we open our minds and our hearts. Set forth on an intellectual or physical journey.

Also on November 21, our cosmic messenger, Mercury in Scorpio will sextile Pluto in Capricorn. This will bring great intensity to our thinking, ideas, and communications. This is an auspicious period for deep conversations, studying, or investigating facts. Our powerful insight can be utilized to cut to the heart of matters, as well as persuade others to our cause or to do our bidding. We will be more magnetic and provocative. Working with and impressing authority figures will likely take place.

Mercury Enters Sagittarius:

Later in the week, Mercury continues to make tracks as he begins ignited within Sagittarius beginning November 24. Our heads may become a bit more scattered, as we crave to immerse ourselves in many different projects. We thirst for knowledge and wisdom—often through an impulsive spontaneity. Our sense of optimism and passion will also be triggered, as we seek to be consumed by a genuine sense of wonder about people, beliefs, and the world.

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Major Transits of the Week

11/21 — Sun enters Sagittarius

11/21 — Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn

11/24 — Mercury enters Sagittarius

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Your Horoscope for Eclipse Season


The sun and Mercury will dance on into your solar ninth house this week, Aries. This means you’ll fare especially well in all academics or media projects. You could also rather easily integrate new wisdom into your life.


As the sun and Mercury dart on into your solar eighth house this week, you’ll find you have a surge of interest in handling investment and asset business, Taurus. Working with an accountant could be especially helpful to you.


The sun and your planetary ruler, Mercury, bolt across the sky from you this week, Gemini. This means that you will have a greater focus on agreements, commitments, and negotiations in the weeks to come.


Get ready to pick up the pace, Cancer. As the sun and Mercury move through your solar sixth house this week, you’ll be focused on streamlining all of your productivity.


According to your horoscope for eclipse season, you’re about to feel the surge of passion, Leo. The sun and Mercury will enter your solar fifth house of creativity, romance, and expression this week. Get ready to roar!


Now that the sun and your planetary ruler, Mercury, are moseying along into your solar fourth house of domesticity, you’ll have a renewed interest in reorganizing your living space or doing a deep clean.


The sun and Mercury will poke their heads into your solar third house this week, Libra. According to your horoscope for eclipse season, this will put a bigger focus on short-distance travel—either for work, pleasure, or both!

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The sun and Mercury leave your zodiac sign this week, Scorpio. As they dip into the money wells of your solar second house, you’ll likely have an excellent knack for streamlining your finances and managing your accounts in the weeks to come.


Now that the sun and Mercury will energize your zodiac sign this week, it’s birthday season, Sagittarius! You’ll be able to have clarity as life’s pace quickens for you. Make sure that you’re managing your time well.


With the sun and Mercury spinning in your social twelfth house this week, you’ll be having heightened psychic awareness, Capricorn. Listen to your dreams and write them down.


As the sun and Mercury dance on into your solar eleventh house, you’ll find a surge of texts and invitations arrive in your inbox, Aquarius. You may now have a greater focus on building your network, too.


Your horoscope for eclipse season confirms that a great focus on your ambitions will arrive this week, Pisces. As the sun and Mercury bring their weight to your solar tenth house, you could see a rare window in time where you can make rapid progress forward.